Europe, North America · 67 Days · 65 Moments · July 2018 - Heartlands USA

8 September 2018

Back to Germany.... my new coffee mug... what should I get out of it? 20 oz means 591 ml.... drinking coffee in the morning with it or later on some fucking ice-cold beers? Maybe could be a good camouflage

7 September 2018

Just arrived to JFK. Waiting for our connecting flight to Zurich
Sitting at the airport in Indiana, waiting for our flight to NYC and later on to Zurich. Had a good time, once again.... curious, if our dream could come true one day.... only time will tell....
Finished our trip here close to Indianapolis airport at a Dunkin donuts. Honestly to say, I like some sweets sometimes, but this is rubbish food. But, who asks the grumpy old man about, he has just to pay for... the story of a dad.... we stand for dignity, authority and most often for dollars.... checked the mileage.... ok, more than expected. but approx. 3.300 miles driving in the USA is relaxed and not to compare with cruising in Germany. Now, I‘m sitting next to my lady, try to convince her for our next trip to America, the beautiful...

6 September 2018

Last night in my beloved second home..... Eating at Texas Roadhouse close to Indianapolis Airport. Tomorrow we’ll fly home. So sad about! But, we’ll be back soon! Promise you!
Finally visited Fairmount, IN to visit the home of James Dean and Garfield.
these wild geese are very intelligent. They watch the traffic as they cross the road.

5 September 2018

had a realy relaxed and enjoyable day here in Champaign . Spent hell of a money at Ross and TJ Maxx, but had also fun in different ice cream shops and micro breweries. And honestly to say, our hotel here, the Residence Inn Marriott is one of the best, we‘ve ever chosen. Good to be here!
Happy to be here... hot temperatures outside.... that brought us to this funny place... peanuts and beer... 😂

4 September 2018

After a long drive we deserved a really good dinner at one of our favourite steakhouses in the USA. The “Longhorn Steakhouse”. Appreciate!
as a comparison of the distance we‘re driving today. Omaha to Champaign is even 12 miles longer to drive as Karlsruhe to Flensburg, what means crossing almost whole Germany in one ride.
the vastness of Iowa on our way to Illinois. Grasslands and fields as far as you can see. not spectacular, but nice.

3 September 2018

a day of relaxing after a couple of days of fun, impressions and activities. Went to downtown this morning, to participate in the annual Labor Day parade. Was fun for the little kids surrounding us for catching some candy. Walked then down to the Old Market quarter, had some fun in a local candy shop and micro-brewery. Afterwards we drove back to the hotel, where we still spending time at the pool. Will see, where we want to go for, too....
Chilling at the pool in Omaha. Not so common for me, but it’s nice....

2 September 2018

Sooooo tasty, later at night in Nebraska....
Just entered the 34th “la festa italiana” at il Palazzo, Omaha. Music is in need of getting used to, but anyway.... people are warm hearted, food is delicious and the beer is cold...

1 September 2018

that was a bit of a strange day. Woke up early to work out and while running on the treadmill I heard the weather forecast for today. And that wasn’t the first information about upcoming thunderstorms in the Lincoln area, while the football match between the Akron Zips and Nebraska Cornhuskers should run. But with a “let the credit card burns” stop-over at the Nebraska outlets, we arrived to Lincoln early in the afternoon. Well prepared for tailgating with really hot temperatures. But as I mentioned before, the kick-off came closer and the weather got worse. So, they stopped the match directly after the kick-off. That might be happen, but then, they left us alone.... not a really a good communication about the weather and what would happen with the match during the evening. Finally, at around 10:30 p.m. there were rumours, that the game would be postponed for tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, 3 hours later, I’m still missing an official information about, what’s going on .... not really a p

31 August 2018

After visiting Union Station in KC again, including the model railway on the ground floor (brought a man back to his childhood), we drove straight ahead to Omaha, NE, were we’ll stay up to Tuesday, so for the whole Labor Day weekend. Have looked for different things we’d do. Started tonight with a “Last Blast of Summer” event of the Ralston Business Community. Had a lot of fun, nice conversations with the people from here, good food, ice cold beer and an outstanding firework. Tired, but happy now! Appreciate once again to be here!
Just arrived to Omaha, NE, Labor Day weekend!
Visiting Union Station in KC, MO. Awesome historical landmark

30 August 2018

have arrived to Kansas City, MO In the afternoon and visited the WWI museum. Obviously the biggest one of them in the world with thousands and thousands of memorablia and artifacts, what brings history to life. Good with a bit of a subjective view from the American side. But anway. After that we passed the Union Station, but only for a short while, beceause my daughter is suffering from a cold, depending on the air conditions the last few days. Bought some medicine and made her smile with a visit a Jack Stack BBQ, know how to catch my sweety. Now, I’m relaxing in the hotel. Labor Day weekend is getting closer....Omaha, Nebraska is our next point of interest, hope to see Penny there (BBT)😂 and college football season kick off is waiting for us with the Nebraska Cornhuskers vs Akron Zips at Lincoln Memorial Stadium. Happy to go there on Saturday night!
Cruising the plains towards Kansas City. Temperature drop of about 32 degrees Fahrenheit within 48 hours

