Sweden · 4 Days · 11 Moments · June 2015

The first Days in Sweden

17 June 2015

The department for information technology of Uppsala university - that's where I'm going to spend a lot of time 😄 directly next to the water and a lot of nature again. I can't believe it!

16 June 2015

And my first real Swedish kanelbulle 😋 in one of the best and most impressive cafés I have visited soo fare - has some good Chances to become my favorite one for some time (only wifi is missing)
Some more pictures from nice Uppsala - lot of water, many many cafés and a really nice architecture.

15 June 2015

Uppsala University! I can't believe that I'm really going to study here 😃
Nicht nur rot, sondern auch gelb, grün, braun und rosa :)
My new (and very green) home - flogsta

14 June 2015

Und natürlich sehr viele roten Häusern ❤️
Willkommen in Schweden - Natur pur, viel mehr Platz, weniger Menschen und verrücktes Wetter :)
Bayern von oben (hier Regensburg)
Noch mal stärken, dann gehts los ☕️