Africa · 13 Days · 69 Moments · May 2017

Gareth & Tarryn's Kilimanjaro adventure

9 June 2017

Last time we see Kilimanjaro
Beers back at the hotel- the best!
Looking exhausted
We finished!!!
Eddies after photo of us
Meeting up at the end to walk into gate together
Mweka camp and down to Mweka gate - day 7
The ambulance

8 June 2017

On our way to Mweka camp
On our back to Barafu camp
Up at the top - glaciers, volcano caldera, snow
Uhuru Peak!!!! 5895m amsl
Stella Point - 5756m amsl.

7 June 2017

Day 5 - Barafu camp 4673m amsl
Day 5 - walk to base camp Barafu

6 June 2017

Karanga camp 3995m amsl - and supper
Day 4 - Karanga camp
Day 4
Baranco wall and day 4 hike with rest stop
Morning of day 4 - the sight of Baranco wall

5 June 2017

Hike down to Baranco camp
Hike up to lava tower
Still smiling
Beautiful Kili and above the clouds
Day 3 - hike to lava tower and Baranco camp
Morning of day 3

4 June 2017

Day 2 camp - 3750m amsl Shira camp. Arrived early so had lunch and dinner.
Day 2
Day 2
Day 2
Day 2 - beautiful scenery
Day 2 above the clouds. Vert steep climb. Porters are amazing.
Morning day 2. Breakfast and packing duffel bags.

3 June 2017

Camp day 1 Machame camp 2835m amsl. Food tent. Also we had to share a single tent because they packed these by mistake. Very tight indeed. First time we see Kilimanjaro
Day 1 - Rainforest. Climb from 1400m amsl to 2800m amsl. Everything was wet. 7 hours of hiking.
Eddies before photo of us
About to start, it started to rain, chaos as cyclists start at the same time
Ceremony with parliament and GM of Geita
On our way from hotel to Kilimanjaro gate

2 June 2017

Packing gear chaos
Hotel, getting our gear and team meeting
Flying from Mwanza to Kilimanjaro
Chaos getting off ferry
Ferry ride
Meeting a Tanzanian superstar
Ferry trip over a small inlet of Victoria lake
Waiting for our ferry
Bus trip to Mwanza

1 June 2017

Geita Hill Pit view point

31 May 2017

Looking west from east africa and the swimming pool at Machuru village. I didn't pack a swimming costume 😭. The water is divine.
Gareth looks so small
Some geology
Underground Visit
Supper last night was a stir fry with chicken chnitzel - actually very good. We then joined 3 geologists at the pub for a Kilimanjaro beer. Just one but it was 500ml.

30 May 2017

Walk around Machuru mine village selfie
Open pit at Geita Gold Mine
Maribu stalk

29 May 2017

Walk around Machuru village. There is an international school for primary school kids. It gas a beautiful playground and action net. There is a shop that sells basic items and even some fruit and veg. Maribu stalks sit in trees - a very weird sight.
Machuru village at Geita Gold Mine is everything and more in the middle of no where. We arrived last night to a reception team who were friendly and helpful. There are 4 rooms to a block with a patio surrounded with mozzie mesh. Mozzie sprays are standard for all rooms. Each room has its own bathroom, aircon, fan, tv and kettle. Clean towels folded beautifully on the bed. Shower did its job even coming from me - the shower snob. The canteen is clean and calm - no pushing or shoving. Food last night was great or i was very hungry. Had potatoes, egg plant and pie. The village has a tennis court, gym and pool and there is even an international school with cute play area. Really overall amazing for being in the middle of nowhere.
Geita offices
On my way to breakfast. Meeting geology manager at 6:45 which is actually 5:45 SA time. Some oats porridge and fruit. Screw it tomorrow I am doing eggs...

28 May 2017

My room for 5 nights - actually very nice and clean.
Arrived at Geita. Weather not too hot, sunset and very green.
Coastal charter - from Dar es Salaam to Geita
Just arrived in Dar es Salaam. People are friendly and very helpful. Waiting now at Coastal charters for my flight to Geita Gold Mine.