United States of America · 3 Days · 17 Moments · August 2017

Summer vacation 2017 - sequoia national park

18 August 2017

Exploring means needing a big power up for the return drive to the hotel. Just pulling over on the side of the road we found Bear Mountain Pizza. Sooooo good, and the waitress lived in Emporia, KS.
After a thunderstorm was getting ready to move in we elected to head back to the hotel. Our day of fun complete.
A quick stop at Sandy Creek to cool off.
After the exploring of the Sequoia grove a side trip was needed. About 9 miles from the grove is Lake Hume. Time for Dani's 1st fishing trip πŸ‘she is actually a pro at casting, however no fish were caught. Barbara and I got in on the action as well.
Aaaaand more exploring.
More exploring and rock climbing at Kings Canyon
In addition to the Grant Sequoia we were also shown a Sequoia that was approx. 3,200 years old. So, basically a sapling when men started regularly using iron and the Greek Empire was around
After arriving at Kings Canyon we took a short drive to the General Grant Sequoia location. A very short drive and an easy hike, the General Grant is the 2nd largest tree in the world. We took a 45 minute guided tour with a park ranger. Really great time
Day 3 - of our adventures started with a little uncertainty. After having dinner last night we elected to try another route to reach Kings Canyon National Park. The previous route would have taken us back through Sequoia National Park, a grueling road past where we stopped yesterday. Full of switchbacks, hairpin turns and loads of traffic. We elected to backtrack past Lake Kaweah and head north on Highway 245. We passed only about 5 cars on this road as it took us DEEP off the grid and into the mountain country. No cell phones, 20 miles an hour tops with mountain face on one side and in places a sheer drop off to the valley below. While the drive was long we arrived mid morning to what we all would soon agree would be our favorite park to date.

17 August 2017

Dani getting sworn in as a Junior Park Ranger. Then a congrats from her new stuffed friend "Rawr"
More hiking and got to visit the General Sherman Tree. The biggest tree on the planet.
Up and on the road to Sequoia National Park before 6 am. Able to see a bunch of things before the tourists arrive.
Climbed to the top of Moro Rock. Nearly 350+ steps to the top of a mountain. You could see a lot of the park and about 5 12,000+ peaks. Proud of all 3 of us

16 August 2017

Day 1 - Made it to the Western Holiday Lodge in Three Rivers, CA - our base camp for this trip. The place is just as you get into town, down at the base of several small mountains. Our balcony gave us a view of them. The best part of our stay was finding the river behind the hotel. After about a 1/4 hike across a field of rocks I found the best place to chill and relax a little later on in the trip. View here is amazing!
Day 1 - Tacos....got to have the tacos to power any adventure. A quick bite to eat before heading on to Three Rivers, CA.
Day 1 - Arriving at our 1st side trip we came to Chavez national monument. We were the only ones there, great place. Dani became a Junior Park Ranger and we upgraded our small passport book for a bigger one. More room for more adventures 😏
Day 1 - Travel day. This trip we are on our way to Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks. After dropping off the dog we have left LA and are heading north. On the way we found another national historical site and are making a slight detour there. Taking the side roads we came across a turn out to get out and stretch our legs. Great overview of the valley beside a graffiti rock.