Martinique, Saint Lucia · 6 Days · 7 Moments · February 2017

Tate's voyage in Martinique

14 February 2017

On our final day of the trip we went back to Anse Michel since we had such a great time the day before. Being Valentine's Day we also had a great dinner at a wine restaurant elevated over the Marina we had come to know so well in the previous week. A wonderful ending, indeed. Kim made the comment that we enjoyed Martinique a little more every day and that is really true. I think unfamiliarity and the language barrier contributed to a slow start, but by the end we were cherishing our morning trips to the Patisserie, relaxing days on its beautiful beaches, great food choices and generally relaxed atmosphere. A nice break from the snowy Northeast!

13 February 2017

We were actually trying to go to an adjacent beach when we stumbled on one of the best afternoons I can remember. Anse Michel was down a long path that did not seem to have a destination until you emerge on to a beach that seemed too idyllic not to be in every tour book of Martinique. Unlike the other beach we had visited this cove provided a lot of protection and swimming in the turquoise water was relaxing. Also, right off the beach were large open areas in complete shade from the palm trees, which were perfect for lounging around. Even better was a snack shack/unbelievable restaurant with an assortment of outstanding punches and fine food. We have been to plenty of fine dining on our trip, but this was the meal that I will remember the most. It was that good.

12 February 2017

We had a great, great, day long sailing trip to St. Lucia! The 75 foot catamaran was awesome even though it did take many hours to reach our destination. When we got there the view of the pitons and some shallow bay swimming made it all worthwhile. We also toured an old plantation where we ate right from a cocoa pod and heard about all the medicinal benefits of the local plants before eating a wonderful lunch. (By the way if you have skin infections, spots and pimples, or dandruff and hair lice have I got a soap for you!)

11 February 2017

We kept it mellow on day 3 with a wonderful assortment of baked goods from our local patisserie then a leisurely drive up to Le Diamont. Not much going on up there, but we saw a nice memorial.

10 February 2017

On our second full day we visited Trois-Ilets and ate at our second straight "Z" restaurant, Le Zandoli. The food was great as it was at Zanzibar the night before. What was also really great was the mojito we had at Kano right in the beach at sunset!

9 February 2017

Grande Anse des Saline. Not a foot of snow, but pretty darn nice. Waves were big here and body surfing was great. There were a bunch of food places on the little dirt road behind the beach. Beer is 2 euro.
View from our large balcony as we woke up on day one. Le Marin, Martinique! 80 degrees and sunny. (Not quite the foot of snow Boston is going to get today.)