Australia · 20 Days · 32 Moments · December 2018

The Guises go to Oz

1 January 2019

The boys cooking our final meal. John trying not to watch xx
Last day in Melbourne. Walk and lunch at Brighton Beach. Perfect weather.

31 December 2018

Happy New Year! Got upgraded to penthouse so had party on the roof!

30 December 2018

Back in Melbourne- upgraded to top floor penthouse!

29 December 2018

Views from Passage Peak

28 December 2018

Last day on our wonderful island. Sitting on the beach, climbing the highest hill- Passage Peak, last minute shopping in the marina and final dinner at Beach club. Just brilliant.

27 December 2018

Evening drinks at One Tree Hill bar.
Today's views- breakfast with koalas, sunning by pool and beach- sunshine!
Sunshine at 7am! Hurray!

25 December 2018

Christmas morning- driving our new golf buggy!😂

24 December 2018

Watching the sun go down with cocktails on Christmas Eve eve. 🥂😊
Christmas Eve in paradise, albeit a very windy one! Tennis doubles (for the youngsters!) coconut on the beach, walk up the nearby hills for more views and another dip in the sea for Will.

23 December 2018

The most wonderful day on Rikochet with extremes of weather and lots of fun, sailing round the Whitsundays, visiting Whitehaven beach and snorkelling in Chalkie's Bay.

22 December 2018

The view from my hammock....
Just arrived at Hamilton Island. Tropical heat and rain- amazing landscape and cockatoos! V happy to have reached our chilling out bit xx

21 December 2018

Nightcap back at hotel bar.
Last night in Sydney at Doyle's Fish Restaurant, Watsons Bay

20 December 2018

At Bondi Beach ......

19 December 2018

Lovely lunch by the Opera house, (though dive bombed by seagulls) walk in the sunshine round the bay through the Botanical gardens up to Mrs McQuaries Chair (which the kids are sitting on!) and back again. Super afternoon. Weather forecast so wrong! 😁
Trip around Sydney Harbour. Terrible commentary but great entertainment value!

18 December 2018

Oh yes! We're here!!😊 unfortunately rain and thunderstorms for the next 3 days!!

17 December 2018

Afternoon wander round Fitzroy, trendy edgy and beautiful area, drinks at Naked for Satan!!! Jack's choice!!
Trip to St Kilda's beach for brunch

16 December 2018

Royal Botanic Gardens. Utterly beautiful and only 10 min walk from our hotel.

15 December 2018

On way to our new home.
Close to our hotel and our balcony.
We've arrived and set up in our new base.