United States of America · 5 Days · 35 Moments · April 2017

7 April 2017

Journi home. Good memories! Aloha. And happy birthday, Tara!

6 April 2017

Pretty place!

5 April 2017

Excellent Mai Tai's last night and pizza. Time to pay the price at the gym. 👍

4 April 2017

View from room. Beautiful Wailea.
Distillery view
And it's not Maui unless there are roosters and chickens. This guy was a bit cocky. Wanted his picture taken.
2 distilleries, food, art, and check in at Grand Wailea just in time for sunset😁
Haile Maile Glass Blowing. Gorgeous. Saw the artists working.
Snorkel adventure. Too many waves. A little murky. The water was refreshing. Amazing day.
Good morning world🐳

3 April 2017

Watched the TP'd moped drive away, with TP still intact. Surreal to see the headlight through toilet paper. And then we had a Jesus moment.
Lahaina has some crazies😜. Toilet papered moped. Just cuz...
Beautiful hair, eh? Ann has amazing hair. Multiple positive compliments at dinner. Must be all the veggies she eats😀
Lahaina fish company. We r starving. Linguini and moon fish
Sunset back at the hotel 🌻
Why didn't we have a cocktail in hand for this? Oh, could it be that we are barely moving after a couple mile run mixed with boot camp exercises followed up by a six-mile hike up 1600 feet over many lava rocks? Or that we are on the 6th floor and taking the stairs?
Finally we made it. It was touch and go for awhile. Nice people coming down the Pali gave us a little water. Ran about 4 miles this morning with boot camp exercises sprinkled in. Lots of computer work for our jobs at home and we still have to go snorkeling. ... oh my... what a day😜
Starting the Lahaina Pali Trail. If we don't come home you know where we are

2 April 2017

Ahhhh beautiful
Sunset at Hula girl barefoot bar.
Let the festivities begin🐳!
This vacation stuff is in my wheel house!
Maui Tropical plantation
Whole foods store. Amazing.. didn't know they had one!
Healthy food shopping👍
Old apartment 10 years Kainoa and Keanu's 1st home❤
Paid fish market-Kihei
Maui's take on the umbrella
Kansas Beach-2 blocks from the airport