Australia · 1 Days · 3 Moments · January 2018

20 January 2018

This night shift biso is really doing my head in. Went to bed at ten and now Ive been awake since one. wtf. Anyway, first night in Launceston. The place I’m staying in is ok. Host is an ex miner from rio Tinto, so we had a bit of a laugh about W.A. Holy crap the cheese burger at the bar was the bomb. $15.00 probably paying closer to $24 in W.A. beer selection was interesting. Tried the Moo Brew Mash, not overly impressed, kinda like a lager with some hops thrown in, lacking a lot in structure. The second brew was good but not worth the price and the third was an absolute standout porter by a local brewery, OCHO. Really good. Oh yeah an I passed a shop which immediately bought Regi to mind... 😆 Went back to my room which was about a six minute drive wanting to watch the scorchers only finding the tv had no antenna and was only hooked up to a DVD player which was rather disappointing. Anyway, will try and get some sleep again before I head out this morning.
Melbourne Airport. Flying in didn’t see the city and seems just as rural as Perth. Typical airport prices but the place looks tired, not a really good marketing strategy for the city. Weather is looking better and better, hope I haven’t jinxed myself 🙄😆 No WiFi Melbourne!? Really, c’mon I though Perth was behind...
After a rough night where my body decided to stay in nightshift mode and finally getting shuteye at around 3am, I’m off to study what Tasmania has to offer. Can we compete? How can we compete? Let’s see how Tassie caters for us Mountain Bikers. It’s all self service now when checking in baggage, luckily they have a few people to help and the bike was put on without much issue although it should have been limited to 23kg. Take off was at about 08:10 in the morning. First air photo is Perth and then Mundaring Weir and the third is South east of Kalgoorlie close to entering the Great Australian Bite. Thought of Thorben when I saw the LEGO ninjago movie 😊 and still can’t believe that Pascal finished Iron Gold after having him walk into our bedroom last night at 01:00 to deposit it. So proud of that boy! Breakfast on the plane was Kinoa pattie with Bacon and eggs and tomato relish and really well done as well as hot. With tomato juice 🥤. So tired right now. More to com