China · 20 Days · 43 Moments · June 2017

Tatiana's adventure in China

24 June 2017

Last day #2. DM (part 2) Shouzou: Silk! If you want to learn more about this renowned art form and purchase some it as well, this is the city for you! Shanghai: Diverse in every way. This city has been created in the image of so many nations and is just so globally modern and accepting of everyone!
Last day #2. DM (part 1) Bejing: bustling and busy. Beijing just brings a ways moving mentality. There are so many destinations to visit in history that as a tourist destination one can never run out of things to visit. Xi'an: Combination of the past and future. This beautiful City offers popular destinations such as the Terracotta Warriors but also amazing features like the city wall that still stands completely around the original City and it is amazing to see the extraordinary progress with the culmination of a deep history. Hangzhou: Peaceful history. Here we visited so many historical sites but in a way that never felt pressure to rush. we learned a lot of history but we did it through our adventures on West Lake or our stroll through tea field; never feeling stress or rush to experience  these events.
Last day #1. CC During the last day in China my food choices are very much so the opposite of what we have been eating throughout our journey. The first thing was breakfast, which consisted of toast and cereal, it was quick and easy. Perfect way to start our long day ahead at Disney. My Second meal was at Pinocchio's Village Kitchen(it was very cute and much like the quick service of Disney back home). There I has motzeralla and tomato pizza in the shape of mickey. It was delicious, familiar and exactly what I wanted. I loved that it was something I exactly knew and recognized from a place I loved back home! To say the least I was very happy with my Choice. Sadly that pizza was my only Disney treat for the day. After returning to the hotel my dinner consisted of McDonald's McChicken, fries and Coke. After this meal I was just full, a meal I have eaten way too often I think it has lost any special quality other than the speed and price. I truly enjoyed my last real day in China!

22 June 2017

Shanghai day 3 #2. CC Throughout China I think we have seen some of the best preserved pieces of historic items and tourism does play a large role in its preservation. By this I mean that yes when artifacts are found they are protected and sacred to Chinese history but these artifacts are what draw tourist to the sites of China. A great example of this would be the restoration of many of the tourist sites of China; as many have been redone in recent years. Yes, this is done so people will keep coming to the cities to see them but they are also history! If someone was not around to care for them and about them( both domestically and internationally), it is possible that they may be lost to the wear and tear of time. I have loved learning the history of China and the fact that I got to see many of these ancients sites sitting standing, in person, has been an amazing aspect of the trip.
Shanghai day 3 #1. DM Based on today's lecture I would definitely have to say that east and west China marketing strategies are opposites. The cities of China such as Hangzhou, Shouzou and Shanghai receive countless praise for their history or extravagance or even both but to be honest I have never heard of any of western cities/ provinces mentioned throughout today's presentation. Today we learned about all of the different traditions and cites offered by western China yet it is not marketed at all in comparison to eastern China. This is the point in time it seems as though China has given up on the cites to the west(in terms of tourism) and had decided to make the eastern cities larger success and focus on their future. But with this mind set there is no option but to leave western China behind. With China rapidly developing at the rate is going now, major rebranding and marketing techniques would have to emerge to draw vistors to the lesser known cities.
Shanghai day 2 #2. DM From a managerial perspective I believe stakeholders more specifically the "owners" of the destination should do more to protect the areas. Of course I do not mean a police officer/security at every corner but in reference go high volume areas such as muesums and tourism hit posts, for example the great wall. The presence of an authoritative figure always helps to create a better environment. A great example would we the museum of shanghai history people were climbing over the rails, touching exhibits, just for a picture. All that could have been to fix the problem is one employee per area to make sure the exhibits are protected. It's something simple like more employees that could help a situation. Tourism is so imporant to the economy and development of an area we must make sure to protect these destinations and the people who visit them.
Shanghai day 2 #1. CC The concept of ping pong diplomacy is actually one that I find pretty interesting. It is fascinating that something as simple as the interaction between the US and Chinese ping pong teams could have such a large role in history. Ping pong diplomacy opened up social and economic opportunities to both countries creating the relationship we know today between the U.S. and China. One of the first actions that lead to this was when one of the US ping pong players missed his bus and joined the Chinese on theirs. After their brief interaction the realization that the US and China could have a relationship. Ping pong diplomacy would help to open trade between the two countries, strengthen global ties and even allow the president(Nixon) to visit the country. Another aspect that came about was the recognition of thaiwan by the us that it is part of China.This something that I actually new nothing about before today and it was interesting to learn about US and china history.