29 August 2018

Went to Wichita, KS today, after making the turn to the north. Not really an exciting day, but that’s sometimes necessary to reach much more interesting points and places in the USA. But we brought the best out of it .... passed Ponca City with some historical places and moved forward to Wichita, were we stay for a night. Walked to the historical district of Oldtown and were shocked about a lot of blocks of houses and shops, which were closed and really in a bad state.... It can’t depend only on the shutdown of the Boing plant in 2012. But, our hotel is fine and we chose a good place for food and drinks tonight, but for sure, we’ll leave tomorrow morning.
Ponca City

28 August 2018

We’d such a pleasant day today. Woke up right early in the morning, because we wanted to take a look for the livestock on the Stockyards in OKC. Was interesting, but honestly to say, the difference between a cow, a bull or something else.... don’t understand that. The auctioneer was a real show talent.... spoke so fast by repeating himself, didn’t understand only one word.... but again... met really friendly Americans. Hard working farmers, curious to know, what we wanted to do there...after that we followed a recommendation from yesterday and visited Turner Falls, approx. 1.5 hours driving distance south of OKC. What a beautiful recreational area and landscape. Spent a couple of hours there, including swimming in a waterfall pool and using a very cool water slide. Traveled back then to OKC and enjoyed a very delicious dinner at Cattlemen’s Steakhouse, including a warm-hearted waiter, Mr. Sharp!!! AWESOME! Now I’m sitting in my hotel and think about our ongoing journey. Want to leave O

27 August 2018

Sitting in our hotel by cooling my inflamed heel (it’s getting better hour per hour, but it’s still away from any sport activities, so I’ll die fat, depending on all that delicious food and drinks.... had another pleasant day in Frontier Land, visited the famous “Round Barn” in Arcadia, where we met the legendary 92 years old “dancing farmer”, Mr. Sam, who danced with my wife directly. Went to Bricktown after that, but it was too hot outside, so we drove to the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum, that was awesome. Seeing what those hard working men had done to bring this country to a prosperity junction. Pretty cool. But, history makes you feel hungry, wherever it’d be better solved as at Jimmy's Round-up Cafe & Fried Pies. Tried all the famous dishes like Chicken Stripes, Ribs “falled off the bone”, the spectacular Chicken Fried Steak and finally some fully overloaded “Fries Pies”. Oh my gosh.... that was tasty.... and such friendly people, including the owner himself, Mr. Ji

26 August 2018

Will Rogers? Have to read about. Don’t know him 🙈
a long ride has brought us to Oklahoma City, the capital of the state with approx. 600.000 citizens. Thought about to make a stop in Tulsa, but because most of the well-known landmarks of the Route 66 were closed, either because it‘s Sunday or they are closed forever, we continued our drive. A bit dissapointing, but as most experienced travelers we make the best out of it. Enjoyed some BBQ at Rudy‘s (not the red nose reindeer!) and want to enter the pool here in the hotel now. It‘s really hot here end of August with around 97 degrees fahrenheit (approx. 37 degrees Celsius) and we‘ll stay here for the next three days, to check it out what happened here in the Wild West and Frontier land in the 19th century!

25 August 2018

after a longer ride along the Route 66 down from St. Louis we’ve arrived at Springfield, MO for an overnight stay. Just come back from dinner at Whole Hog Café a local barbecue chain, where we went for some Midwestern food as „Burned Ends“ and the „Buddy Pack 1“ including grilled beef, sweet corn, baked beans and baked potatoes... now I’m sitting at the pool in my hotel, cooling my inflamed heel spurs. Last but not least, today I‘d my first contact with an american police officer live on duty, due to my mis-behavior of overspeeding... believe me, I was nervous. But, Mr. Whitman, the officer was a friendly man and left it with an informal warning.

24 August 2018

yesterday was awesome. Went at first to the Mississippi river for paddle steamer tour. Depending on the rainy weather it wasn’t sold out and better to cruise with less of people. After tasting one of the fabulous St. Louis style pizzas we went to the main event of this summer tour.... the concert of Def Leppard and Journey at Busch stadium. Approx. 45.000 fans of these legendary bands celebrated a fantastic show. Also Cheap Trick as a special guest was awesome. Even our kids were pleased about that old heroes.... Cheap trick as special guests were cool .... the singer of Journey unfortunately does not keep up with the original and they had a few problems with the technique in between. But Def Leppard was the Burner!

23 August 2018

A sin of my darkest past. but I promised it to my kids to dine in here... Golden Corral, for sure the bottom line of “haute cuisine”, but who cares while using the Chocolate Waterfall again and again.... All of the guests, no matter if big or small are smiling like being under the Christmas tree.... enjoy
Let the games get started - what a beautiful day in one of the world famous breweries itself.... Anheuser-Busch.... established since 1852 (as Bavarian Brewery), what makes it totally clear.... a beer brewing company founded from Germans in the US, should and has to be a successful story. The knowledge about beer-brewing, combined with the strength and willingness of American pioneers in economy/business, brought this company to that point, where they’re today.... the world's highest-selling beer. It was an exciting and amazing day with several sips of different beers.... good to be here! And my best wishes to the participents of our group from Louisiana and California.

