Greece · 9 Days · 19 Moments · October 2016

Greece (Athens and Crete)

16 October 2016

Made it to the airport in Crete. We sure are sad to go! It was an amazing vacation. We are really excited to explore Rome next though! Crete wins the award for craziest drivers... What's the point of lanes on this island?!

15 October 2016

Final night in Crete complete with kittens, big waves and beautiful weather. I'm going to miss it here 😢
Went to a super fancy hotel today pretending I was looking for a wedding venue while Garrett was on his diving excursion. Got all the hookups 💃🏻(thanks mom)
Garrett getting ready for his dive!

14 October 2016

Today was a beach day! The sand on our beach has such cool colors in it. It was a very peaceful day 🌴☀️

13 October 2016

Stop 2 of the road trip day was to Chania. It was a very cute town on the water! The driving through the mountains was a little scary so we wanted to get back before it was too dark. Because of this, we only had a little time to spend here.
Today we rented a car and are exploring the island! Our first stop was Rethymno, a beautiful little port town. The drive here was amazing with crazy mountain views of the strikingly blue Mediterranean.

12 October 2016

Had lunch on the water then took a long walk along the beach checking out all the beach hotels. We like ours the best :)

11 October 2016

Kittens at the hotel! There are roaming cats everywhere in Greece!

10 October 2016

Cards and wine on the balcony
We arrived in Crete just in time to snap some pictures of the beautiful sunset over the beach we are staying at. The hotel is beautiful! The room and views are to die for.
View from breakfast at our hotel this morning 😍

9 October 2016

Cocktails in the 80 degree sun! Feeling lucky ☀️🌴
We are so excited to take off on the ferry to Crete tonight! The weather is supposed to be in the 80s there and we are ready to relax a bit before our next set of adventures.
Final day of exploring Athens! We saw the ancient agora of Athens and the national gardens.

8 October 2016

Today, after figuring out our flight fiasco, we explored the Ancient Greek ruins. Each place had dogs and cats roaming the grounds which I thought was pretty cool! It is hard to imagine how long ago these buildings were in use. The Greek air traffic controllers are on strike until the 13th. This means our flight to Crete is cancelled. I had to book a 16 hour ferry ride! I think it will be fun as long as I don't get sick 😬. Max was going to go to Nice after this but the flight situation has ruined that for him. He will be taking a train from Greece to Bulgaria and flying home. It's been a fun day of phone calls and elevator music while on hold. Luckily, we all got refunds for the cancelled flights!
Zeus' house
Parthenon ✌🏼️

7 October 2016

Delayed 2 hours in Budapest. Get us to the Greek!!!