20 June 2017

Shanghai day 1 #1. CC The relationship between Suzhou and Shanghai is actually one that I found to be pretty interesting. The most fascinating thing Jeff mentioned was that there historical relationship is actually pretty different from what it is today. In the past the roles of these two cities were actually reversed. Suzhou was the big and more modern city while shanghai was not as developed; we can clearly see that is not the case today. Today Shanghai is actually the business center of China and helps to fund the entire country. The high business and tourism of shanghai also helps create many jobs for people, like Jeff who live in Suzhou and even Hangzhou, whose companies are base out of shanghai. Shanghai is the leader of technology, architecture and globalization in China and is setting forth a new way of life for everyone in the country. I had great first day in shanghai and I can't wait to see more of this modern city.
Shanghai day 1 #2. DM My first impression of Shanghai was definitely just total surprise. It really does look like the Chinese version of New York/ Northeast United States but in its own amazing way. I can see why this modern city is compared to New York with all of the hustle and bustle but honestly as a person who has now visited both I believe Shanghai to be more impressive. The buildings are higher, the city has more history and the design is fascinating. I can without a doubt see how it's modern allure attracts so many visitors both domestic and abroad. But something that did surprise me in a different way was when we were just barely getting to the city. You could still see the old homes of Shanghai and small portions of its long history. Whenever I imagine Shanghai I only envisioned skyscrapers but after today yes I have found that to be true but I've also gotten to experience a different side of the city too. I'm excited to spend our last days here!

19 June 2017

Day 15 #2. CC Without a doubt the most impressionable craft I've seen throughout our time in China has been the double sided embroidery! I thought it was one of the most intricate things I have ever seen and it is absolutely amazing to know how much time and effort goes into creating something so beautiful. As a person who is terrible at crafts, looking at these masters creations is a little unreal. I could never imagine putting in so much time, effort and skill into a craft and getting such a wonderful result. Also it's not just the actual process but the history behind it as well. It's an art form passed down from generation to generation, creating something forever treasured. Another aspect that made this craft extremely unique is the fact that there are only 12 masters in the entirely of China. I have never heard of something like this! I think the "western way" is do something well people will like it but here embroidery is something that is truly mastered.
Day 15 #1. DM The first reason characteristic I think for Suzhou as a tourism destination would have to be the amounts of little souvenir shops and small museums we have encountered throughout our time in the city. I feel as though locations like these are a huge indication of tourism. I would not expect these things in a town no one visited or had any interest in seeing. Even on the street in random areas you can find that single person selling chopsticks or fans. The people and destinations of this city were created by the drive of tourism. Secondly I think the success of a western brand, like Starbucks, is also a huge sigh of the tourism within an area. Both tourist and many locals contribute! Yes, it is not the biggest tourist destination in China and is probably overlooked much to often but when you visit Suzhou you realize that some of the sites they offer are just as worth while as the major cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an. I enjoyed our simple and short time in Suzhou.

18 June 2017

Day 14#2.CC While in China I can truly see a huge difference in the ways we interact when relaxing. In western society I believe we just view relaxing as "not working". So some people find cleaning, watching Tv, BBQ's, parties, etc to be relaxing. Like anything that is considered fun depending on your personally.While sitting down drinking a cup of tea or reading a book could be considered boring. This is where I see the difference in cultures. In the Chinese culture I think everything is more relaxed and calm. To relax means talking to loved ones, sharing a cup of tea not all of the high emotion action packed day of western life. Communication and strong relationships create these relaxing environments.In western society it is a rare thing to see a group of friends sitting around a table and all not have their phones out. The Chinese form of relaxation I think completely represents the rich and plentiful history of China while these western way is dominated by technology everchanging.
Day 14 #1. DM The first impact that comes to mind when discussing tourism is without a doubt economic. Tourism plays a huge role in the economy of a destination. It can help to fund the overall improvement and development of an area. A great example of this would definitely have to be the orange county convention center back home. The revenue for the events that take place there are huge! Not only does that go back to the city but it helps to fund the hotels, businesses and other attractions in the area as well; the success of one destination helps everyone. The next impact would have to be social. I think tourism makes people better. In a world with so much diversity I think it's amazing that we all get to coexist and experience different ways of life and this is done through tourism. By living in a place that has a lot of tourism you gain the social knowledge to be more hospitable and accepting and that is something needed in our industry and the world.

