United States of America · 32 Days · 48 Moments · May 2018

The Great American Road Trip

12 June 2018

We had an amazing road trip! It was the trip of a lifetime!
We made it!!! SAN DIEGO!!

11 June 2018

Driving through the Mojave Desert
We explored Grand Canyon Caverns. The highlight of the caverns were a bobcat that had fallen in around 1850 and who’s remains were really well preserved and the remains of a giant sloth who had fallen in around 12,000 years ago. You cold see the claw marks it left on the cave walls trying to climb back up!

10 June 2018

We hiked from Bright Angel Point. We made the round trip schlep... trip to the mile and a half area and back. All told we hiked 6 miles. Talia made some friends on the trail. This was an amazing Grand Canyon hike.

9 June 2018

Our visit to the Petrified Forrest National Park. We drove the 28 miles through NOWHERE and stopped along the way to walk and explore the scenery. We saw the painted desert and petrified wood.
Took a hike through the Petroglyph National Park.

8 June 2018

We got our Kix on Route 66
Saying hi to Norman.
So far today we swam in the hotel pool and visited Cadillac Ranch! The kids spray painted and got as much on their fingers as they did on the cars!
Cadillac Ranch!!
I think our bathroom is a self-motivation room

7 June 2018

Driving through the night in Texas there were thousands of windmills spreading out as far as the eye could see. Each had a slowly blinking red light. It was eerie with thousands of lights all blinking in unison in the darkness.
🎶the stars at night Are big and bright...🎵
He's not lying | | | | \/
We stopped in Clinton OK for dinner and had a hard time finding a place open past 7. We ended up at a “local” place called the Branding Iron. (Read buffet at a Days Inn Motel.). Woof!! That was.....something. From the local clientele to the very boiled everything. It was a “taste” of Oklahoma!!!
Still in the Oklahoma plains
We stopped at an overlook. And looked over
We stopped at an “overlook” which seemed to me to be just a glorified rest area... with no rest area
Day 1 recap: We had the goal of leaving the house by 1:00, but finally made it out at 4:00. Stopped by Joel’s to drop off the Jeep. Trailer wires shorted out in Alabama. Levi gaff taped LED lights on the back. Tiger the fish sloshed around in his tank as we traveled along. We arrived in Lonoke, AK at 3:00AM. Falling asleep at 4:00 Julie realized that we may have left the garage door open and we could have East Cobb squatters occupying our house. Levi: Oh, they are probably already chilling in our garage, drinking sweet tea out of their Yeti mugs.
It's so hot!
It's my birthday!!!

6 June 2018

That moment in Alabama where your trailer lights short out at night and you gaff tape led blinky lights to the back of your trailer.
The best way to get through Alabama.
“I bet the Chinese food here is terrible”
Aaaand we’re off!!!

5 June 2018

Why yes! Those ARE margaritas in travel mugs. THATS how you know we’re moving ....and fancy!

26 May 2018

We’re going all the way over THERE?!

12 May 2018