Zimbabwe · 2 Days · 9 Moments · January 2016

The end of our overland tour in Vic Falls

31 January 2016

A questionable brunch was served in cling film and the toilet allowed you to take a selfie in the mirror. Otherwise the smoothest flight I've ever been on. We touched down in Johannesburg 25minutes ahead of schedule. Not bad!
15 mins before boarding time a little man in a high vis jacket scuttled over to us. He asked us to "start boarding now please, we want to be prompt". So we did. We wandered across the Tarmac and were ushered on by the security lady - a large Zimbabwean woman in a floral dress and handbag. Next minute little man was on the plane counting people. Waving his hands in the air he declared everyone was on board. So we took off half hour early. That was unexpected! I am pretty sure the plane is older than me so was a little nervous...
Turns out Mark was legit and rocked up at 8.20am to pick us up. He was delighted to see us and shook our hands. But it also turned out he couldn't drive so had bought the driver along with him. Lol. We chatted in the car with the chaps about life in Vic Falls. One of them mentioned something about when their currency was good in the 1980s and we quickly remembered advice not to talk politics so we glossed over it. I admit I was relieved when I saw the airport sign, I couldn't have known where we were going... Jon is becoming quite the carefree traveler. We were dropped off in the new, apparently unfinished, airport. We waited around for a while for the check in desks to open until we realised we had to go to the old falling apart building next door to check in. Obviously. We had to pay a hefty airport tax, of course, but the airport tax guy was friendly so it was ok. He said we were the loveliest couple and that we should have very happy lives. How nice.

30 January 2016

Gayle left us this morning so we're down on our crew! Sad times, but sure we'll meet again soon! We did pose in the tent first, Justin's dream snap. Tonight we dined traditional African style at Mama Africa. Yum yum. I had peanut butter chicken with maise which was tasty as! Zimbabwean beer isn't too bad either. Ooh and here's a cheeky monkey invading our campsite. Sigh. We're gonna miss Africa!
Today we took it easy and wandered to the market. On the way down we were harassed by a chap named Mark who was keen for us to either book an activity, trade some clothes, visit his stall or for him to drive us somewhere. Persistent Mark waited for us outside the Post Office and decided he'd escort us to the market. Somehow on the way Jon agreed he could take us to the airport tomorrow. I wasn't sure it was the best idea, random guy on the street and all but ok why not. In the market we bought a suitable range of African tat. All for under $15. It's hard work mind. These guys WANT you to buy EVERYTHING. It's sad really, not everyone gets a piece of the pie here. But you can't buy from everyone.

29 January 2016

Our last meal as trip. Jon did an amazing speech and I was very proud !
The moistness meant it was best terrain for the go pro. We got soaked all from the spray!
The kuffufling at border control was as expected and took over an hour. Being British we have the most expensive visas, naturally, everyone hates us. Gayle realised our stamps were for the day before, so that had to be changed. Fun times. When we arrived in Vic Falls we were taken to the adventure centre first where you can sign up for activities you'd need a mortgage to pay off. A trip to a pool at the top of the falls cost over $us100 and lasted less than 2 hours. It wasn't going to happen. Anyway finally after much frustration, and it beginning to rain, and me being a bit unwell and grumpy... We arrived at Victoria Falls national park. In true Dean sister style I demanded to be fed before we saw anything. My mood massively improved and well... Omg... The falls are insane. Never seen anything like it. Over 1km wide. Truly magnificent. And a bit moist.