Denmark · 7 Days · 7 Moments · April 2017

Taylor's adventure in Denmark

29 April 2017

Saturday was spent with our host families doing whatever we wanted. This is called "hygge" which means being calm and happy with your friends. We went shopping, got sandwiches, then went down to the park by the river and ate them. Everything tastes better when you're outside! In the evening we went to a rivalry handball game! The level of crowd excitement was almost equivalent to that of a Thunder game. I think I actually started to figure out how to play the game! After the game we went to get some dinner, then to Liv's house to wait till we met at SBC at 11 PM to load the bus for the trip home... Denmark was an amazing experience and I hope to visit again someday! I cannot thank our teachers and Ditte enough for putting this trip together.

28 April 2017

Friday, April 28 we traveled with our friends who came to Oklahoma, to Aarhus. There we visited a modern art museum where "The Big Boy" stands. We also walked around the top of the museum in the rainbow! So I saw what Aarhus would look like from any color of the rainbow. Very neat. We then walked up the hill to the Old City, which is actually a city they have preserved. The roads are cobble stone and the buildings are original as well. I of course had to get some sweets, so I picked up a raspberry pop tart type dessert and a lemon bunt cake. That night, our host family took us "out on the town" to their typical party street. I learned that I can only dance for 4 hours before being ready for bed. It was well worth it though for our last night in Denmark!

27 April 2017

The fifth day of our trip, second day in Silkeborg, was spent on the beach of Blavanda which is the most western part of Denmark. There we climbed a 100 year old light house! It was extremely cold and windy at the top, but the view was well worth walking up the 170 steps. We had the chance to walk around the beach and see World War II bunkers the German's used. Next we traveled to Ribe (pronounced Reba, like Reba McEntire) the oldest city in Denmark. We went to the Viking museum and learned a lot about the town. The street in front of the museum was 1300 years old and they have found original wood planks from underneath the brick. Josephine and her mother have been more than accommodating to Katie and I. Every night they have prepared a tasty meal that I always eat way too much of. But when in Denmark, you go all out!

26 April 2017

On Our fourth day we were in Silkeborg, Denmark. This is where the business college and our host families are. We got up early to give our presentations to the college. After giving them three times, we went to the cafeteria for a delicious lunch! There we met the kids coming to Oklahoma next year, and spent the afternoon in small groups touring Silkeborg. My group took my bicycling around the town to see the football stadium and to try some ice cream at a local park. That was an early day, as we went back our host families houses that afternoon. Josephine took us to see her grandfather's new puppy! Her grandmother was the sweetest and gave Katie and I hand knitted mittens, that she had made. That is probably the best souvenir I will bring home.

25 April 2017

We spent our third day in Copenhagen walking around and sight seeing. We first went to the Round Tower and climbed it. All the way to the top... The ramp made for a solid calf workout! From the top of the tower we were able to see Sweden across the water which was super neat. After we walked back down the tower, we made our way across town to the Rosenberg Castle where we saw the changing of the guards at noon. It was amazing to see this happen! It was frigidly cold with the wind, so it was hard to stand in one place for very long. We got to film part of Mountaineer Minute during the changing as well. We then walked down to the harbor then had a few hours of free time. I was ready for a nap, so I trekked back to the hostel by myself. The way my phone map took me was not the way I knew. However, it turned out for the best as it took me to the Royal Stables! So cool! I got to see a couple of their horses, beautiful indoor arena and the gorgeous barn. All in all, today was an ok day.

24 April 2017

Our second day in Denmark was actually spent in Sweden! After we had breakfast we headed to the train station for our trip to Sweden. When we crossed into Swedish territory, passport control came on the train to check our passports. We went to Malmohus castle museum which was an actual castle they used back in the day. It was surround by a moat, and we had to cross a bridge to get over. The museum was filled with artifacts that were actually used in there! They also has a dungeon downstairs which was interesting, but creepy... After our train trip back to Denmark I had to take a nap before I could do anything else, because let's face it, I love naps. After my nap Sophie, Cali and I got up and went shopping by ourselves! They let's us roam free 😉 We had burgers for dinner and gelato for dessert. Denmark is super fun and very well worth the 10 hour flight. ☺️

23 April 2017

Day one of Denmark was one for the books! We left Dallas International airport an hour late, but managed to get to Germany then Denmark on time. We checked into our hostel which turned out to be nice, and not a "hostel horror story." After a quick hour of down time we met our Danish friends in the lobby and began our trip to Copenhagen. We walked around town to the Christian Morge Palace which was gorgeous! We had to wear blue booties to protect their floors... fancy :) Following our Palace tour, we went on a canal tour around Copenhagen. We saw the Little Mermaid statue, the new power plant (with a ski slope on top) and old torpedo boat houses that have been repurposed into top of the line apartments. Our dinner plans consisted of a Chinese buffet right near our hostel! Thank goodness we have an early night tonight, because we have been up for more than 24 hours and it's catching up to us now. No shame for going to bed at 7:30 PM.