Indonesia · 29 Days · 4 Moments · May 2017

Taty's journi to Indonesia

14 June 2017

At the airport we were received with cold and refreshing towels, water and a big smile. Beingsattvaa is located in Ubud, an hour to 2 hours (depending on traffic) away from the International Airport of Depansar. Surrounded by the Jungle, the hotel has beautiful rooms, a very relaxing spa and a yoga room among others. Perfect location for our Yoga and Sound Healing retreat 🙏🏼❤ Their food is not only healthy but delicious, offering an array of variety. Their staff is very helpful, they keep your room impecable and they are amazing people. They will teach you Balinese if you are up for it, I learned a different word every single day.

13 June 2017

Having this lovely lady sitting next to me on our way to Bali was amazing. Her name is Elain Day, British with an inspiring life story. Just like in the movie Lion (sort of), she gave her daughter for adoption (3 months old), due to the difficult circumstances in the 60s. She was adopted by an Australian family, 20 years later they met up. So her daughter has two loving mothers. Elain was going to Bali to spend some time with her daughter and her friends. I told her about "Lion" and asked if she would like to watch the movie, so we did. I synchronized our screens, she ordered one wine after the other but I was happy to accompany her in case she felt sad. We were crying, holding hands and having wine :) Cheers!

9 June 2017

Ubud market/ town / city center; you will find yourself wandering around very diverse shops with many souvenirs and hand made items. The first thing you will notice on the streets are the offerings locals put in front of their shops or anything they believe has a spirit. Moreover, you will notice that sometimes the temples in their homes are bigger than their actual house. Not only the architecture is marvelous but it gives a sense of devotion and belief. You will want to get a massage every single day, because they are that good. Our recommended place is "Sang Spa and Yoga" and "Bali Buda" to grab a meal and buy organic/healthy groceries. Their bakery is just around the corner from the restaurant and they have all sort of products that will make you want to live there and be able to purchase them on a regular basis. The streets may seem a bit busy (though I have seen way worse), but don't feel lost, locals are always willing to guide you. You just have to smile and ask 😊

16 May 2017

Bali holds a special vibration, beautiful landscapes, loving energy and enchanting nature which makes it the perfect location to do spiritual retreats. This was my first retreat "abroad" (such word doesn't apply much to my life it in relation to the international hub where I live? Or in relation to the home I left 8 years ago? 🤔). In any case, I believe everyone should attend one or take quality time for themselves at least once a year. These kind of spaces, allow any person- awakened or not- to look into themselves and learn a thing or two. When was the last time you took time to breathe deep? When was the last time you stopped for a second to think about the things that matter? Do you know what really matters to you? Our retreat was called " Yoga and Sound Journeys", hosted by Arezu and Simonanda, two amazing human beings with incredible energy and broad knowledge in their fields. I am running out of words but I can tell you how inspired I am.