North America · 58 Days · 38 Moments · May 2017

Vegas Baby! And Cave Creek, AZ

27 June 2017

We finally had a bonding moment!

25 June 2017

Spent my last weekend in Arizona visiting the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and Flagstaff! Even tried rattlesnake meat!

20 June 2017

To say it's been hot is an understatement.

16 June 2017

Rocking his dog goggles aka doggles

10 June 2017

Made a trip home for Michaelas beautiful wedding and got to see my love ❤️

31 May 2017

Was waiting for my uber outside of work today when a coyote ran by! So crazy!

30 May 2017

An armful of puppies!

29 May 2017

Reached an all time high since I've been here!!

23 May 2017

Met some cute babies and missing my baby!!

17 May 2017

Scrubbed into a colic surgery the other night. I think I managed to pick the biggest pair of scrubs I could find.

16 May 2017

Mandatory saguaro cactus photo.

14 May 2017

My handsome boy is having a fun time at home.

11 May 2017

Today was a good day. Got to take blood on two different dogs, give injections, watch appointments and assist in a spay. And to top it all off had an awesome free steak meal while listening to a talk on atopic dermatitis .

10 May 2017

Happy 2nd Birthday To my Goob! Wish I was at home to spoil him to bits! He may be one of the biggest little shits I've ever met but he's also completely captured my heart! Missing him, especially today on his birthday! ❤️

8 May 2017

Today was a very very full day. But I can now say that I can pretty much successfully find the heart beat on the first try on a horse. May not seem like a big mile marker but when you're standing there like an idiot trying to find the heart, which should be straight forward, getting on the first try feels like winning an Olympic gold. Ok exaggeration but I'm stoked. But now I'm exhausted and off to bed.
A rather ridiculous smile but today I tubed two horses! Also purchased some yellow cream Oreos (thought they were going to be another flavour but sadly nope). I think by the end of these two months I'm going to be jacked af.
6am wake up is going to be the death of me.

7 May 2017

Arrived at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Centre. My home away from home for the next 2 months. Got to do some physicals today and help with some treatments. Tomorrow starts at 730am sharp! Wish me luck team!

6 May 2017

Woke up to this view. Sad to be leaving Sedona today. It's beautiful and has an acceptable temperature range for human living. Off to Cave Creek which is likely to be infinitely hotter.
Sedona has a very cowboy-esque feel to it. Which makes sense since they filmed all the Western movies of old here!

5 May 2017

To say the Grand Canyon is stunning would be a gross understatement of its beauty.
Heading to the Grand Canyon today. It's supposed to be 35 C and sunny and I've somehow managed to misplace my deodorant. Excellent.

4 May 2017

The Hoover Dam. Building started in 1931 and was completed in 1935. The Dam generates more than 4 billion kilowatt hours a year-enough to serve 1.3 million people. Some people consider it to be the greatest feat of man since the Great Pyramids of Egypt. A recorded 96 people were killed during building and wages started at $4 am hiur, with workers working 8 hour shifts, 7 days a week, with only three days off a year (July 4th, Labour Day, and Christmas). The Dam cost ~$48 million to build (which would be impossible in this day and age) and finished 2 years ahead of schedule (again, would NEVER happen now a days lol).
I shall be leaving Vegas today with +$37 in my pockets from Black Jack and +$0.34 from creeping the slot machines and printing stubs every time I found one people had left change in. Not bad for a noobie gambler.

3 May 2017

Fancy cakes in the fancy hotel Aria.
Perfect poolside weather.
Finished my book by the pool. American Gods. I'm looking forward to watching the TV show now!
Dad let me sleep in until 8:47am today....small victories .

2 May 2017

Happy Birthday Did!!
Most expensive hotel in Vegas spotted! The Four Seasons, going for a whopping $764 a night!
Father's idea of letting me 'sleep in' is 8am. This is going to get real old real fast.

1 May 2017

The strip at night! This city definitely does over the top really well.
Hit up the top sites in Vegas on day 1: the Hershey Factory, M&M World and the Coca Cola Store.
Guys, I found heaven.
Our hotel is massive! The New York New York! I think it probably has a similar number of restaurants that New York City does!
Mandatory out of the plane window photo.
6:44. Tori's asks me if I'm wearing 'that.' Common question of the morning.
6:26am. Interacted with father for a full millisecond before he asked me in horror if 'that' was what I was wearing on the flight. The answer was yes. Solid start.