United Kingdom · 1 Days · 3 Moments · September 2016

The Beginning

14 September 2016

Yesterday I moved out of my flat and Garrett and I headed to an airport hotel. It was the first of 26 hotels/hostels we will be staying in on this trip! We had some champagne and toasted to wonderful the experience Scotland has given us. I will miss it here very much. This year has been an amazing time of personal growth. I learned to live on my own, make new friends, navigate a new country, and do pretty darn well in my genetics program. I will never forget my time spent here. Alright, on to the trip! We have arrived at the airport to find out our flight has been delayed and we may be at risk of missing our connection in Manchester on our way to Amsterdam. Luckily, we have no time constraints for the next few months so a delay and missed flight here and there is no big deal. We each got £5 vouchers and are enjoying one last full Scottish breakfast. I don't like it much and never have but it was just something I had to do! Feeling excited to set off on this new, exciting adventure!