Indonesia · 2 Days · 27 Moments · July 2018

The Lees' adventure in North Sumatra

4 July 2018

I'm still at the same place. Just have to split the stories because I found them fascinating. Climbed into one of the houses. Here's what you'll typically see. No idea why but they cooked in the middle of the house. I would imagine how dangerous it would be if fire gutted the entire house since we're talking about ancient time
Another round of sight seeing after breakfast. First stop, Huta Siallagan. It's an ancient Batak village in Samosir island. When we arrived, there was a group of visitors performing some dance on the stage on the right. Looked fun but we didn't join in. There was a row of well-preserved Batak houses on the left.
Berend recommended this place for breakfast because he said no complaints from his other guests. We ordered indomie sop, potato and carrot rendang, stir fried vegetables with tofu and sak sang (pork, a local specialty). Food was good. I know why it came highly recommended. They served majority western food.
Back to hotel after jogging. Couldn't help but admired the orchids. They were so pretty and unique
The next morning, I joined my brother for a jog. I don't jog in kl. So it was a struggle in the beginning. Luckily, we stopped many times to take pics. The most interesting ones would be seeing many signage showing magic mushroom available and also avocado trees

3 July 2018

We checked in late and were greeted warmly by the host, Mian. She took us to the room and the staff later brought our luggages. We sat down at the verandah and were served the best passion fruit juice I've ever tasted. The other host, Berend came shortly to brief us. We were hungry and heard the food there was good. He recommended BBQ fish which we agreed. Needless to say, dinner was fantastic.
We boarded the ferry after queuing for an hour. There was no proper terminal. The ferry just lower the ferry slip (I think that's what it's called) on the ground to allow vehicles to board. The same for the other ferry "terminal" in Pulau Samosir. It took us an hour to get to Samosir from Parapat. But enjoyed watching the beautiful sunset on board
Next stop, this is the palace of a king who had 24 wives. You'll have to walk through a tunnel to reach the area. The houses were built without a nail. The house has a buffalo head on top for protection. Bro and I went in to take a peek at the interior. Felt spooky and like a scene from Scoopy Doo.
Because my mum has walking difficulty due to her eye sight, we decided to skip walking the steps down to Sipiso-piso waterfall and view from the top instead. Wind was blowing made it hard to snap a selfie. Bro asked me to take a funny pic of him "lao sai" the waterfall. Told Mel I know what she meant by not looking down when travelling. So filthy. Such a sad state when they're blessed with beautiful nature
Lian drove us into a Batak Village to show us one of the few remaining Batak houses. He explained that we could go inside to have a look and just need to tip the kids. There was stairs and too much hassle to bring mum in. So we just viewed from outside
Food stop again. I saw so many signs showing BPK along the way. Apparently, indonesians love to shorten the names to initials. I then asked Lian what it means. He said it stands for babi panggang Karo. Karo is a tribe in North Sumatra. Found one which has good reviews. They served with rice and dipping which taste like daun ubi mixed with daun kadok and sauce. Everything was a tad too salty, even for someone like me who has high threshold for salt
Came here after fruit market. Along the tarmac road, the land was filled with rows of cabbages and also strawberry farm. This temple is a replica Schweedagon temple in Yangon. You're required to removed your shoes before going in. No entrance fee is required. Pay as you wish.
Next stop. Fruits market. All the stalls sell the same fruits. Orange (kum), avocado mentega, buah salak (snake fruit), persimmon (chalky coater skin one), small mango and mangosteen. 1kg of the fruit is IDR30,000. We bought 2 kgs of buah salak, 2 kgs of mangosteen and 1 kg of orange. We snacked on lots of buah salak in the car, and had to ask Lian to make a stop at the market for 2nd time. This time, I ran down to buy 4 kgs of buah salak. And I got a better deal, IDR25,000 per kg
Sightseeing after checking out. Lian brought us to Gundaling Hill to get a view of the volcano, Mount Sinabung. We walked up the slope. Along the way, so many tents were erected with a carpet on the ground. Many Indonesian families were having picnic despite being quite early in the day
After breakfast, bro suggested that we buy mineral water. Added crisps as well. Got carried away with the indomie selection
Breakfast with the locals. We sampled assorted local food. Wajek, mie sop sapi, mi sop ayam, nasi lemak, lontong and tempeh goreng. I tried bandrek susu (tea with ginger, cinnamon, clove). Nice but a tad too sweet
The coffee shop
Day 2-Walked out for breakfast. The vacant land was planted with vegetables. Saw this "gated and guarded"" housing called Taman Manchester.

2 July 2018

Checked in to hotel
Last stop, dinner at Resto Puncak. Cosy ambience but food was disappointing. Definitely a tourist trap to me. Had dendeng sapi, kangkung, gado-gado and kampung fried rice. Bro was adventurous to try bandrek with beer.
Stop no 3 - Jagung bakar with a view. The whole stretch was filled with stalls. Barcelona seemed to be popular but we came here instead as Lian parked his car in front of the shop. It was misty. We had 2 sweet corns (IDR10,000), 2 black coffee, 1 milk coffee and 1 tea plus a packet of Sukro (peanut coated tapioca flour) (IDR10,000). Total IDR51,000. Drinks were pricey. The peanut was addictive. We couldn't stop munching in the car.
Next stop: Unique church with Indian influence architecture. It was beautiful
Saw roadside stalls selling kerak nasi (rice cracker) and kerak ubi (sweet potato cracker). Bought both to try. IDR10,000 each
Googled and found what terung belanda is. And it's not Dutch brinjal
1st stop : Lunch. We ordered ayam bakar, lele (catfish) bakar, bebek bakar and tempeh. For drinks, my brother was feeling adventurous and ordered es kualanamu (green coloured drink with shredded cucumber, mango and coconut), jus terong belanda (red coloured juice) and es kelapa jeruk (orange coloured drink with bits of coconut). I sipped each and found them to be overly sweet.
Our transport for the trip
I arrived at 830am. Headed out to get sim card and get connected. Went back into the airport and sat down at a cafe adjacent to international arrival. Family arrived at 145pm. Wefie while waiting for Lian, our tour guide to drive his car over