Australia and Oceania, South America · 16 Days · 26 Moments · May 2018

The Big South America Trip

4 June 2018

Part three So anyways after we sat for a while mum brought a bag of potatoes for me to help peel. I done it for a while until stuart finally realizes something and comes to help. We peeled them all and after that stuart visited the girls and tried to help them the peeling dunno why. Anyways shortly after that mum goes into the shed and gets a bag full food. She says let's go so we hiked up the hill where there was a flock of sheep which we were going to feed. Funny i had to help untether the sheep which was hard but fun. After feeding the sheep i had to help mum Sheppard the sheep to the other yard where they would sleep the night.
This is part two of the Puno leg of the tour. Once we arrived in the village we were given to our respective mothers to look after us for the night. So we had lunch which was soup and a second course of sheep cheese with potatoes and beetroot. After this i asked if she needed help to which she agreed and i washed the dishes with her. My mother got me to sit with her and we just sat on a nice blanket and looked out over the rest of the village. We sat for a good while she asked my age and i asked hers. Meanwhile my room mate stuart being lazy i would say didn't do anything, he was under the assumption that we were done and there was nothing else to do. To be honest the last couple of days i have had to look for him or just generally get him ready. I feel like he is a lost little child at times he just has no sense of things if that makes sense. He takes his camera everywhere like even to dinner though some others bring there's but good camera never leaves his side.
Well left Chivay and headed to Puno for the next leg of the trip. The drive was about 5 hours by bus through the mountains. As we were driving there it was raining and began to snow. Once we arrived in Puno we had free time due to the and weather as it was raining and cold, though we did have one very sick person. I did a walk around the city with Craig and Jenny we got to the top of the street looking for the lookout and the next suburb wasn't too inviting. The next day we left the hotel in Puno to go to our home stay. This was on Lake Titicaca, we got on a boat and travelled out on to the lake. Whilst travelling on the lake we visited the floating islands or villages. They literally live on an island, it is made of reed roots bonded together until it forms the island and the leaves it for a while for the roots to join together to make the Island. The photos should help you understand what i mean. Then from there we left to go to the village for lunch.

3 June 2018

Well today we leave Sibayo the small village homestay to go back to chivay where we collect our luggage and head off to our next destination Puno. I have forgot to add some details about yesterday, when we arrived we were dressed up to match the locals. Also it began to rain then it started to hail only lightly for a while though it then began to slightly snow. It was amazing great feel it wasn't too cold but yeh. This morning as in mentioned we bid farewell to our host family, we had breakfast with our mother who made hard boiled eggs for us 1 each. I said thank you in Spanish so that she would understand. When we had breakfast we spoke about family and that her husband was out somewhere looking after their flock of sheep, alpacas and Llamas and would not return until 4 days time. As i write this its about 4 degrees but feels like 1 and its 8 am.

2 June 2018

So today we have our second day in Chivay we got up early to head out to visit the condors. Along the way we stopped to look and check out the Colca Canyon Valley. Which is pretty stunning, we arrived at the condor look out and shortly after arriving we spotted numerous condors flying around the valley and cliff. We stayed for an hr n a half then made our way back down to have lunch. After lunch we had to get our things packed a small bag for one night for our home stay in Sibayo. It was a long drive down into the valley to our village. We met our (mothers) for the night and were shown our room. Shortly after arriving in our rooms we were given ponchos and set off on a hike up the hill where you got some amazing views of the valley surrounding us. There we had some wool alpaca and strung it onto the wheel i think its called not sure but was fun had a little city tour and then back to our rooms. Altitude is about 3900 meters above sea level and you can feel it.
So today we left Arequipa and set off to Chivay along the way we saw numerous Alpacas and Llamas even got a selfie with one. Along the was we hit the highest point of the tour which was 4910 meters above sea level and saw an active volcano. We arrived in Chivay which is down in the colca canyon valley and had some hot springs.

1 June 2018

31 May 2018

Well today we arrived in Arequipa at 2 am after a 9 hour bus trip from Pisco. I woke up at 6 am which isn't unusual but it was nice to have the whole hotel to myself so bummed around went to the roof to see the mountains. The mountains behind the hotel are three inactive volcanoes that protect the city. I waited until 9:30 am when we would walk the city though the problem is that there was a protest in the city so we couldn't go to the main town square. Instead we walked to the newer modern city due to safety concerns, as all the streets in and out of the city were closed. Manni or tour leader was stressing a little due to the amount of protests we were even given instructions from the tourism police on where would be ok to go to.

30 May 2018

So today we woke up nice and early for the flight over the Nazca Lines. We took a small cesna 5 seater and you felt everything every bump every turn though it was great. The lines are mostly animals and one astronaut. The ones i was able to capture below are the Monkey, Dog, Hummingbird, Spider, Condor, Tree, Lizard, Hevon, Parrot, Hands, Seabirds, Sea Plant. They weren't easy to spot from the air at times and wasn't the easiest to photograph but i did my best for you all. After the flight we headed to an ancient cemetery of the Nazca people who are now extinct. Now we have lunch and are off to Arequipa which is situated 3000 meters above sea level so let's see how i handle the altitude.
So we just done sand boarding and sand buggies through the desert sands it was great so much fun. We were able to do three hills which was generous of the driver. First two hill's we did i laid down on my gut and the third was seated though the seated was not much fun. We are now off to Nazca where we will stay the night and do the flight early in the morning.
Well today we left Pisco and headed to Nazca where we will do the fly over the Nazca lines. We also will be going sand boarding and a buggy ride over the sand. Anyways on our way to the sand buggies and boarding we stopped off at a Pisco factory. Pisco is a type of sweet wine made only in Peru. So we had a tour of the winery it was great up until the end which was amazing. The amazing part was the end where we had wine tasting we had a shot of each type of wine so overall the interesting thing was that the lady next to me didn't drink so i had a few more. The wines were like spirits strong between 12 and 42%, after the wines we had some baileys type of stuff which was delicious. So overall i think i had 16 or more shots there were 12 different wines but yeh i had a couple extra. Some of the people on the tour and kinda half pissed which is hilarious as i write this we are having lunch which is great.