17 June 2017

Day 13 #2. DM The intangible experience I enjoyed the most throughout our journey at Wuzhen would have to be the little boat ride we took through the main canal. I have not done anything like that and it's something that I without a doubt want to tell my friends and family about. I did not know what I was in for but I loved the experience of being in the boat and slowly passing the small houses, shops and people. This morning when I called my parents I told them I was going to a water town(like Venice because that is the only real reference I had) but when you experience it, it is something completely different; before today's visit I did not even know there were any towns like that in China. Getting to walk around looking at the unique indigo products and museums down that narrow street was something I enjoyed and though I didn't really purchase anything extraordinary I loved our peaceful day at Wuzhen.
Day 13 #2. CC (part 2) What I have also noticed is in the US we can mix and mingle at every opportunity but will not call upon a person until we need something from them or think it will benefit us. I think that western countries could learn a lot about the practices of countries like China and building more of these long term oriented relationships could help us progress as a society, better understanding our peers, subordinates and supvisiors.
Day 13 #1. CC (part 1) The most evident example of long term orientation that I have seen at the university visits would have to be the initial apprehension of the other students to interact with us. I feel as though our group is so all in at once because we don't think about any moment other than the present. I know that personally I have loved learning about the Chinese students way of life at each university but it never crossed my mind that I would be talking to this person ever again. I think this stems from the long standing western customs to meet an obligation, such as a business transaction or meeting, with minimal personal interaction because it's a transaction not a friendship. In China we have experienced the opposite. The reservation at first and by the end you're exchanging wechat's and inviting them to visit you in Florida! And I was actually taken aback how they want to stay in contact and will message right after the first interaction.

16 June 2017

Day 12 #2. DM I believe that smart hotels are extremely cool and I loved the presentation.This is not actually the first time I have heard and studied the concept but it was interesting to see it coming to life within the Chinese market(And to see the trends in Chinese hotels)!Personally I think the concept is going to help personalize the experience of staying in a hotel to exactly what the guest wants.It will better the quality of the stay for every single guest. From a back of house perspective I think it is amazing as well.As a person who thinks we should do more to save the earth, I find it fascinating that the operating systems will be able to turn off lights, monitor water usage, and overall make a room more efficient without reducing the quality of the stay.As for safety I actually never thought it a concern they are not collecting anything "personal"or trying to find out why you do the things you do, just tracking what you have done already.Best university exchange for me!
Day 12 #1. CC I would have to say some examples of power distance during today's meeting with Zhejiang University were pretty evident. The one that comes to mind the most would have to be the seating arrangements. The people of importance, with more power, sat in the front of the room. Also they were served hot tea, had name cards and were introduced. They were definitely meant to stand out from the rest of the group. I know power distance refers to inequality and how much this is accepted by the culture but something I actually think represents power distance was the podium. It was beautifully decorated and I feel as though it was an honor to get to stand and address an audience; podiums also literally are separating and elevating the people behind them.Another example that we have seen before would be everyone's positioning in the photos that were taken. I believe these things are done in a subtle way but is something that really does demonstrate the power distance within China.
Day 12 #2. DM Some of best examples I have seen of destination marketing has actually been through watching Tv. Everything advertised is so exciting and bright. Even though I did not understand anything that was happening I found that I was drawn to tv and needed to see what was happening. I think this was because of the way the commercials are filmed, almost as if each one was its very own production with a story line. Another marketing practice I believe is all of the branding we have seen in our hotels. There is not one item that is given to us that doesn't have a logo on it. I think it is important and smart to do this. It is an excellent way of getting people to remember their experiences in your hotel. No does a better job of brand recognition than the Sofitel legend in Xi'an. It was extremely cool that they even created a scent to match the brand; in terms of marketing I could not think of a better way to sell a hotel than the practices of the Sofitel.
Day 12 #1.CC I have definitely seen a couple of different combinations of the ancient and modern China throughout this trip, biggest examples would have to be in Xi'an and now in Hangzhou. In Xi'an it is amazing how they  combine the new and old to come together. The city wall is the perfect example of this. The city wall had been around for hundreds of years and even to this day encloses the original city. They, even have incorporated the city wall into a tourism destination, both for domestic and international travelers. On the wall we can excerise, ride bikes or just take a walk. I think that is extremely cool and I truly enjoyed getting to experience a beautiful city like Xi'an. Secondly Hangzhou has done this as well. I thought it was amazing to see this high rise sky line on one side of the river then the ancient arcitecture on the other. I think combinations like these are what make China so unique.

