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Tara's Epic Trip 2017

9 October 2017

One of the "most photographed sights"... not sure if it was famous laundry or just epic brickwork, but either way there was a queue for photos!
Mum heard a noise... opened the door and this little feline arrived in!! #IMissMyBoy

8 October 2017

Mum was eye-balling this "local talent" only minutes before! Haha. Fella's were wearing budgie smugglers everywhere!!
Stumbled across this little gem for a drink :)
My kind of sign!! πŸ˜‰
Cheeky weekend away with Mum ✈️ #Croatia

6 October 2017

Took these 4 kids to the park!

5 October 2017

And the tea drinking begins!!

4 October 2017

Leaving KL and heading for London via Colombo, Sri Lanka ✈️ (not sure who has worse weather, KL or London!) β˜”οΈ

3 October 2017

Visited the Petronas Towers πŸŒ† Quite the impressive architecture although surprised to see the first few levels were a giant shopping center!
Tourist for the day and visiting the Batu Caves. They ask people to help by bringing a brick, sand, something to the top to help with their renovations. We done our bit! (And I think my Fitbit done me out of flights of stairs today!)

2 October 2017

Goodbye Philippines... next stop KL! ✈️

1 October 2017

Last day of fun diving in the Philippines! πŸ‘

29 September 2017

A Philippino group of over 300 people arrived yesterday. It was a private event but walking past I saw two karaoke machines and a fashion show!

27 September 2017

A cocktail whilst watching the sunset after a day of diving! πŸ˜ŠπŸŒ…πŸΉ

24 September 2017

Arrived at accommodation in the Philippines

22 September 2017

Last meal on the liveaboard and the staff made this for all us guests! πŸŽ‚πŸ°

21 September 2017

Evening spent learning a new card game called Family Business. A little complicated with the language barriers (Israeli, Spanish, Russian, English...) but good fun!
A manta ray visited the back of the boat last night, doing flips etc, was awesome! πŸ’™
Diving done in the Maldives. Now it's time for a post-dive beer, go through my diving photos then watch the sunset πŸ’™
Just going through photos from this week... this is just a taster... lots more on the way! 🐟

20 September 2017

Beach BBQ πŸ’™ They made mantas and whale sharks in the sand. It's also Jewish New Year which meant a toast to a good New Year paired with honey glazed apple slices (a sweet treat in hopes for a sweet year ahead!) before dinner 🍏

19 September 2017

Just chilling out on the back of the boat. Some are fishing, others are playing chess.

17 September 2017

Nice sunset to end day one. View is from the cabin window πŸŒ…

16 September 2017

Post-dive beer 🍺

15 September 2017

Roughing it here for the next week! Tough life! πŸ˜‰πŸ’™

14 September 2017

South Africa, I've had the BEST time! Can't wait to come back!! 😍

12 September 2017

Safari time!!!!!! SO excited!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ¦πŸƒπŸ¦ŒπŸŒΏπŸ•ŠπŸπŸ—πŸ¦ŽπŸ†πŸŠ

7 September 2017

Movie night! Can't remember the last movie I saw! And check out the choices for flavoring your popcorn!! πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
Believe it or not, Table Mountain is right behind me! I still enjoyed my time in Cape Town though :)

6 September 2017

Too much wine? πŸ·πŸš—??
Had to pop in to our pal Sir Richard Branson's winery for a spot of wine tasting! πŸ·πŸ˜‰ At Mont Rochelle Winery
Wine tasting and a tour of the winery and bottling process! 🍷 At Hoppenburg Winery

5 September 2017

Triggerfish Brewery 🐠🍺
Road trip down the coastline πŸš— (It's got cold and stormy!)

4 September 2017

Driving back to our accommodation... dug out my old iPod (from 10+years ago- old school iPod wheel!) and BOOM... time for some Disney Jams!! 🎢 (Steve's not a fan... yet! πŸ˜‰πŸŽΆπŸš—)

3 September 2017

Wine tasting 🍷 At Leopard's Leap
Wine tasting paired with cheese, biltong and dried fruit rhind πŸ˜‰ At La Maison
Red wine tasting with a fudge pairing session! 🍷🍫 at Plaisir De Merle
Wine tasting with a mountain view! 🍷🏞 At Vrede En Lust

2 September 2017

Franschhoek wine tasting... paired with chocolates and cheese! πŸ·πŸ«πŸ§€ At Franschhoek Cellar
Tuk Tuk MicroBrewery 🍺