28 May 2018

So today we went to downtown Lima, we caught a bus which was interesting. The interesting part is that it has its own lane with no traffic 2 lanes one bus going each way. The buses chockas full of locals we waited for four different buses due to them being packed. Anyways made it downtown and it was nice. Saw the presidential palace main cathedral learnt a little history about it. We walked around saw the old train station that's now a library also checked out the catacombs of the Franciscans. These people are called this due to pretty much worshipping Saint Francis of Asisi. The whole church is dedicated to him which i think is interesting. So as they do they bury the dead underground. Interesting fact about the church was the people who donated money to build things in it are also buried there in front of what they built. We then headed off to the hotel grabbed lunch and now off on a public bus to the town of Pisco.

27 May 2018

Today was an early one starting at 1 am due to my flight from Quito to Lima being at 4:15 am and it being international flight got to get there early. So get picked up at Lima airport and get driven to my hotel though looks like it might not be due to the fact that none of the staff can find me on the booking list so looks like i could be looking for another place to stay the day unless they get their act together and figure out what the issue is as i am losing patience. Finally after 2 hrs if me sitting around having no idea what is going on i finally get my room. I went out and explored the city well the beach part of it. Had lunch in this shopping centre where it is built into the side of the cliff pretty cool. 4 pm comes around have the tour meeting most all Australians one American. So at 6 pm we set off to the town centre for an afternoon walk in the city. Whilst doing the walk we tried a few different types of traditional food, one was like chripeli that nonna makes.
Today is the last day in the Galapagos Islands and it was an early start with a 6:30 am snorkel in and around Kicker Rock. Unfortunately we weren't able to see any more cool wildlife underwater especially sharks hammerheads they usually reside around the area but not today probably due to the fact that it was overcast and you couldn't see the bottom. We had breakfast then set off to the island of San Christibal where we got on the plane and flew back to Quito. Went out for dinner with 3 other guests that were on my tour and headed for bed

25 May 2018

Today we traveled through the night from Floreana Island to Española Island. Once 8 am came around we were off the boat and ready to explore part of the island. We were supposed to have a dry landing on a dock it said but really it was just concrete steps on a rock platform wasn't the best but fun. On the island we saw numerous different mammals and birds. Lots n lots of sea lions all over the beach areas and rocks enjoying themselves. Whilst walking around we saw numerous marine iguanas they were everywhere nearly tripping and stepping on them. During the time on the island it rained a fair bit not heavy but just a drizzle shower. The birds we saw were waved albatrosses, bluefooted Boobies, mockingbirds, others can't remember ill get back to it. We had lunch then set off to the otherside of the Island to snorkel. During which time we walked along the beach white milky sand where a large amount of sea lions were basking. During the snorkel we saw a small white tip reef shark.

22 May 2018

So i arrived here in Quito at 3 am 22nd May 2018 after a long number of flights. I woke up at 8 am so didn't have the mist most amount of sleep so feeling a little sleep deprived right now. So had breakfast it wasn't much scrambled eggs bit of toast and fruit. Headed out on a hike to the old town centre where i had one of the best cappuccinos soo very smooth. Whilst trying to sit and enjoy my coffee i get interrupted by a massive crowd of protesters yelling waving placards around and blowing favelas. Checked out a cathedral and a church both pretty cool and very large.

21 May 2018

Views from the plane window before landing in Santiago. Currently walking around aimlessly in Santiago International Airport due to my flight to Lima not flying out until 18:40 and we landed here at 12:00 pm so just a little bit of a wait. Not a lot to do here and pretty sure i am getting ripped off with the price of items in the airport. Though i am trying to read up on what to do tomorrow in Quito Ecuador since my tour doesn't start until 5 pm the 22nd and i arrive at 2:20 am that morning. Also funny story i went to buy something and pay with my travel card though the pin i thought i had was wrong, also couldn't remember my password for the card either to login online. Lucky i found enough wifi to be able to reset my password and reveal my pin for future reference disaster averted. 😅😥 Whilst being in Santiago Airport I have been spoken to 4 times now by people from the tourism ministry asking if i had visited Chile or Santiago.

21 May 2018

So i fly out of Sydney at 11:10 am 21st May 2018 stop off in Auckland NZ to refuel for an hour n abit. I travel from Auckland to Santiago Chile where i stop for 6 hrs from there i fly to Kona Lima in Peru stop for 2 hrs and finally arrive in Quito Ecuador at 2:20 am 22nd May 2018 so going to be a long couple of flights. Photo is of New Zealand as we were flying in nice lush and green photo doesn't do it justice