Thailand · 741 Days · 23 Moments · July 2014


24 July 2016

FINALLY we did Snorkel!! πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰ We saw a lot of different kinds of fishes!! We spent all the day doing snorkel!!

23 July 2016

8th step! We came back to Koh Tao (with a little hangover yet), because the first time that we stay in the Island we didn't do snorkel, and I didn't leave Thailand without snorkelling. This time we took a hostel in a different part of the island, more quiet and relaxing.

21 July 2016

THE 21 OF JULY was the FULL MON PARTY πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ This party is one of the most famous festivals in the world!! This day we met again with a guy that we met the first days that we were in Thailand called Sergi (photo 5), a fun and friendly men!! We spent a very, very nice night, we had a lot of fun!!

20 July 2016

The 7th step of our trip was in Koh Phangan!!!! We arrived in the hostel, we left the backpacks, and we went to the "city" of the Island to visit it, eat something and drink a beer.

19 July 2016

We also spent time swimming in different beaches, relaxing ourself and eating the amazing Thai food.!!!

18 July 2016

The we spend the rest of the days exploring this beautiful and amazing Island. We walked to differents view points on the island, where you can see all the island. The views were amazing 😍😍 When we arrived on the top, we drank a deserved thai beer!!πŸ’ͺπŸ»πŸ”

16 July 2016

We spent 5 days in this Paradise Island!!! The first day we went to our hostel. Then, we went to walk to the beach and we drank some beers, seeing the magic sunset of this island!!!
From Koh Samui we went directly to Koh Tao (6th step)! Here a little bit of photos oh the journey.

15 July 2016

The 5th step was in the Southern Islands!! We start this part of the trip in Koh Samui!! It was a pass island because we wanted to go directly to Koh Tao, but we couldn't. In spite of that, the short stay on the island was amazing. We spend the time on the island, relaxing and eating the typical Thai food.

14 July 2016

We arrive to Surat Thani airport and we go directly to the port to take a boat to Koh Samui.

13 July 2016

We come back to Chiang Mai, to take a fly to Surat Thani. We spent the little time we had left, visiting the old Chian Mai, the market and relaxing.

11 July 2016

We spend the last day in Pai, visiting the old village and eating tipical Thai food. We also did a Thai massage, it was amazing!!

10 July 2016

We finish the motorbike trip visiting The Withe Buda (amazing), and a viewpiont from where you could see all Pai and the surrounding area. In the viewpiont we drink a delicious Thai tea. When we come back to the hostel, it rained a lot and we got very wet again. (Part3)
At midday it start to rain and we had to shelter in a wooden small house in the middle of the field (Part 2)
During this days we rent a motorbike to visit some natural monuments like the Pai Canyon, or some amazings waterfalls!!! The landscape of the northern part of Thailand is amazing!😍😍😍 (Part 1)

9 July 2016

The 4rt step in our trip was in PAI!! We spend 5 days in this lovely and hippie village.

8 July 2016

We spend the night in a fantastic bar: The Rooftop Bar. It is a friendly bar and it is so relaxing. I love this bar.
The 3rt step in our trip was in Chiang Mai!! We spend the first day in Chiang Mai visiting Chinatown and the night market. We visit also some temple. We tried the Rambutan, a typical Thai fruit, it's so tasty.
We spend the second day in Sukhothai visiting the city, and eating the typical Thai food. We finish the day relaxing with a beer in the pool of the hostel.

7 July 2016

We finish our first day doing a cultural tour, and for ending the day we needed a Thai beer, our first beer together!!
We continue the trip to Sukhothai!!! In the bus station in Bangkok, we met Teresa a nice german girl that accompanied us during a time in the trip! (photo 5, is the girl who raises the hand) This day, we visited the SUKHOTHAI HISTORICAL PARK!! It was amazing πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ”

5 July 2016

Visiting the different temples in Bangkok!! Nice day with nice people!!
First night in Bangkok!! Kao San Road!! In the airport we met two catalans called Sergi and Susi. They are two frendly and nice guys!! This night we also met a holand girl! We spent the first days in Thaoland with them!!