Ireland · 4 Days · 16 Moments · October 2015

Tessa and Jacobina's Odyssey

12 October 2015

Waiting for the next flight
Me about to leave places

11 October 2015

lame boy
wok and talk
Zoo it
Gonn start a rap carreer

10 October 2015

Just met the raddest chick,cause i was singing along to Twenty One. We talked about how cool the band is and how proud we are.
Hanging at Only and Stressed Out comes on- my baby's are so big! Proud of the smol bean and Jishwa
Coffee & goats cheese sandwich for me and a Ruben-ish sandwich and apple juice for J.

9 October 2015

Last nights dinner. Super nice
Arthur's (28 Thomas Street) great food
Guinness on the top of Dublin
Whiskey at 11a.m. That's what i call Dublin living
Best sister ever! There is nothing better than a tuna sandwich at 1:30 am on the floor of your room!🐙

8 October 2015

let's get going!