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on a journey - england 2016

26 August 2016

Quite some time has passed since the last update! We were working 40 and 50 hours a week respectively; which is quite a lot for a timeout- year :-) Happy though as it's gonna finance our 2.5 months trip to Brasil!  For my birthday we went to Falmouth. Lovely town with good restaurants; definitely worth to explore! Got lovely presents from Marven and my family and we stayed in a B&B for the night. The Olympics were on so I fancied watching the games! It's not windy these times here in Cornwall but the perspective to have wind all day and bikini-weather for such a long time makes you do whatever it takes to get there soon! We found a rhythm of working, doing sports and exploring the beautiful surroundings and are quite happy with that.  There are so many stunning coves around here which you wouldn't find in lonely planet; real treasures to keep! I'm going back home for ten days soon and can't wait to see friends and family before heading to Brasil for the last chapter of my travels.

7 August 2016

Not just the weather is a constant up and down...We indeed enjoy every sunny, warm or windy day but still struggle with not finding a home, not even finding a room for a couple of days. However the weather is fairly good by now and the beaches are absolutely stunning as soon as the sun is out. The picture of the boat is taken at our current home, the Hendra Farm. Evening atmosphere as its best! Two pictures are taken in and in front of the restaurant we work. On our last day off we drove around Cornwall and visited Mousehole (see last entries pictures. Marven found more Dennis' and therefore was happy like a little child for a while :-) Next phase (kiting somewhere rather warm and exotic) planning is on going, hints always welcome. Good night, xx

6 August 2016

England live! Weather change within 5 minutes. Can happen easily 5 times a day. But at one point you get used to it and wellies are the way to go :-)

31 July 2016

Hendra Farm - our new home until we gonna find a flat :-) Dale, an english surfer and co-owner of the farm, as well as the whole family Lowe are living on this farm and host some shepherd's huts. As they're fully booked we can't stay at one of this cosy houses but at least we don't have to move our van around anymore. We have the option to either move into Dale's townflat in September or we stay on the farm and take care of the Shepherd's huts when they leave for surfing France. Still far from a ''home'' but we are very greatful for what we get here. Today was the first sunny day for ages and we really enjoyed it. Wind forecast also looks better and therefore our mood is improving as well ;-) St Ives and its surroundings are absolutely charming and we enjoy the beaches and the greens as much as we can. Come and visit! xx

24 July 2016

Cornwall. Soo beautiful but not very relaxing so far. We both found kitchen/waitress jobs at a nice bar/café in St. Ives but we haven't found a flat so far. It's far more complicated than expected and it costs us a lot of nerves. However, the place is beautiful and we make the best out of it. No wind nor waves so far; we hope for better times I guess :-)

12 July 2016

Last day on the IoW. Marven finished building the wall for Dave, our host, and in the evening we strolled around the area for one last time. After a lovely dinner down the pub with Alex and Dave we played domino and drunk gin tonic until 2am. Much fun it was getting up at 5am today... The sun woke up with us so we have a great day ahead :-) xoxo

10 July 2016

Not much to say recently. We're still on the isle of wight but decided to leave this week. On Saturday we celebrated Alex' birthday and made some nice brownies for her. Latest news: Jenna, the sole chicken on the farm we live, has been the presumptive victim of a possible crime (either she's been kidnapped or caught by the fox). I'll keep you posted!

5 July 2016

No news for a long time but finally I found some time to work on all the pictures we've taken in the last couple of days! We're still on the isle of wight, longer than expected. We found a beautiful flatwater spot, tremendously gusty but flat! At the farm we both work they gave us the chance to try paragliding. Lovely! We also did walk and run from time to time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery when the sailing regatta ''around the isle of wight'' was on on the weekend. I guess I have to open another blog entry to share all the great pictures :-) Well, we are not very decisive currently, trying to figure out whether we should search for a job here or move down the coast to Cornwall. Time will for painting now - lots of love to everyone back home. xx

28 June 2016

The needles but mostly it's surroundings are definitely worth seeing! Today it's raining cats and dogs and the luck is again not on our side - by board is broken :-( Beer needed now!
We've set over to the Isle of Wight! The first couple of days we spent exploring the island. We watched the football games in pubs, went to see the Needles, kitesurfed in a few spots and just enjoyed the time out in nature. We then visited a wwoofer host and agreed to work here for a couple of days before taking the ferry back to the mainland. Yesterday we've been to Ventnor and we thought we're in Italy! Beautiful beach, ice cream stalls and sun, sun, sun! After spending the day on the beach we went back to the Sunacre farm (where we work) and - finally it happened - locked ourselves out of the car! M somehow managed to open it again with wire and some tools after about an hour, but it was quite a way to go until there :-)

