United States of America · 16 Days · 89 Moments · December 2014

The Crawford's go 'Lampoon' style...

5 January 2015

Final (maybe?) rest stop. Almost back in Michigan!
Mississippi River
Cheapest gas of the trip so far! Iowa definitely overall takes the prize for gas prices. This same gas station, 2 weeks ago on our way west, was at $1.99. Now it's $1.89!
When I see the name Davenport... why do I get a sudden urge to sink into a couch? It's been a long time, but did anyone else grow up with Davenport being synonymous for sofa/couch?
Final Day! Ann Arbor here we come!
Done for the day... Sleeping in Omaha.

4 January 2015

2.11/gal. Hopefully last fill up in Nebraska.
OK. So if you have been following my documentation of the variety of pet related signs at rest stops on this trip, this one was, by far, the most wordy. First, it mixes up handicapped info with pet info. But then, to my surprise, when I captured this photo using a flash, the primary sign I wanted to document was the only one that wasn't covered in reflective coatings. The result was an oddly dark rectangle where it said "Pet Exercise Area". I blame the North Koreans for this but if censorship. And by the way, before this pic turned out as it did, I was going to make fun of the fact that it had arrows pointing in both directions - leading me to wonder why they even needed a sign if pets could exercise either way.
I'm confused... does this mean no pets in wheelchairs?
Well that was fun... Couple hours of driving in near whiteout blizzard conditions through Wyoming! Phew... Got through it. Never thought I would say I look foreword to Nebraska.

3 January 2015

Rock Springs, Wyoming - first night stop. Not a bad 11.5 hr drive over 750 miles...
3x3, patties mustard fried, grilled onions, with light fries and a root beer float. Can't wait! Last chance for In-n-Out before we cross over the east-west in-n-out border.
This rest stop takes the prize so far... from its space ship architecture... to its ramp overlook platform. I'm just bummed that I missed foot washing season.
Bonneville Salt Flats just after sunset with a beautiful moon...
Moon over Bonneville Salt Flats.
Bye bye Nevada, hello Utah!
"Hole in the Mountain Peak" - north end of the Ruby Range in eastern Nevada. I love the name...
Eastern Nevada is much more pretty than central Nevada. Just north of the Ruby Mountain range.
Ruby Mountains in the distance...
Emigrant Pass
North Peak, Nevada
Over an hour (or two?) has passed and the scenery is changing fast...
Nevada is so.... Nevada. Getting used to this view for the next 6-7 hours.
On the road!

2 January 2015

And now... What took us 12 days to do heading west... We start the process or un-doing tomorrow morning. Back to Michigan we head. Looking to do it in 2.5 days of driving, but we'll see what we can tolerate. :)

1 January 2015

Whenever I describe Heavenly to anyone, I talk about this view... Lake Tahoe on the left and the Nevada desert in the right. Can't beat it.

31 December 2014

Happy New Year!

30 December 2014

These are not my kids...

29 December 2014

Linner at Nicely's in Lee Vining, CA.
And up goes the price... welcome to California! $3.60/gal
Gas with which we will depart Vegas... 2.51/gal.
Onward again! We conquered Vegas and the Hoover Dam! California here we come!

28 December 2014

Dinner in France Section at the Tournament of Kings in Excalibur.
While the girls shop, Cam and I get to take in some Jeff Dunham...
Can't go west without a stop at In-n-Out...
Hoover Dam! (Or as Brenna asked this morning, when are we going to see that beaver dam?)
More Dam pics from the go pro...

27 December 2014

Brenna takes care of her shrimp craving at Todai (all u can eat sushi buffet).
Kids first impression of Vegas - smelly and wasteful. :) but they still seemed to enjoy the spectacle.
And we arrive in Las Vegas. First question from Cam - why do they call this place the Hamingo?
Last stop in Utah... 2.44/gal.
Amazing scenery all around...
Very cool rock formations... and odd people at this stop... ;)
Mom photo bombing Brenna's selfie at Black Dragon Canyon...
Gas it up in Utah! 2.61/gal
Dogs at this rest stop can do their stuff while online with the free WiFi...
On the road again... Bye bye Breck! $2.51/gal.

26 December 2014

Last full day in Breckenridge! We split up and did different things. Jaime and Cam his the powder. Brenna and I hit the town and went on a sleigh ride. Was a wonderful stay in Colorado... tomorrow we head west for a quick stop in Las Vegas!

25 December 2014

Beautiful morning skiing on Christmas with the sun and most of the slopes to ourselves. Afternoon the clouds rolled in and the snow is falling. Time to head in and relax. Good day in da mountains.

24 December 2014

Very special chairlift ride today with Santa and Mrs. Claus! He was getting in some Christmas Eve skiing before his work starts. A highlight of my day for sure!
Day 2!

23 December 2014

Day 1- Breckenridge - Kids got their first taste of big mountain powder!
Arrived! Now... If I only can figure out how to use this thing...

22 December 2014

Blizzard on the mountain has I-70 closed... We are so close yet so far. Checking into a Holiday Inn Express to wait it out in Denver. Tomorrow is going to be amazing with 2 feet of new powder on the mountain!
Gas stop - Colorado. $2.64/gal
Colorado! So beautiful here... Hard to imagine it is blizzard conditions just a couple hours drive away.
Brenna found another Pet 'Exercise' area to play...
Price is going back up in Nebraska... 2.79/gal.
We have found sun! Only took 850 miles...
Pets have excellent services available to them on I-80.
Bye bye Iowa. Bring it on Cornhusker state...
What kind of sculptures are there? Very odd... but cool. In Council Bluffs Iowa.
Wake up... Eat... Get in car... Sleep. Repeat.
Thought from somewhere near Des Moines, Iowa on I-80... How is it that I wake up every morning and go through life with very little consciousness that millions of others are doing the same thing in their own communities around the world. Seldom do my thoughts go beyond those in my state... my city... my neighborhood. Oh, who am I foolin', it usually takes an effort just to get out of my own head. There is something about driving across this land that awakens this awareness in me.
1.99! Come on down and get your gas in Altoon, Iowa!
Day 2: Snow and Breck here we come!

21 December 2014

Day 1 done... due to the darkness, we missed all the natural sights and wonders in Iowa. Always tomorrow to get the tail end of it...
Potty break! Rest areas are great inventions.
Gas - 2.29/gal
Dinner, day 1! A visit at "Bob's"...
This guy needs a better cargo net... He should go to www.cargonets.com!
Indiana! Hey Brenna, we are out of Michigan!
First one to ask "Are we out of Michigan yet?" We had just passed Jackson. No Brenna, we are not out of Michigan yet.
First trip trouble... 2 out of 3 car charger plugs in the car are dead. Apparently the kids were not meant to have fully charged electronics!
We head west! Start time about 1pm.