15 June 2017

Day 11 #2. CC I actually found the discussion of superstitions to be extremely interesting this morning. I believe every society form these superstitions even Western societies. Like the classics, walking under a ladder and opening an umbrella inside give you bad luck or four leaf clovers are good luck. Some of the ones we discussed this morning included some bad luck and death Omens. The one that most vividly sticks out of my mind are that Chopsticks straight up mean death. Maybe because it is something I have done so many times and have not even thought about. It was interesting to learn that it's because they look like incense, hence the connotation. Then you have pears and fans meaning separation. On the other hand tea stands for longevity, which also makes it a good gift for the elderly. And after learning so much about tea today I would say it definitely elongates your life.I believe superstitions form cultures and it was very interesting to get to learn more about China's today.
Day 11 #1. DM (part 2) With the combination of Technology they're taking one of the most simple souvenirs and turning it into something amazing. Not only will I show my family pictures of the Terracotta Warriors Museum but they'll be able to see some of the exhibits as if they were there with me and I know this is something they'll appreciate. Without a doubt technology is making classic Torres and products a lot more amazing inconvenient to the consumer.
Day 11 #1. DM (part 1) I would definitely have to say experienced the the most technology in tourism products in Xi'an. The very first example I can recall would have to be the traffic light system and how the lights would countdown until they changed and the efficient crosswalk systems. I know this is not a big deal but I thought it worth mentioning. Other examples of technology in tourism products would definitely have to be our hotel. I thought it was the coolest and most convenient thing in the world that the lights, do not disturb, temperature, etc. were controlled by the panel next to the bed. You didn't even need to get out of bed to turn your lights on and off; I think that is an amazing tourist product that definitely benefits the a hotel and makes people want to stay there. The last tourist product is one that is actually coming home with me, and that is the 3D postcards.

14 June 2017

Day 10: 2. CC When comparing Beijing and Xi'an the differences are not astronomical but there are a couple instances that definitely stick out to me. In Beijing I feel like we had an extraordinarily amount of vegetables, every meal the vegetables were so yummy and I could have just eaten those the whole time(this is coming from the person who stayed clear of most veggies back home). What followed was definitely the steamed buns we had of many different variations and it was at many of our meals. In Beijing I thought there was a little bit of everything! In Xi'an that's where the protein and noddles came in. Every meal consisted a lot more of saucy meats, noddles and fried foods and what surprised me was the lack of rice- at many we did not have any rice at all. Of course Xi'an also came with many little snack food rational to the area. My favorite would have to be the little "burger", those were absolutely delicious. I can not wait to try more of what Hangzhou has to offer!

13 June 2017

Day 10: 1. DM My first impression of Hangzhou is just how small it is, compared to the other cities we visited. From the second we arrived to this city you could tell it was different than the previous places we had visited. The airport was not very busy, the drive from the airport was 30 mins and it only took 10 mins to get to dinner, that is something that we definitely did not experience in the other cities. When comparing Hangzhou to Beijing and Xi'an the first thing that comes to mind is size.You see the differences all throughout the city instantly.The buildings have more space and the traffic is not as severe or reckless and there are overall less things going on in the street. I have enjoyed this and I feel as though other tourist could too.Big cities are interesting and you instantly know what you want to do but I find this smaller city to be easier to travel through.Another big difference is the weather, there is more rain compared to the almost perfect weather we have seen.

