Vietnam · 13 Days · 10 Moments · January 2018

Te Okahurangi's adventure in Vietnam

30 January 2018

Saturday 27th Jan We woke early after a few too many beers the night before. We had breakfast and shot off to catch a bus to our new hostel in Ninhvana. But our Uber driver was so slow and did not know where we were going so we missed our bus. We decided to catch the one tomorrow so we went back to Min hostel and checked back in to the same room. Being so tired and worn out by travel, we stayed in bed all morning watching disjointed. For lunch we hopped on the scooter and hooned it to a beachside restaurant. After lunch we headed back to the hostel, had a nap and then we watched the football. After the football we went for dinner with a couple of guys. One of the guys turns out to be good mates with one of the boys from Hamilton. It was such a good night. Went to bed early so we can’t miss the bus 2 times in a row

28 January 2018

Sunday 28th Jan We got up early and had breakfast and said goodbye for the second time. A dude from Canada called Lucas decided to tag along with us which was good. We caught a taxi this time and we got there so quick! We waited at the coffee shop and boarded the bus, eager to get to this new place. And when we got there, we were not disappointed. This place was amazing. It was a beach resort for $20 a night. We met up with a couple of blokes, Joel and Scott and we decided to have a few beers. A few turned into a lot. A lot turned into smashed. Day drinking with the crew was so good. We ended up sleeping at 6:30 because we got so smashed. Love it here

26 January 2018

Friday 26th January. When we arrived in Nha Trang, we caught an Uber from the train station to our hostel. The Uber couldn’t get to the hostel so we walked the last 200 meters of the journey. What we found when we got there was the most beautiful backpackers I’ve ever seen. We were greeted by an amazing home with beautiful gardens and so much wildlife. We were also greeted by a dude named Miles who helped us get settled. Our room wasn’t booked yet, so we hired a scooter and zoomed off to a waterfall walk we’d been recommended. The coast road we used to get there was a massive surprise. The waterfall was such a good escape. And the fact that it was a nature walk was so good for us. We swam, we let the fish eat the dead skin from our feet. Headed back to the backpackers and miles took us to this local restaurant with the best shrimp I’ve ever had.

25 January 2018

Thursday 25th January. We woke early from another day in because Brooklyn was so sick. We hired a scooter and went for breakfast. After breakfast we hit the road and headed into the hills for Ba Na hills. The ride there was interesting to say the least! We got caught in the rain which meant we got soaked. When we got to the bottom of the cable car, it was so foggy, we couldn’t see a thing. The ride up was pretty crap. We couldn’t see anything. And when we got to the top we were disappointed. It was just a massive tourist attraction. Everything was overpriced and the weather didn’t help. We tried to make the best of the situation but eventually gave up and headed back to DaNang to have cheap beers before our train to Nha Trang. We had Bahn My for dinner, and caught our sleeper train.

23 January 2018

This was a pretty chill day for us. We woke and went to get coffee. I had the most amazing coconut coffee and Brooke had a traditional Vietnamese coffee. Hers was strong as fuck!! I wasn’t feeling too good, in fact I was pretty crook. So we stayed in bed all morning. Brooke went and got these amazing burgers for us and we ate on the deck while our room was being cleaned. After food, Brooke started to feel ill. So I said we should head down to a spa and have a massage. I enjoyed it so much. It was a good time. I felt so loose once we left. After our massage we went back to the backpackers, had some drinks and took the scooter back to its rightful owner. Was pretty sad seeing her go. We went back to our hotel and chilled out for hours until I got so hungry. We went for a walk to find good banh my. We weren’t disappointed. We found this lovely stand around the corner. After that we went to the beach and sat on the sand. I’m in love with so many things. Brooke, DaNang, Banh My👌🏼🌶👌🏼

22 January 2018

On Monday, we got up pretty early and shot off to a nearby temple which looked over DaNang. We went by scooter and caught the rain. Drenched and cold we made it to our destination. When we got there, we were not disappointed. The scenery was incredible. All the monuments, statues and buildings were so incredibly precise. They were beautiful. Me and Brooke took many photos but they did not do this place justice. After that we rode back to DaNang and got breakfast. After breakfast, we headed down to Hoi An because we had been booked in for tattoos at 5pm. When we got to Hoi An we were surprised at the amounts of tourists that filled the streets. We went down to the river parade and got some lunch. We decided to go to the tattoo place early so that we could look around. While waiting, we were given drinks and chatted with a nice guy from India. Brooklyn was first under the gun and I followed. After our tattoos, we rode back to DaNang in the night. We both thought that Hoi An is not us.

21 January 2018

On Sunday night, we went for dinner at a bar just around the corner from our backpackers which was called Cohibar. It was such an amazing restaurant. We had such good food and had such a good time. After dinner we rode around the city looking at all the amazing light displays. We stopped anywhere we could to see the incredible scenes. Finally we went to the dragon bridge to watch it spit fire and water from its mouth. Next to the bridge was a plaza with thousands of people walking, talking and having a good time. It was a great night. Definitely one to remember
Yesterday we flew from Hanoi to DaNang. We checked into our new hostel and went to sleep. First thing this morning we woke and went to hire a bike for the day. We only went around the corner and the lady who served us pretty much gave us the keys and we were on our way. We went for a bike around the city looking at all the sites. It wasn’t the best day and I started feeling sick from the pollution. So we came back to the backpackers and I had to lie down. While Brooklyn was downstairs I tried to get up and I fell and smacked my head. I woke up on the floor of our room. I had a shower and watched Netflix while Brooke napped. After her nap I decided to try and eat something. I went for the veggie burrito. It was so good. Made me feel like a million bucks. After that, we decided to go for a ride. We went to the beach, we pulled some money out and now we’re having smoothies at the bar. We’re off to see the dragon bridge light up tonight. Can’t wait!!!

19 January 2018

Today we got up early again. We got ready and headed up for breakfast. We both had pho this morning which was so good yet again. After breakfast we packed all our gears and headed down the road to our next backpackers which was only a 4 minute walk. Once we got there we immediately saw how much more amazing thing place was. The people and the atmosphere was so neat! We left our bags there and hung out in the chill room. We talked to a guy from Australia who told us about his journey and it made us so excited for the next leg of our trip. At 10 we went on a free tour of the city with a guide from the backpackers. He showed us the streets, the markets, the egg coffee and a few other things. After the tour, me and Brooke went and bought some clothes. We came back to the backpackers, checked in and then went for lunch. We went to beer street and stopped at a cute bar. We met an amazing couple and drank with them. We had such a good time. We plan to catch up in central Vietnam. nlu

18 January 2018

Today was our second day in Vietnam. We woke pretty early and shot upstairs for breakfast. I had pho while Brooke had Eggs on Toast. Yesterday evening, we booked a day trip to Ninh Binh so we were pretty excited to start the day. We waited in the lobby of the backpackers for what felt like hours, and finally, our guide arrived. He escorted us back to the bus and we were off again, weaving through the chaos which was a combination of scooters, new expensive cars, massive lorries and busses. When we arrived at our first stop, we went exploring in an old kings palace which was so peaceful to be at. After that, we carried on and stopped in a small village for lunch. After lunch we grabbed bikes and went riding around the village, weaving through amazing peaks which shot out of the water like arrows. After that, we carried on jumped on small boats which took us through caves, grasslands and valleys. A huge day was ended with a long bus ride, a yummy sandwich and a terrible beer. Nlu