1 September 2017

This is how cold it is here, the water in the room has frozen! The heated mattress even got turned on last night!!
"We here to get you there" 😳
Hoopenburg Winery Estate! 😍🍷β™₯️ Complimentary bottle of local wine on arrival. Wine coupled with the amazing view of the mountain and valley... β™₯️🍷β™₯️
Breakfast of champions!! Crumpets with Nutella and fresh strawberries! πŸ“

31 August 2017

Arrived into Cape Town β™₯️ Beautiful treetop accommodation and have totally lucked out with the weather! Just amazing 😍

30 August 2017

White water rafting during the day followed by a sundowner sunset cruise down the Zambezi River for the last night in Zimbabwe πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡Ό

29 August 2017

Going out(side) for dinner so Steve decides to wear this! Steve in long trousers and socks!! 😳 #MosquitoCover
Visited Victoria Falls today 😍 Beautiful and a fun hike. (The pics don't do it justice!) Then crossed the border from Zimbabwe to Zambia to see the Falls from both sides!

28 August 2017

Went to the local supermarket and found these! Food is SO cheap and SO much choice! Why can't the BVI have this??! Tasty chocolate discovery πŸ˜‰
Warthogs roaming around our accommodation!!! (Lots of pumba's, no timon's! πŸ˜‰) A huge hippo called Sebastian was also around but photos didn't come out :(
Shopping in the local market. Locals trying to sell massive wooden carving and anything else they can!
Leaving Zanzibar (2am!) Slight delay, but steve is happy with the amount of legroom on this flight! On route to Victoria Falls, via Mount Kilimanjaro and Nairobi! ✈️

24 August 2017

Local toilets... "his" (pic1) and "hers" (pic2) 😳
After quite the day (diving followed by walking miles to the bank- because Steve's card got swallowed yesterday and they won't return it back to him!!) it's time for a much needed African beer or two!! 🍺🍺

23 August 2017

First two beers in Africa: a Kilimanjaro beer and a Safari beer! 🍺🍺
Cool looking hotel room in Zanzibar with an interesting bathroom and fun towel sculptures!

22 August 2017

On route to Zanzibar, Tanzania (via Munich & Mombasa, Kenya!) ✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️✈️ (Safety video with the Queen even gave us the royal wave to leave! πŸ‘‹πŸ»)

21 August 2017

Birthday dinner at this Michelin star restaurant that we stumbled across! πŸ΄πŸŽ‰
Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes here! 😳
Cool diver beer! 🍺

20 August 2017

Made it to the hotel in time for happy hour! These two beers cost €4! πŸ˜‰πŸ»
On route to Bruges! πŸš‚

19 August 2017

Drinks in the main square in Brussels with these lot! 🍻
A visit to The Blue Lagoon, said to be one of the wonders of the world! (This was at midnight before heading to the airport for our flight!)

17 August 2017

Stopped off for a short hike at Pingvieller National Park and came across this waterfall πŸ’™ Pretty but cold out there!

16 August 2017

Early morning flight to Iceland! ✈️

14 August 2017

Adventure inflatable park! 🌈

13 August 2017

Drinking session last night so a chilled Sunday spent on the sofa with the girls, a Spurs game and some holiday planning time!

12 August 2017

I asked immigration for a stamp in my passport and they said yes! 😍 #Don'tAskDon'tGet #StampCollecting
Hallo Baden Baden, Germany! πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ
Au Revoir Strasbourg, France! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·

11 August 2017

Bath... yes! πŸ’™
A tasty 11% beer with its matching glass 🍺 Definitely recommend this one!

10 August 2017

Testing out a few new beers!! 🍻
Drink selfie with mum! πŸ‘
The Cathedral of Notre Dame, in Strasbourg! β›ͺ️
Stopping for a drink in La Petite France for a glass of vin 🍷

9 August 2017

Reminded me of a certain someone!! πŸ˜‰
Apparently we've missed a popular European fashion statement on VG! 😳 Its everywhere!
Airport cider before heading to Strasbourg ✈️

8 August 2017

Drinks out in Edinburgh with Sean 🍻

7 August 2017

Smiles from the birthday girl 😊 As we spent the evening in an Irish bar (in Scotland) with live music and worked our way through this cocktail list, plus shots! 6:30am finish! Well done us!

6 August 2017

Someone was mesmerized with the pirate show at the Edinburgh fringe festival πŸ˜‰

5 August 2017

Surprised my Grandad (SO happy!) for his 80th πŸŽ‚
Aoife is practicing her drawing skills and the excitement is too much for Orla!

4 August 2017

Hello Sunny England! ✈️

3 August 2017

First drink of the vacation 🍺 whilst waiting in St Thomas airport
Bye for now Virgin Gorda! Next stop USVI, JFK and the U.K.!