12 June 2017

Day 9 1. CC Before I discuss what I learned throughout our cultural exchange I would like to discuss what I oberserved, especially during the introductions. What I found most interesting was what they said when introducing themselves and how it really wasn't about themselves. By this I mean yes they said their names and some said their major but almost all said something in regard to our presence. I found that to be very endearing and genuine. Many of their introductions included "we're happy you're here" or " have a great time in China"; just a genuinely warm welcome and we don't always get that in the US. What I learned is that their university life is pretty different than what we are used to. Cindy, the girl I talked to,  said they go to school 8hr/day, 5 days a week(FT job)- this is basically like our typical highschool set up. She was so shocked when I said I go to school 12 hrs/wk and my schedule is up to me. I found what they had to say fascinating and truly enjoyed It!
Day 9 3. DM To begin with I loved Muslim street it was amazing and I truly enjoyed the experience of shopping there, I could have spent a lot more time there!! I believe people should visit because Muslim street because of it's history. Yes, it is a place with great food, cheap prices and fascinating sites but It offers more. It is more than a street market, there is something amazing behind the people that work there, a history of the Muslim people in a country that isn't typically associated with Muslims. I actually didn't even know that China had such a strong Muslim community.  As a domestic traveler I believe you should go there for the culture and history. China's history is already so rich and this section is part of it too. So like anyone it is the responsibility of the people of China to learn this history. For international travelers especially westerners it just something so different. From the food to style of purchasing it is something complete unique!!

11 June 2017

Xi'an day 3 #1.DM I would have to say my most memorable experience in Xian would have to be the terra cotta warriors. It was it unreal to see something you've been hearing about about your whole life face to face. It was amazing to see and learn more about this part of history. I would say the top tourist products that helped create the experience would be the transportation, shopping area and out your guide, Sally. Firstly the transportation was a big part of getting to the destination, considering it was about an hour away from our hotel. For any tourist who would like to see the terracotta warriors it is a must to have good and safe transpotation.Sally also made the experience as well, she is very knowledge and communicates the history and what we are doing in a way that makes you better understand the info. Lastly something I enjoying was the shopping area at the end. It was a pretty area and even if I didn't buy anything I loved getting to walk around and see the little shops.
Xi'an day 3 #2. CC I would have to say my most challenging culture experience would have to be the language barrier. I think I have always been good at expressing myself and what I want so not getting to do that has been a little difficult. It is the whole everyone is speaking for you all the time and following behind. I do understand that the barrier is so large but it's been a learning curve. The same thing kind of applies for the food we've been eating. In the beginning of this trip I feel like at many meals we got food in front of us with minimal explaination, sometimes no explanation and as a person stepping out of their comfort zone I found that to be challenging when it came to cuisine. But this aspect as improved a lot at each resturant, which helps! For the cultural challenges I feel like I will and have already adjusted, it's just figuring out where you fit in this equation and becoming more comfortable; which is happening with time.

10 June 2017

Day 7  1. CC I think of face as an extremely interesting part of Chinese culture that I do not know if I fully understand yet. Even when studying "face" before this trip I did not what was meant in the actions of giving face. Respect is treating someone well and the whole concept of do to others what you want done to yourself but I see face as something more. Face takes respect to a new level by elevating the person you are giving it to. I think of this as praising them to the "audience" so they are already held to a higher level in the eyes of others. Examples of us giving face at the recreation hotel would include the eye contact, handshakes, active listening, I would even say the great interest in the amazing food; every dish was something to be in awe of! In regards to the meal that was definitely the best meal of the trip so far, not only in taste but in presentation. The meals were beautiful to look at and eat, it was truly a pleasure to get to visit such a special place.
Day 7 2. DM I would definitely say Chinese hospitality is something unlike anything I have experienced before. I think Chinese hospitality is  a lot more generous and grand then anything I have even experienced in the United States ( especially when it comes to food). Here I feel like everywhere we go I think is something special and you feel wanted. Yes, we look different and people stare but I don't always think it's that. I think it has to do with the fact we are westerns that took the the genuine interest in learning about China and enjoying all of the things it has to offer. But most definitely the aspect we have seen it in the most has been the food. At every meal we have been shown the most amazing hospitality. In America I don't think any resturant would ever give us that amount of food or consider if we've eaten enough. Here satisfaction is part of every meal and this is highly appreciated!