22 August 2018

drove back over the mississippi river yesterday to enter the legendary „Chain of rocks bridge“ from the Illinois side, because it‘s dangerous doing this from the Missouri side, depending on a drug scene and a lot of car thefts. was worthy to see this historical landmark of the old Route 66
Despite my fear of heights I must say.... GREAT! The Gateway Arch!
Taking a short break downtown St. Louis at Charlie Gitto’s - want to go for the famous toasted ravioli
Can’t await for the concert

21 August 2018

Sitting in my hotel close to St. Louis after driving a couple of miles today. Springfield with the Lincoln Museum was interesting and the way down on the old Route 66 also magnificent. Ok, maybe less for the young generation, traveling with us.... but finally in Granite City, we got another awesome experience while visiting the Luna’s Café along the road to St. Louis. We met different Americans there and they were once again friendly, generous and interested in us... Zakk Miller, Brenda Gott- Miller and the others! WE LIKE😎👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Not such a beautiful day today, but perfect for some sightseeing in Springfield, IL
another extensive excursion in American history. The more intensively one deals with it, the more facets emerge.
Workout with my sweetheart this morning in Springfield, IL

20 August 2018

Funny story by the end of the day.... take care about the details, when you’re filling in data for your navigation system... As I reported yesterday, we want to visit the James Dean museum in Fairmount, IN today... so far so bad.... I put in my system Fairmount, IL.... do you see my mistake? Because both places are nearly in the same distance to our starting point in Indianapolis, I didn’t recognize that.... but, as a sales professionell who’s driving thousands of miles per year, it’s a shame.... by the way, we all laughed about without ending... and.... met the nice people in Fairmount IL at the “WHOOLIGANS” food truck... life ain’t easy.... but it’s worthy 😉🇺🇸❤️💓
Cruising the Route 66 down to Springfield..... what a nice day.... overwhelmed of nice people.... Sitting now in our hotel here and want to enter the pool... Necessary after such a long day!
Helen, you’re such a great lady! What an deeply impressive moment for us, to meet you today! Came in and were welcomed as friends from one second to the next. You’re one of the persons, who makes us sure to want to live in this beautiful country one day! Be blessed and sending our friendly regards Markus, Linda, Pascal and Angelina Goetz from Karlsruhe, Germany 🇩🇪
. Coffee break at a historic place. Heather, thanks for your outstanding hospitality and the very nice conversation.... you’re one more reason, why we love the USA and their people! Be blessed! Markus, Linda, Angelina and Pascal Goetz from Karlsruhe, Germany 🇩🇪
If I remember right, it looks like, that the “stop” signal wasn’t bullet-proofed.....cruising the Heartlands means passing lots of corn- and wheat fields, but between.... you’ll meet great and lovely people.... good to be here!!!!
Our rough tour planning is done.... including a short detour through Fairmount to visit the legacy of James Dean. Good, the teenagers won’t understand his meaning/importance in the middle of the last century, but we as the adults are quite interested to see, who was James Dean!

19 August 2018

Sitting in the fabulous Texas Roadhouse... love it 👌
A different way of spending our holidays as usually. Ok, the kids grown up... so, much more silence and togetherness for us.
I swear that I’d have liked to drink a Coke Zero, but there was no one cold .... but the alternative is also delicious ....😎
Only a few of the goods, we bought earlier today.... my credit card burned and is getting more and more desperate....
Everyone was still sleeping, so I used the time for my first morning workout in the USA.... good legs here in Indiana....

18 August 2018

Sitting in our room together with my wife.... was a really hard and long day of traveling with more delays we’ve ever seen before.... but we’re looking for the positive things.... my trick with the booked Chevy Tahoe as a Full size SUV worked as expected. They didn’t have anyone in their choice line and gave me a Suburban as an upgrade.... exactly what I aimed for....😂😂 later on we entered Walmart the first time for this vacation.... hard pretzels, water, a cooler box, wine and some more things.... good night Germany... I’m tired and I’ve to sleep now... regards
Now, somewhere above and beyond the Atlantic Ocean it’s getting better, minute by minute.... holidays can even start....
A bit stressed to reach our connecting flight....

17 August 2018

Funny pub in Kloten. Close to the airport. Short overnight stay.... have to wake up early....
Just arrived in our hotel at Zurich Airport. Driving wasn’t too bad.... so, enjoy a Switzerland beer (weak) and get down to relax.... my kids are still stressful....
Just started our trip to my second homeland and facing the first traffic-jam on our way to Zurich airport.

15 August 2018

Countdown is running.... departure gets closer... just another 3 days...

7 August 2018

Just another 10 days to go....

4 July 2018

Journi will start on the 18th of August.... hurry up....timeline
We’ll start in Indianapolis and then we plan to drive on the US 66 through St. Louis and Missouri down to Oklahoma. Making a turn there, up to Kansas.... and then, we’ll see... probably through Iowa... can’t wait any longer for another three awesome weeks with my family in my second home....