Japan · 11 Days · 19 Moments · July 2017

Terry, Mary & Grace's tour through Japan

1 August 2017

On train going to cable car, ropeway(in a Gondola) passed over a dormant volcano then took river cruise.

31 July 2017

Arrived in Harkone

30 July 2017

Fushimiinari - Taisha Shrine Kyoto Mary and Grace went to a show
Fushimiinari - Taisha Shrine Kyoto

29 July 2017

Walking around various temples in Gion area of Kyoto

28 July 2017

Imperial Palace followed by castle in Kyoto

27 July 2017

First night out in Kyoto,had a nice meal.Very busy here and hot but enjoyable.

26 July 2017

Leaving hotel for a trip to the island of Miyajima. At the dock waiting for ferry

25 July 2017

Pictures from Hiroshima very hot today with occasional thunder storms. Grace holding Samurai sword Mary and Grace outside Hiroshima castle Grace at the top of the castle. Entrance leading to gardens around the castle. Koi in lake adjacent to castle. Mary waving to us from the bottom of the castle.
In Hiroshima visiting museums etc. Very hot today with thunder showers. Grace holding a Samurai Sword Mary and Grace outside Hiroshima castle, Grace at top of castle Mary at the bottom waving to us

24 July 2017

On the bus going to and then in the foyer of the Grand Prince Hotel View from hotel window - awesome
On our way to Hiroshima on the bullet train

23 July 2017

Setting out for and exploring Shinjuku a district of Tokyo. Very busy and vibrant here. Called in to a bar Mary drinking a strongbow, one for the archives

22 July 2017

Tokyo Sky Tree
Photos from Sky Tree
Exploring Temples and Shops in Asacusa