9 June 2017

Day 6 1. DM In terms of destination marketing and management I believe Beijing has a lot to offer and yet a lot to improve on as. One subject that really interested me was the transportation, other than it being completely opposite of what we're used to in the United States. During our time in Beijing we had a bus that would take us to and from all of our locations but I always wondered what other tourist do to get around. I know there are taxis but I wonder if it would be profitable for a hotel to offer packages that included destinations people would like to see that included safe and reliable transportation. I know getting lost or being placed in an unsafe situation is a fear of mine in a foreign country. Other than this I believe Beijing does a great job of accommodating Western tourist. This can be seen in a specs such as our breakfast and all the destinations we visited. Every destination we visited you found English information, history and directions to help guide.

8 June 2017

CC The biggest example of collectivism I have seen in China would definitely have to be the amount of families I see at the destinations we have visited. From the Great Wall to the Summer Palace you see entire family spanning Generations visiting these sites. I find it interesting because in the United States we have this we can't do this because of "we don't have a baby sitter" or "grandparents can't/ wouldn't want to go" mentality that stops that quality time we have seen throughout China. A good example would be the would people I saw climbing the great Wall with a toddler in hand and grandma right behind. I think it is crazy to bring your small children up that treacherous climb but here it seemed like no one even thought about it. The typical American point of view I believe would be find someone to watch the child so we can have an unhindered experience. Overall I just do not see the Chinese experience to be a lonely one.As a group we come together to create a better experience.
1. DM I would say the all of my interactions with the group have made this trip amazing so far! Everyday that we have spent together has been one that I will treasure for many years to come. This experience is so unique and singular to all of us that every interaction is special. Many of us have never left the country or at least never been to China, so doing this together is something that not many understand. Everything that we have done has been a completely new and different experience; from the crazy long walking days, to new foods, to getting used to complete strangers starring and taking pictures. My fellow group members make this trip what it is. Also they are the people who understand what is going on more than anyone else. I believe we all have similar feelings towards the beautiful things we are seeing and can truly express ourselves amount the people to are experiencing it with. I am excited to see what the rest of this trips holds for all of us!
2. CC The first cultural behavior I have seen a lot throughout this trip has been more "foward" behavior, such as the starring, picture taking, smaller personal space, actions that you don't really see throughout the United States a lot. This is not to mean that I think anyone has been rude or impolite but it's been a new experience adjusting to the cultural norms of China. Secondly, would have to be the attentiveness. All of the formal interactions we have had have been very hospitable and welcoming; I believe above and beyond what most were expecting. A moment that really sticks out to me was the night that I received a phone call at around 10 p.m. from housekeeping asking if I wanted my room cleaned because they had not been able to do it earlier in the day. I have never had an experience like that and was very surprised how accommodating they were. I have enjoyed our time in Beijing and am looking forward to the next cities.

7 June 2017

#2 DM The tourism products I saw included the other tourist, the locals, all of the food and products for sell on and outside of the great Wall, the transportation( taxi, buses, cars,ect.), the accessibility of the destination. All these things help to make the destinations what they are. The one that stuck out the most to me was definitely the locals/Chinese people. I was surprised at all the types of people and how they had so much more endurance. There would be elderly women carrying food up moving a lot faster than we were. Also there were people who would bring very small children and all I could think was how hard it must be the carry your baby up these ridiculously steep stairs. The Chinese people had a lot more endurance! Something that also stuck out were the amount of people starring or taking pictures. It is a weird experience to get starred at for doing nothing but I enjoyed the experience.
1. CC I would definitely describe my experience on the great Wall to be everything and nothing like I expected. I knew it would be a lot of walking and people but I did not know it would be the hardest walk I've ever done. From the ridiculously steep and uneven steps to the amazing scenerie, I loved every moment of it ( even when I thought I was going to throw up). Climbing the great wall was one of the coolest things I have ever done and will truly cherish the memories for the rest of my life. I was very surprised by the the different kinds of people who were climbing the wall. There were elderly people with shipping bags, women it high shoes, toddlers and many many more, all coming together to experience the wall. It was a rewarding experience that I can't to share with friends and family. Overall I am happy I chose to walk the Great Wall of China and lived the full experience of climbing, not to the top, but to the point I achieved and would love to visit again sometime!

