United Kingdom · 11 Days · 13 Moments · October 2017

Tanya's Sleep Out

10 November 2017

Friday, 10th November - 6.30am When you say ‘I’ve got seven layers on’ it doesn’t sound very much - when you see seven layers in a previously empty laundry basket - well let’s just say, we might be talking two loads! Well I might have only played at Sleeping Out but the reality of it has certainly hit me - it is truly unbearable and nobody would chose that life, they’ve just been dealt a rubbish hand. Thank you again to everyone who sponsored me - in total you helped raise £1,075. xx
5.30am We ‘snuggled’ down about 2.30am and I’ve had a couple of bursts of sleep - so I have Slept Out. It is all very unpleasant, that’s all I’m going to say. And can you imagine what somebody’s hair looks like after sleeping in a bobble hat - well I’m afraid there’s no photographic evidence of that!!
1.30am Still wide awake!
12.30am Have you ever tried to sleep in a pair of jeans that feel like compression tights - Tanya has!

9 November 2017

10.20pm It’s getting dangerously close to lights out time - one, two, three .... Thought I’d better get to know some of my NBFs considering I’m going to be sleeping with them in an hour - thank goodness I’m no where near those who went for a curry!!
10 pm Wish I’d joined the shelter building competition!! Guess what - the basic toilet facilities are basic!! 😆
9pm Bed made - they obviously didn’t get my message about the thread count I like for my bed linens! Not sure they saw my menu selection either! 😂
7.30pm Who said wear wool - it’s itchy!!
7pm Checked in and found my spot - I’ll be lying much closer to my colleagues than I’m comfortable with! Hope I’m not near anyone who snores ... or worse, hope I don’t snore!!
Thursday, 9 November - 6.20pm Set off and then went back - forgot tissues. I can’t get ‘basic toilet facilities’ out if my head 😝
Thursday, 9 November - 6.15pm Bag packed and in the car - check All things that didn’t fit in the bag in the car - check 24 hour lipstick applied - check Just about ready to set off. Jeans are always really tight when you first put them on and then they get comfy after an hour - right?! One, two, three ... Actually, my boots feel really tight too ... Breathe!!
Thursday, 9 November - 5.30pm One, two, three ... and breathe! repeat ... repeat ... Thank goodness for Jane - not one, but TWO sleeping bags PLUS a fluffy ground mat thingy ‘fit for a Princess’, maybe this Sleep Out isn’t going to be so bad after all. Oh, but it’s freezing outside and I can’t get my jeans on over the thick tights and two pairs of leggings underneath - arghh, panic again .. one, two, three ... Strategy for the night is evolving, original plan to drink nothing for 24 hours replaced to maximise the opportunity offered by the (hopefully) hot air hand dryers in the ‘basic’ toilet facilities’ - and doesn’t vino have de-sensitising qualities? Looking forward to it again ... Right, now to get all my essentials into the bag ... hmmm 🤔

30 October 2017

Thursday 9 November - 9am Huge thanks to all my fantastic family and friends who have sponsored me or bought cakes from me. You’ve helped me reach my target of £1,000 which will place one young homeless person into a place of their own, a life changing gift. Someone like Eleanor and her baby daughter who you can see on the picture above. So whilst I’m overwhelmed and grateful, it also means I have no option but to Sleep Out all night - no dropping out now, I’m doing it - think I’ll need some Rich Tea’s. Must remember to pack a toothbrush. Don’t worry fellow Sleep Out-ers, I’m not planning to take my make-up off.