Thailand · 4 Days · 7 Moments · September 2016

Tara Murphy

Thailand (Sept 2016)

25 September 2016

Do you think this white car will be able to get out of its parking space??! 🚗

24 September 2016

Phi Phi islands (Also a James Bond movie set!) 🏝

23 September 2016

Trekking in the jungle with this 🐘

22 September 2016

Went wandering and found this crazy street! This pic doesn't show much but clubs, bars, strip club, ping pong shows, magic trick people, music... Just mad!
Arrived to a nice hotel in Phuket to this elephant towel on the bed! 🐘💕
Looking at food options and fresh seafood is everywhere! (Check the top right corner- it's a stingray for sale! Along with mimic octopus, emperor shrimp and lots more!)

21 September 2016

Leaving Singapore and heading to Thailand... Not before having a very expensive beer! ($15usd a pint!) 😳🍻✈️