North America, Asia · 16 Days · 20 Moments · March 2018

13 April 2018

Back in Austin after 20+ hours in the air and 4 flights. Thanks for viewing the journi as it transpired. I had an incredible time and have many more pictures if you want to see them. Now that it’s over, I already can’t wait to go back and hopefully for even longer. My last days covered the Songkran festival, which is the largest in Thailand. It celebrates their new year with 2 day country-wide water fight. Everyone is walking around with squirt guns and buckets of freezing water and very excited to get each other as wet as possible. It’s all in good fun and some people even ask if they can get you wet ahead of time as it is a gift and considered to wash away the sins of the previous year. Again, had a wonderful time and hope you enjoyed this little piece of it. I think I’ll do another for whatever trip may be next. Now for jet lag.

12 April 2018

Had probably the best day of the trip so far. Went to an ethical, no-ride elephant reserve with a small group for four hours. Got to feed, play with, and bathe with them in the river.

9 April 2018

Visited a handful of temples yesterday in the old city of Chiang Mai.
Landed in Chiang Mai. Accommodation should work for a few a nights.

5 April 2018

Been a great time on the island of Ko Chang. Will miss being by the water and enjoying the simple way of life. Headed back to Bangkok in the morning then off to the great north where it is very very inland and another 10 degrees hotter. Took the scooter around the entire island, stopped for pictures. Saw monkeys and elephants. Ate many spicy Thai dishes. Sweat my weight off.

4 April 2018

There is an inequality regarding our tanning ability
Checked into a little beach hotel that’s half resort half hostel. Has a really cool vibe. Rented a scooter and took it around the island a little bit last night and should be out most of the day

2 April 2018

Haven’t taken many pictures since mainly being around the busy streets of Bangkok but headed to the islands in 30 minutes. Sunburns and coconuts en route. Is a pretty amazing city. It’s strange how foreign yet comfortable everything feels. The people are some of the most friendly I’ve met and haven’t had a moment where we felt unsafe.

1 April 2018

Too hot. Stopped for this eccentric iced espresso after 20 minutes of wandering. Saw a few other things during the stroll
Maybe 20

31 March 2018

The top of the hotel isn’t so bad either.
After last nights unfortunate circumstances all has been corrected. Came back this morning and was upgraded to a suite with a shower/bath combo. If you know me, you know tub is king. More significantly tho is this weather. 11am and it’s 90 degrees with a “feels like” 102. Humidity. I will not survive this place.
Landed in Bangkok. Made it safely to the hotel. Hotel was booked for sat and not Friday night and was at capacity. The 24 hour concierge just wandered off after telling me I couldn’t stay so I sat in the lobby for 2 hours trying to figure out what to do. In the end I walked 10 blocks to the American embassy (McDonald’s) and got a lovely hotel room nearby without a window. Travel and the love for it comes with the ups and downs. In the end everything works out. Will be at my destined hotel tomorrow morning and update from there. Goodnight.

30 March 2018

Traveled a lot but never really considered utilizing a lounge until now. Just had a shower at one in Hong Kong and nothing has felt better after 18 hours of flying and 7 hours of layovers. Highly recommend looking into getting membership either directly or through an affiliate program. I board for Bangkok in 30 minutes.
Just landed in Hong Kong. I have no idea what this drink is but grabbed it anyway. Waiting at one of the airport premium lounges during my layover to Bangkok. 15 hour flight wasn’t as terrible as it could have been. Had yet another empty seat next to me and a sleeping pill got me though 10/15. Next stop bk

29 March 2018

First boozy drink of the “Journi.” Figured I needed one when I realized this flight was 15 hours long and I board in 15 min. The longest flight you can take is Dallas to Sydney and that’s 16. Next post from Hong Kong.
Starting the trip off right. Nobody felt like going to California today, which meant I got the whole row to myself.

28 March 2018

Inventory: 1 gym shorts 2 trunks 2 gym shirts 3 shorts 3 tanks 5 collared shirts 3 pairs of shoes 3 pairs of sunnys 10 pairs of socks 9 pairs of unmentionables Charger Adapter Book Passport Not checking a bag. Missing anything?
Starting already. Final supper courtesy the roommate. Less healthy things to come.
Flying to Thailand for a couple weeks starting tomorrow morning at 5am. Looking forward to exploring south east Asia for the first time. I’ve been all over, but this will be a unique experience. Many updates to come.