North America · 218 Days · 19 Moments · December 2016

The Lazarus's adventure in Costa Rica

26 July 2017

28 December 2016

At the Hilton outside the airport. Going home tomorrow! We are ready
We had the calamari. Or did it have us?

26 December 2016

Nice hotel. Nice Sunset. Nice how kids get along (most of the time). Most restaurants look like the one pictured here and we rarely had to wait for a nice table.
So glad they elaborated on the sandwiches and the garniture's were just fine
As I approached GPS warned "river ahead, damage not covered by your rental agreement." What you don't see is a car at the other end and we were both waiting to see who would go first. A local came from behind me and powered through, so I forged ahead. Imagine how much screaming came next.

25 December 2016

More local Costa Ricans

24 December 2016

In front of Arenal Volcano in center of La Fortuna. The volcano erupted as recently as Oct 2010 but regrettably we missed it so are left to buying souvenirs.
Catarata Rio Fortuna (Catarata = waterfall en espanol). I was prepared to go under but it's not permitted. The rules probably saved my life. Got some good videos and panoramas but this app won't let me upload. The waterfall makes a lot of noise!

23 December 2016

In CR, zip lining is the main form of transportation. Many platforms so far away that you cannot see them until just before you hit them. Emmalee was terrified but rose to the occasion.

22 December 2016

The volcano
Local Costa Rican (also seen but not pictured: a snake and a monkey that Emmalee thinks she saw but it's not confirmed.)
Public hot springs. A literal melting pot. People from all over. And all over. Then it rained and we got all wet
Our jungle home next 3 days
On the way to the jungle
Lunch at roadside cafe
Yes of course I'm driving

21 December 2016

I was in the opposite row. Obviously
Waiting at LAX for a new adventure to begin