Austria · 12 Days · 110 Moments · July 2014

The hills are alive Places in the Alps.

30 July 2014

The final day we went white water rafting. I had filmed it and taken pictures. But as I was being pulled back into the boat it got caught and fell. Bye bye camera. No evidence that we did it. Just memories.
Day 2. I went shopping while Tim hiked. I only bought a thermos and some pink pants. Not too bad. Lol. I have a weakness for cups. We all know that. Tim went hiking. He went somewhere on those trails you can see in the pictures. He tells me he hiked up to the chair lift and took it down. We regrouped for a home cooked meal of pasta and salad. We had fish sticks and red cabbage the night before. Mmm
Same day we arrived in st anton. Aka the dead town. No one was here. We were told that in the summer there is a population of 5000 and in the winter there was a population of 30,000. Still very pretty. By not much to do as most things were closed or the lifts only operated on certain days. Good to have some relaxing time. Guess where we stayed. Up the giant hill. Tim is happy though. Just look at him.
Then back down through the clouds to catch our train. End of Zell am see.
There was a church at the top. Just itty bitty. And we shred a strudel.
Just the morning before he train we went up up up again. The schmittenhohe. Some cool clouds still and a nice view. No time for hiking. Score!
We had some more milk. And then took the low road back to the lift. Gosh was that so much easier. And it took a third of the time it took us before. Phew. Then we went home. That's all for day 4.
We continued hiking. We went up up up even though it should have went down down down. We got lots in a field of cow patties. Somehow we survived. But Ali could think wa show this would end in a comedy with my face in one. Oy. We eventually took the most indirect and hard way of getting there. Here is a picture to illustrate. Can you guess which way we went. Hint. It wasn't the low road. In fact it wasn't a road at all.
We made it to the first inn. The glocknerblick. Had some dumplings and sauerkraut and beer. Good sauerkraut! gNÖmie doesn't like the clouds or the food. What a sad gNÖmie.
Went for some hikes up here. There's a cool picture of the Zell am see lake through a hole in the clouds. So much uphill. We decided not to take the adventure route and stick to a more major road. That backfired and we had to walk straight up. I had to alternate walking backwards and forwards and crying in order to survive. Why is it so hilly here!?! Who likes the mountains anyways! Just kidding. It was pretty. But exhausting. Ps. There wasn't a view because we were in the clouds. Lol
Tim made me take a picture if these sheep because they have tails. Is that weird?
Afterwards we went up yet another lift. It was also very cloudy. As you can see from this picture. We only went up to 1500m but it was high enough to be in the clouds. Good for the sinuses!
Here's the name. Pretty close.
At the top there was a waterfall and a lake. And a few views back down the way we came. It almost looks cooler from up top you can see most of the stairs. Later we got to ride the cable car above the gorge but it was hard to get a good picture if the stairs. So this is as good as it gets.
Which witch is which. Can you spot the witch in the rocks?
Day 4 started with a journey up the sigmand thun klamm gorge. Not sure I spelt that right. But the name will be in the pictures shortly. There was stairs and waterfalls and rocks. And more stairs. It was misty though so it wasn't too hot. I wish that we went slower afterwards so that I could have enjoyed it more. Very pretty. Here's a bunch of pictures of it.
One last thing from day one. Forgot about these pictures because I took them on my cell phone. We hiked for dinner. Of course we did! It was worth it though. I would have went back again if we didn't hike all day the next day. Sunset early here. We watched from dinner. Lovely.