24 June 2016

This includes checking out the spot, sitting in the car and waiting for other people to pump their kites so we could see which size they go for, eat something as soon as the wind starts to pick up, wait for other kitesurfers to launch and hit the water (we don't really wanna get wet if it isn't worth it) and then we eventually decide which size we pump, squeeze ourselves in our (still wet from last sessions) wetsuits and finally, after perceived 3 hours one can hit the water! :-) Now it's past midnight and we are on the ferry to the isle of wight! Wind forecast looks good for the week, the sun should shine most of the time which is a rarity here and tomorrow it's pub time as Switzerland plays against Poland. Happy me!

22 June 2016

It was raining cats and dogs the last two days and we used this time mostly to make plans for the next week, therefore to buy a ferry ticket to the isle of wight and to check out different wwoofer ads. At least that was the plan. As my laptop decided to quit life I spent most of the time with updating the BIOS and other nerdy IT stuff. We also cycled to Arundel, a small but nice town further up the hill. AND most importantly we baked Pizza on a pizzastone ON our grill and it worked! As the wind forecast for today looked pretty decent we decided to make a stop at Hayling Island. What a good choice! We found a lovely place to camp for the night and we woke up with the sun in our faces. After breakfast we drove to the kitespot, went running/cycling and then the normal procedure started. ...see next entry
The wind is on! After a great round of pirates adventure golf in Littlehampton (M won :-( ) the windmachine started to work properly and we hit the water for the second time! Besides the cuts in our feet and wetsuits we had great sessions and just enjoyed being finally out there again! The night before we had some great company of a swan family for dinner. Frido (our house pig) soon made friends with them ;-) We visited Brighton for a couple of hours. Pretty cool city with great alternative quarters, flewmarkets, second hand shops and good food! Was definitely worth the stop even though we got our first ticket :-(

19 June 2016

Wonderful hike near the ''Seven Sisters''. More will follow!

17 June 2016

Our optimism has paid off - we found the beautiful side of Calais! We played some beach volleyball (ok, he mostly teached me and there was no one else to play with...), slept, read and just enjoyed watching the ferry traffic on the water. The sun came out for around two hours and before we made a barbecue we went for a run along the coastline. Huge beautiful cliffs, weekend beach houses and a lot of seagulls accompanied us. This morning we had to catch the ferry at 6.45 am! We arrived in Hastings a couple of hours ago and decided to just stay on a camping site for the night. No sporty activities today but rather a few beers and a good dinner - time to relax.
Belgiums roads are just chaotic! I'm used to a lot of craziness on the road (Mauritius lässt grüssen) but as much strange traffic signs and reroutings as in this country I've never seen :-) However, we somehow found our way to Westende (near Brugge) where we planned to stay for the night. The weather sucks a bit as the beaches would be really nice but with heavy rains like we experience here it's not soooo cool. Yesterday we ''cooked'' for the first time; Bohneneintopf and some fresh vegetables - surprisingly good even though most of the dinner was out of a can. This morning we went back on the E40 towards Calais. We bought the ferry ticket to Dover for tomorrow early morning so we gonna spend only the night here in Calais. Up to now we haven't found the beautiful side of the town but we're still optimistic :-)

15 June 2016

We left Celle after a lovely lunch with Marven's mum and were both too tired to drive straight to Calais. The wind forecast looked poor so we decided to drive around 450km towards the Belgian boarder. We stopped near a small town called Tholen. Just by a fjord this small town is a perfect location for two nature lovers like we are. Wild camping was not much of a problem surprisingly and therefore we could relax and enjoy the first night in our bus. We started the next day with an early morning jog and a good breakfast and off we go towards Flandern!

14 June 2016

After a long time waiting and preparing for our travels the day has finally come - we are leaving! Where to and or how long would be the first questions, right? Others might have a strict plan in mind or even on paper. We don't. We bought a bus, have put all our kitesurfing stuff, clothes and 1-2 beers in boxes and have plenty of time to explore the world or for the beginning at least Europe. We have some minor restrictions in place or let's say goals we want to achieve: - improve our English - earn some money so we can survive - spend as much time as possible near, on and in the sea - just live For now, our first major target is Cornwall, England. Wind and waves should be pretty good there as to various websites, books, personal opinions, etc and as we all know from the Rosamunde Pilcher movies, landscape is just marvellous ;-) On our way to England we might stop in Holland and for sure in Northern France as the ferry to Dover departs from Calais. xx, J