6 June 2017

#2 DM Destination marketing and management can be improved through a more global understanding of cultures and the places in which the destinations are located. A good example is us being in China; in order to want to come here it was our responsibility to learn and educate ourselves on where we are going, what we wanted to do, who we were going to do it with, how it was going to happen, etc. But because we did this we are now in China experiencing the destination and all it has to offer. If we developed stronger ties to other nations and their perspective I am sure that the management and marketing of a destination would be completely easier. A way of including more understanding could be education on modern destinations not just always taking but the history, though important as well. Through better destination marketing and management I believe we could create a more united world in which stereotypes are broken and we learn that the world is much better with diversity in it!
#1 CC What I learned during today’s cultural exchange that left the greatest impression was definitely learning a lot about traditional Chinese medicine. I found the topic to be extremely interesting and I enjoyed learning about this long standing practice in China. TCM is the practice of treating illness through the use of herbs, like traditional tea. This practice is not unheard to me, considering I come from a family who will put toothpaste on burns and mayo in your hair for strength, but getting to see this herbal point of view was fascinating. The most interesting portion I believe was the explanation of TCM in foods, like common drinks and snacks. This practice is combining the new and the old into something good for you. I think I learned this because it was simply really cool to me and something that I have never truly gotten to learn about. It was introducing something very old to the new medical world and coming together to create a treatment for many illnesses.

5 June 2017

2. CC I would like to start off by saying I really enjoyed the meals today and was presently surprised at the different things I got to try. The main difference I noticed with the meals today versus back home is the service. Most Chinese restaurants are the pick up or minimal seating environment -as though youre not meant to sit down and enjoy a meal there. Here the food is serviced with a purpose and with the atmosphere that it is ok to eat and enjoy the food. Also here, especially because we are a large group, I think the service it a lot more direct. Like there is an order things need to get done and to finish the meal and we need to keep the dishes coming. I think it goes back to the whole Chinese restaurants in America are used as quick take out; so every transaction can have a little interaction because there is no one dependent on the time a group finishes eating. In regards to the actual food I find them both to be yummy and very different from the food we’re accustomed to.
1. DM I would definitely say that the stakeholders for today’s activities were the locals, like home owners and business ,as well as the local government. During The visit to hutong it was very clear to me that putting to together a tour like the one we experiment was a large group effort in learning g more about the historic old Beijing. The best example of a stakeholder in this situation I believe would be the residents, especially Jang, who works with tour groups to provide a better experience. Without the support of locals it is very possible that I destination could fail and no one would want to visit. Also another stakeholder would be the businesses around hutong, like the 3 wheel bike and street vendors. They rely a great part on visitors to the area to make money. Finally another larger stakeholder is the local government.They are the ones who authorize many tour and approve sites, like Jangs home, to be welcome to visitors. I loved all of the collaboration today!

4 June 2017

#2. Any cultural differences /similarities you can pick up on so far Some of the cultural similarities would definitely have to include the food, not in style or maybe even cooking method but in service. After going to a small restaurant the first night here I realized it was just like stepping into a restaurant back home. It was simple and to the point with good food. The décor of the restaurant even reminded me of some of the restaurants I’ve seen before. One big difference I could see would just be that the way we interact and act. A good example of the would be at the airport I feel as though we were always talking with each and interacting while other groups were more revered in their interaction. The is not to say one way of behaving is right or wrong but very different to the daily interactions you get used to seeing. I can not wait to explore more of this country’s cultures and cuisines
#1: first impressions of China as a destination coming from the airport. My first impression of China was definitely overwhelming and amazing! From the second we got off the plane there was a lot of hustle and bustle to get where we needed to be. It was so many people all trying to get to the same areas. Even with all that was going I felt as thought the airport was set up in such a way that even with the craziness of coming in flights people know where to go and are kind of funneled in to the system, which in the end gets everyone to their destination. Another surprising thing was all the different people who come together to explore this country. In the short time I spent in that airport I saw many types of people from around the world and how china’s attractions and history are able to get so many people to visit each year. I am excited to witness and experience more within this destination.