Day 3. It was very cloudy and rainy. We went up a small chair lift and went for a hike. However the hike was so uphill that I was very sweaty and a threw a bit of a fit and sat down in the mud while tim hiked some more. He never found the place that we had initially set out for. But he of course got lost and left me there for 45 minutes. I realize now I was a bit immature. But it was wet and very steep and tiring and I was hot but had to wear my raincoat which is like a plastic bag. You catch my drift. We got over it Were friends again.
And this is where we stayed and our backyard. That's it for day two folks. Don't know if I could have handled any more. I need a nap.
Ah refreshing milk. Nap milky. Not like that stuff we drink at home. Cheapest thing in the menu. And we got a few funny looks while everyone else was drinking beer. It was worth it. Delicious!
We started at that building up there. It was further than it looks. And steeper
Tim the cow whisperer. Give me your milk mr cow. I guess it's mrs cow. We eventually got our wish. But now yet..
More waterfalls with wooden beams to cross them. Some were a bit sketchy...
Tim needed a spritzer from the waterfall.
There's silver in these hills! We're rich!
Then we hiked down to another dairy farm. Hiking hiking hiking. The first bit was tough. But then it flattened out when we found the cows.
We wanted to try to climb down closer to the reservoir. But it proved to be too hard. So we found a waterfall and felt it. Very cold. Dont leave your hands in there for too long! I was just pretending to dive mom. Geez you worry too much!
Of course gNÖmie didn't like the cold water. And was Therefore sad about the entire experience.
These are a few of the pictures that Tim took from the top of the hill. Pretty good if you ask me. I hiked up some of the way. I had to eat my cinnamon roll first. Priorities people.
A few more scenic shots. A few waterfalls from the top of the mountains. There were tons of waterfalls everywhere. More to come!
A view of the dam. DAMN! See the "crystal palace"(as Tim likes to call it) over there. We had a snack there. And above it Tim climbed to the top. You'll see his pictures soon.
Here's some pictures of me standing in front of all of the reservoirs. There was 3. But we could only see two. If I could paint I think I would paint something from this series if pictures. It was so pretty. I wanted to swim!
We took a bus up to the high altitude reservoirs. There were sooooo many tunnels. And they went on forever. Bravo to these bus drivers. I feared for my life a few times driving up the windy roads on the edges of cliffs. And the tunnels were so narrow. Bravo. Bravo.
And 3 lifts back to the bottom. We timed it so well that we sprinted for the bus ( they only come once an hour, what up with that) and made it. Phew. Up we go again!
We took a FUNicular up to the chair lift Note: don't get out of breathe up here playing in the snow. The high altitude makes it very hard to catch your breathe. I learned that lesson!
We found the toboggan run. Sweet deal. We each took a ride. Got snow in my shoes. Worth it!!! Pretty sweet. Very sweet actually.
Just lounging in the snow in shorts. Nbd.
We took it. It was a bit scary. Not really a path and it was on the edge of a cliff.
Then we wandered down a long dark very very cold tunnel. Out the other end were some spots for nice views. And a way down..... I wonder where it could lead. Hmm
Then we had hot chocolate and coffee.
Then we played in the snow.
Made it to the top. I believe they said it was 5degrees. But it was pretty warm! 3029m. And lots of snow. Then we posed with the sign. And some more views. Can you see the ski hill. There were people on it! Oh and the first day in Zell it was the world championship for grass skiing. It was weird. Look it up!
After 2 lifts we made it to the alpine centre. 2500m. Still one more lift to the top. But we stopped for some views. And for playing on a creative that was near the cliff. Seems safe to me! Clim higher Tim!
Our first view of snow. Enough said
Day 2. Up up and Away. First destination was kitzenstienhorn. I probably didn't spell that right. But you'll see it in he pictures. 3000m or something close to that. First up the chair lifts.
First day in Zell am see. We got in too late to go up any lifts. So we went to their version of a beach. No sand. But not a bad time. Look at those views. Pools and diving platforms. Slides. And a lake.

