Italy · 3 Days · 9 Moments · November 2018

Team Sloonie Meets TnT in Italy 2018

20 November 2018

Our first stop off the Grand Canal to us to St. Marks Square or Piazza San Marco surrounded by historic sights including St. Mark’s Basilica, the Doge’s Palace, the Campanile bell tower, and the Correr Museum. Thankfully, there was no aqua alta so we didn’t have to worry about wading through ankle deep water from rising sea levels. Check out the funniest piece of advice from our Rick Steves audio tour in the last picture!
As recommended by our buddy, Rick Steves, we definitely soaked up all day in Venice, a puddle of elegant decay and Europe’s best-preserved big city! To get to the “Serene City”, we took the train from Cavazzale Statione closest to Ted and Taryn’s house and connected through to Vicenza and onto Venice or in Italian, Venezia! Once in Venice, we took a tour down the Grand Canal by vaporetto, Venice’s public transit system, which is a fleet of motorized bus-boats called vaporetti. They work like city buses except that they never get a flat and the stops are docks! It was amazing getting to see all of the beautiful ancient palaces and Ca’s (homes) by the water and watch how Venetians tackle everyday needs like delivery of items, luggage, police and even EMS. Can you tell it was a bit cold?

19 November 2018

As you can see Andi has really taken to Italy and lives being dads little helper 😜
After am wine tasting, we took a little scenic trip driving up to Lake Garda and then back on the Autostrada! This beautiful little town was getting ready for their Christmas market!
We started the day off right with a wine tasting at the Coffele Winery in Soave!
Best way to start the day? With Cappuccino and pastries of course! The brioche with white chocolate and Nutella was AMAZING!! Ted and Taryn took us to one of their favorite spots - Bar Pasticceri Volpato!

18 November 2018

We had to bring Ted and Taryn an early X-Mas gift! What could be better than a beer Advent calendar! Yes we really carried 28 cans of beer across the pond!?!
Beer Clinto!
Team Sloonie and TnT back at it in Italy at the Bassano Beer Festival - 2^ edizione