United Kingdom · 8 Days · 46 Moments · May 2018

3 June 2018

Perfect day for a picnic and a family gathering.
Last day spent seeing family and obligatory visit to The Bear Factory. Back home in Thorney, the sunflowers 🌻 have sprouted!
The boys’ favourite past time in the apartment - furniture removal. Isaac was very happy that Flindall appreciated his new home!

2 June 2018

View from the apartment as the sun sets on a beautiful day in Cardiff.
Fantastic Korean takeaway from Kimchi with perfect seats for listening to the live music festival in the castle featuring The Fratellis and Sledge Sisters. The music was rudely interrupted by the annoying saxophonist at points. It’s only a matter of time before I start throwing tomatoes from the balcony! Bill didn’t take a breath for 20 minutes as he inhaled his food, just in case a seagull pinched it!
Spot the endangered species!
Left the rain in Tenby and were reunited with the lovely sunshine 🌞 back in Cardiff. Breakfast in the park.

1 June 2018

Our caravan. We really enjoyed our stay with Haven. Only complaint we had was the lack of footpaths on site. We enjoyed what we saw of the entertainment. Bill and I had 2 late nights watching the 50s/70s tribute and ‘Glamrock.’ Not the most amazing of performances but could definitely appreciate how hard the entertainers work. Our final night there was a huge storm. My sleepy mother opened the door in the night to admire the rain and Flindall bolted out! She had to spend half an hr in the dark and the rain until she found him shaking under another caravan! It was great to have our furry friend on holiday with us and greatly reassuring for my mother. I’m not sure he’ll choose to join us on another family holiday though - he looks exhausted!!

31 May 2018

Bill tried and failed to get the sand off lewis and his chips! He then disappeared back to the dry caravan with the buggy and everything hanging on it leaving us with 2 shoeless children and a leadless dog to get back in the rain! Thankfully Lewis was too happy being a scary sand monster to cause complications!
Last chance to get to the beach. We weren’t going to let a little rain 🌧 spoil fish and chips on the beach much to Bill’s disgust!
Ice cream that Isaac ‘loves even more than noodles but not as much as you’ when talking to his Nanny! 🤮The gift shop was amazing!
Lovely watching the boys role play together. Isaac kept a close eye on his little shipmate!
Captain Lewis!
Farmyard fun at Folly Farm. The last time I visited was about 30 years ago and there were sheep! Now it’s more like a zoo with giraffes, rhinos and 🐧 The best bit however was the pirate themed adventure playgrounds.
Back for breakfast! This time with the furry friend in tow.

30 May 2018

A successful evening meal at Harbour Lights even if the food took ages and the kids meals were served boiling hot! When it came the food was delicious 😋 Bill not turning away from his mobile phone whilst dodging knife/‘sword’ attacks from his younger child! Always a joy eating out with Bill! Put the phone down!!
More digging! Everybody was working hard whilst I went on a shell hunt. Next time we’ll remember to take the foldable chairs with us!
What a sweet little catboy!
Traveling in style!
Fun on site. A perfect morning activity with mini-fencing followed by a perfect breakfast in the boat at Harbour Lights. Isaac got his swim with his nanny 🏊‍♂️ The swimming pool is always Isaac’s highlight no matter how small or crowded it may be!

29 May 2018

Onboard the yellow boat🚤 Stunning cruise along the coastline, getting up close to the wildlife on the islands. We saw puffins and seals. Made all the more gorgeous by the blue sky and sparkling turquoise water 💦
Waiting for our island cruise singing ‘Baby Shark!’ 🦈
The famous climbing rock! Isaac managed about halfway
A crab sandwich for breakfast and ‘teeth’ on the beach!
Perfect! Couldn’t believe how lucky we were with the weather.
Bill took us on a strange detour into the town centre, determined to find a different exit to the park that meant we didn’t have to hook around. Still that railway line in the way!! Tenby is just as beautiful as I remember.

28 May 2018

On site entertainment with the seaside squad. Definitely not up to Butlins standards but the boys loved the dance floor, especially when their Daddy joined them.
Checked in! Caldey View 44. Nice and clean with all mod cons. A bit of a strange layout with the narrow kitchen right in the middle next to the door and the bathroom which constantly became a bottleneck. Bill and I definitely got the best pick of the bedrooms. Isaac tried his best to share a room with his lovely little brother but ended up sharing with nanny! Lewis claimed his own territory!
Now armed with spades/‘swords’ courtesy of the excellent onsite supermarket. We walked along the south beach and up towards the town past giant flamingos and poos! 💩 We had a delicious ice cream then made our way back to camp following Bill’s directions. Whilst doing so, I spotted a path that looked as if it headed towards the campsite (Bill was taking us in a different direction!) It was indeed the ‘pushchair friendly’ campsite footpath. It’s less of a direct route than along the beach taking around 20minutes. Bill of course then spent the rest of the holiday trying to prove his route was still correct, taking us on all kinds of strange detours to the town centre! Not really necessary when the path is pretty obvious! What really annoyed him was that we had to almost walk past our caravan and do a hook in order to follow the path. Just a little thing known as a railway line in the way!!
The beautiful path down to the beach. It only takes 10 minutes to reach the beach from the site. Our only annoyance was that our caravan was quite a trek from the path.
The boys just wanted to dig!
We got moving early in order to avoid the bank holiday traffic. Check in wasn’t until 4pm, so we parked up and got our first glimpse of the beach. Stunning! I even found a tower shell 🐚 just like old times!

27 May 2018

Forced the husband out for a chinese meal. Our first choice - restaurant number 23 - was too authentically chinese (eg far too hot, dirty and stinky!) so settled for this one instead. Oh the novelty of eating options!!
An enormous friend for Lewis! The boat festival was great. Not that many boats but lots of activities going on. Isaac was a natural at the circus trapeze - a real little monkey 🐵
Special times. Bill however was glued to his phone as always.
Lewis took us to the boat museum cafe. A really good find with super views of one of our favourite places. A tea for nanny!
Super spot for a clamber near where the Doctor Who exhibition used to be.
Rain subsided, we headed towards The Bay for the boat festival.
The boys were thrilled to be back in Cardiff as always. Our intention was a walk in the park but by the time we’d got everybody ready, it was raining! The boys were desperate for a run around and found plenty of space in the shopping centre downstairs with a fairy pug to wiggle bottoms with. The kind staff at the jungle mini golf let us in for a wander before opening. Was like a mini-adventure in the jungle!