20 July 2014

Apparently it's a lot of people's favourites. Look at all of them. And this isn't including the three rooms inside. That is all for salzburg folks. Enjoy.
Steps to getting beer. 1) pay 2) grab large ceramic mug 3) wash that mug 4) fill the mug 5) drink all the beer.
Made it to the beer house. Tim says that this one is his favourite so far.
We went on a couple if tours through the castle. Went to the top of a tower. I would guess only 150 steps. Some pretty rooms. And that one with the big pretty thing in the corner is a furnace. Oh and that first picture is the organ thinger that they have. That's how it plays the notes. That piece rotates. I have a video too. It was neat. Sorry don't know why this one is out of order.
Few more shots of the castle from an elevator we went up so that we could hike down to a beer house. Always beer houses. Lol. Good thing I like healthy food. Cause they always have the most of it. Not
Then we went to mozarts house. Since he is a big part of salzburg. We also had an audio guide here so Tim listened to all of the classical music. Then they had mugshots with Mozart ( it's not actually named that. But maybe that's what they should call the exhibit. It's quite catchy. Not to sound conceited or anything ) so Tim put on his best mugshot face. Who knew Mozart was so short.
Then we went to the haus if natur. Mostly for the aquarium and the reptile zoo. Apparently we like animals in salzburg. We had a salzburg pass that was 41 euros for 3 days which allowed us free entry to all of these places. So we just went for it all.
We became tourists and went down a very busy street. It was a win though because I found a Nutella ice cream stand. Delicious! Tim got pistachio. Boring.
Then I bought a watermelon. I had no utensils. It was messy. I looked like a 2 year old with juice running down my face. It was still a good time though.
Then we had lunch in the market at this wurstelstand. Mm hotdogs and sausages
Then we went to visit the dom. Was pretty. All of the churches here are pretty. This one was attached to "the residenz" which I wasn't allowed to take pictures of. We had audio guides for one of the first times. So time was mega slow. Mega. Lol
Oh and we went into the crypt. I was expecting more of " the tales from the crypt keeper " that used to be on ytv. But it was actually very nice too.
Prepare to be creeped out. There was a marionette museum in the castle. It started with creepy babies. Weird. Just weird.
Watch out. These guys will get you.
Day 2. We started with hohensalzburg the castle. Here's a view of it. And a view in too if the FUNicular that we took. And of course the FUNicular itself
Then we went on a boat called Amadeus. This is the home of Mozart you know. But we will get to that in a bit. Ps. This all happened in one day! Zoo. Fountains. Beer and boat! I'm exhausted. How about you!
Tim is happy. Drinking happy. Dang they are gone. A bit sad. But still happy!
This is how many you get for going on the tour. "But who will drink then all!?! " - said no one ever.
What to do next!? Drink beer of course. Off to steigl we went. Tim is happy. Here is a beer tower. And me with some beers.
This is the sound of music gazebo. You are 16 going on 17. Took us forever to find it in the miles of gardens at this place. Oy
Then he turned this on to exit the building. People waited and waited and waited. Then ran. Then when they thought they were in the clear they stood and chatted. And then he turned on more sprinklers. Too funny. This was probably one of my favourite things so far.
This one was just fun. Lots of tricks in this building too.
The guide played a show. Most of these guys move just using water. He said to watch the cannons at the end. So we did. And then got soaked from behind. We should have learned by now.
Fountains everywhere. Watch out. We were originally inside a building. And there were trick fountains everywhere. So people would run out expecting to be safe just for another bunch to turn on and soak them. Muahaha
These kids thought they were getting a buffet. Instead they just got wet pants. Ha. It looked like they all peed themselves. Oh. And the only guy who didn't get wet sat at the head of the table. Aka the owner.
Then we went to a palace called hellbrun. They have trick fountains. Just you wait and see. Spoiler alert. If you ever plan on going here don't read these next posts!
Let's end the zoo with some rhinos and the mountains. And a bear who just wants to go inside! And a stork.
Wait. One more. Who would win!?!
And here are all of the cuddly ones. You'd think after working at safari that I would never want to see animals again. But that'll never be true.
So fluffy! And a Turtle.
The next day we went to the zoo. Here are some monkeys. The one is very creepy and almost doesn't look like a monkey. But they tell me he is one.
Tim's llama face. I had to put it up here. Ha!
Here's an assortment if animals. Squirrel! Or something related.
Here's a few pans. I guess they are alright.
Then we say some hanggliders and paradailers. They went straight up! Can you even see him in the second picture. I have some cool videos of these guys.
Phew we made it. Hey look. That's where we came from. Another bunch of views of salzburg for you. Don't jump!
But wait. We're not at the top says Tim. Let's climb! GNÖmie says please no. This was our path to the top.
What did we do first? Cable car to the top please. 1800m. Here's a few views. At least I didn't have to climb...also aaah I'm falling
P.S. The hills are alive!
First view of the mountains from our train. On our way to salzburg.

