North America · 15 Days · 42 Moments · March 2017

Tess's journi to Costa Rica

13 April 2017

And we made it home alive!!!
We said goodbye to San Jose, CR from above, flew over the Caribbean and Florida, and finally landed in Atlanta. Last stretch till SC!
We are waiting at our gate to head back to the USA! It's a bittersweet end to the trip, the kids have this last flight with their friends before we separate in Atlanta. Adios Costa Rica!

12 April 2017

Souvenir shopped today on our way home, made it to San Jose and got to play some basketball! Now headed to Denny's for our last "Costa Rican" meal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

11 April 2017

The students have made lots of great friends!
Fun at the sunset tonight. Sad our trip is coming to an end!
We love Costa Rica! Beautiful day at the beach, featuring monkeys and sloths.

10 April 2017

Pool & dancing the night away!
Beautiful sunset on it way to the hotel on the Pacific Coast
Rode an Ariel Tram and walked through a nature walk. Got to see a sloth finally! And a few snakes and frogs indigenous to Costa Rica.
And we have all now seen the Pacific Ocean! Can't wait to swim in it tomorrow!
We've now made it to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Our first activity was a crocodile cruise!

9 April 2017

Then we took a fun photo on a tree - the bark of this tree is used in some medicines!
We planted two Costa Rican trees to help reforestation!
I'm not sure the kids want to ever come home!! Headed now to plant a tree & then lunch!
Zip-lining through the cloud forest in Monteverde!

8 April 2017

The most incredible views! Beautiful 2 hour horseback ride. The kids got to walk, trot, and some cantered on their horses! My favorite experience yet!
The most incredible experience 🐴🐎
Scenic views from Arenal to Monteverde
Howler monkeys!!!! πŸ’Yes, we stopped the bus to watch about 10 monkeys cross over the road on power lines. The adult male stayed in the middle "howling" the other monkeys across! The two moms with babies went last. It was incredible! 🐡
Beautiful view of Lake Arenal from our pit stop on the way to Monteverde. Our current location is one of the windiest places in Costa Rica, hence the many windmills. This lake alone produces 40% of the hydroelectricity in Costa Rica!

7 April 2017

Baldi Hot Springs are the real deal! We got full spa treatment tonight in these natural hot springs, in addition to some refreshing virgin daiquiris! 🍹
400 steps down to this incredible natural wonder, La Fortunate waterfall! Yes, we did have to hike the 400 steps back up πŸ€—Now we are headed to relax in some hot springs!
Instead of napping, we do more activities! Pool time during the break 🐳
...scenic views, collisions and swimming!! πŸš£πŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸŠπŸ½β€β™€οΈ
Our kayaking adventure included wind, rain, birds, volcanoes, lush landscape, new experiences...
Good morning from the beautiful Hotel CabaΓ±itas! We are eating breakfast, then spending the morning kayaking! πŸ›Ά

6 April 2017

And we danced! πŸ’ƒπŸΌ A group of local high school dancers taught us four different dances, including the most famous Costa Rican dance. All our students participated & we had a blast!! Great way to end day one.
Yummy, refreshing Coca Cola on this long day!
PoΓ‘s Volcano! πŸŒ‹
Quick bus stop to view the PoΓ‘s Volcano and San Jose!
Our local tour guides were engaging and hysterical! April was able to be one of the "official coffee tasters" β˜•οΈ
Had a blast at the Britt Coffee Tour today
Good morning! We had a delicious breakfast buffet featuring eggs, rice & beans, toast with guava paste and fresh fruit. Now time for our first day of adventures!

5 April 2017

We have arrived and are so excited to relax tonight and take a dip in the pool!!! πŸ’¦
Uno while we wait for our delayed flight. Boarding now! See you next week, USA!
Survived our first flight through some thunder clouds! β›ˆ Now time to make our way through the Atlanta airport to the international terminal
Made it through security & our flight is on time! Bon voyage!! ✈️
Said our goodbyes at 3:30 am this morning!

4 April 2017

One day till departure! Thank you to the Culture and Language Club for creating our Bon Voyage poster. Thanks to Ms Kim Ferrari for our shirts. We are stoked!

2 April 2017

3 days till take off! Supplies are being packed away ✈️

30 March 2017

6 days until we depart! We are so excited to explore Costa Rica.