19 July 2014

Then we found a music festival. It was packed! I mean look at all of those people. The first band was very cool. I can't describe how the music was. Jazzy but more upbeat. Everyone was dancing. Then the French girl came on and everyone left. At least hey weren't really performing. Lol. She was still good though. It was just late! Had some tasty crazy chips too. Woohoo potatoes. Peace out Vienna!
Day 3. We went to the beach. Well there isn't any actual sand. We went to the island in the blue Danube. And found floating docks all the way along it. Very popular. Still very hot out. Good way to cool down. And different! Take a closer look.
We also went into the carriage museum. I'm sure you can pick out which one I would want to ride in. No it's not the hearse. But it's not a bad one for when I bite the bullet. Looks like something the bad guys in Harry potter would ride in on.
Hey look we made it. Tim went up to the top to take some pictures while i posed down below. Where's Waldo! Find me! Make sure you zoom in on the last picture when you find me and see how perfect out timing for the jump was!
Made it halfway to the fountain and stopped for some silly pictures. Hehe.
Can you guess where Tim waned to go? I don't think I need to tell you the answer because it's always the place that is furthest away. Here we go.
GNÖmie says please no more walking mr Tim.
Day 2 we went to schonbrunn palace. There were paths upon paths upon km upon km or gardens. It was very hot. I almost jumped in one of the fountains. At least it wasn't hard on the eyes when you could see through the sweat.
Then we ventured up to some wineries ontop of some hills. GNÖmie doesn't like heights. Here's also a pan that we tried to do. For some reason this one is out of order. It should be before we started heading down.
Then we were in the town of grinzing. Where you guessed it. More wine. And some live music. Then we caught the bus home. Phew. Day 1 was tiring.
One last view from the bottom. Once again the white building is where we started.
Finally found a winery that was open. So we ate. And Tim drank. And all was right in the world. Hoorah. Also we found a chamock. It's a chair hammock. Hennie. Tim says that you are thinking if getting a new hammock for the cottage and would like you to consider a chamock instead. Or both!
Sick tree fort! Dad can you build me one for when u get home!?! Thanks!
We hiked so far we made it back to Vienna. No bugle horns though. You rascals. Ha
We started our venture down through the wineries. Too bad NOnE were open. Down down down down we went. And down some more. Also. That white building in the last picture is where we started.
We continued climbing up and found a very large beetle. As well as a building. Don't know that it was worth it. But we did it. Back down!
Market for breakfast and lunch for later. This has turned into the market and funicular trip. Lol. It was a good one. Lots of selection. Then there was a bridge over a river that didn't have any water. Hmm. And a bridge with locks. Why not!
Then we watched the soccer game. Go Germany. Whoot.
Here are some pretty buildings that we walked through and around. I don't know what they are called. But I had to take pictures. Oh and we found an elephant. So we had to take pictures on it. Once again the sign was in deutche. So we pleaded ignorance and climbed on him anyways.
Then we went inside. There was a service going on so we didn't get to go around. But you can see how pretty it is! And the cool organ of course.
Once again Tim doing impressions.
Then we hopped on a subway and went to stevensplatz. Where we saw the dom. FYI. Every church is called dom. I like how it is under construction but the tarps that they use show how the church looked. That way you can still see the whole church! Neato. Look at all of the horses too!
To start things off right Tim needed a beer. And we were starving. Apparently it's a popular thing to have dessert for dinner So I did. Don't want to start off on the wrong foot! Mmm cake pancakes with plum sauce.