Portugal · 13 Days · 17 Moments · June 2017

Tanya's journi to Portugal!

23 June 2017

Not as intricate as yesterday's monastery but the neatest kitchen I've ever seen in a castle. Huge marble tables, big chimneys, fresh water coming in to hold fish fresh.

22 June 2017

Same day we enjoyed prosecco at sunset from our condo and looked around town. Shopped at our fav Continente. Good prices but no fresh orange juice 😓 Cairos face is looking better from the sunscreen reaction. My fav attraction find was seeing this castle on the top of a hill in the distance while driving. I could imagine it in days of old.
What a day!!! Kessling style jam packed with cool sights and experiences. The Batalha monastery was very HUGE and ornate. Cairo was amazed that its built all by blocks of stone. Rio loved the shrub mazes. Still hot here. 28 degrees. From here we drove to a nearby town to see the dinosaur footprints from 2 million years ago 😲 Very hot walk into an old quarry. No one else there. The place could use a tourist upgrade but neat to see 500 meters of footprints each about 2-3 feet long. Then I convinced J to do 1 more stop... the caves de miro de aire. WOW. Highlight. 2 hour tour. Biggest cave I've been in and lots of formations. Boys were intrigued.

21 June 2017

Travel day to Sao Martinho do Porto. Pool first to tire out the munchkins. 3.5 hour drive. No traffic. Easy. Except lots of tolls. $70 of tolls on our whole trip 😬 This town is amazing. Safe bay for swimming. Quaint. Lots to do! Condo is HUGE. Daily popsicles are still the kids fave part of Portugal 😆but I've discovered the towns gelato is amazing. Cool things to do here in town plus day trips galore. A 90 year old lady got in our car with us to show us the town market after we got lost in the tiniest of streets. The market was a score for seafood and produce!

20 June 2017

Parque Rio de Fermoso Naturel. Really just equals delta of sandbars for hundred kilometers. Great beaches! Off by boat today to cross to our local beach at Cabanas de Tavira. Starting my days off with early runs through the countryside full of olive, fig and orange trees!!! Last day with Sohmer's. Late afternoon pool then oysters at a cool little pub on a cliff east of town was fabulous. Even Cairo tried a raw oyster! Our airbnb condos have been great. Huge, new and with a pool for $90 Canadian is a deal. Especially for 2 bedrooms.

19 June 2017

Beach day at Tavira! Cool little train to the sand dune beach!!! Yup more popsicles and boardwalk for the hot hot sand. Sohmer's met us there and later for dinner in Tavira. Kids are getting hooked on Louisa's peppa pig. lol. 😂 The latest... Cairo has a sunscreen reaction on his face and neck only... and twister popsicles with a magic "wand" as aftermath is the key!

18 June 2017

Aqualand water park day with Sohmer's! A treat! Super quiet, safe, affordable, 5 hours of fun!!! Plus popsicles. Lol. Cairo and Rio surprised us by doing ALL the slides except the 2 super steep adult slides. Rio kept repeating the "steep fast drop tunnel" slide even though he was a bit short for it. Cairo did even the solo slides surprisingly and liked them all! No line ups at all. And great toddler zone too. Father's Day dinner in Cabanas de Tavira 3 blocks from our condo. J was in love with the food at Gastro pub on the waterfront

17 June 2017

Evening outing to Lagos. Carousel brought us memories of France with the boys. Really nice dinner at the marina at a tapas restaurant. Octopus and yummy scallops. Not so yummy sardine pate 😝 The boys do well with coloring and the bread appies!
Ahhhhh Praia Dona Ana. Our fav for beauty and quiet in the morn. Except the stairs. And no Popsicles on the beach. 😜 Very pretty rock formations but big swell made swim hard for kids. By noon it was packed with a meter of space between each group. 40 degrees hot hot. Cooling off at Pinto (grocery) was a treat. And our condo with a huge view was breezy too!!! Cairo mastered the cannon ball today at our pool later!

16 June 2017

Ponte Piedade boat trip was cooool once I got down the 300 steps carrying Rio. And once the first 15 min of near death going into caves with the boat in small swells was over. Limestone cliffs make for an impressive back drop. Popsicle stop. Then lunch sandwiches en route to beach afternoon at Porto do Mos. Would recommend staying at this quaint town too. Small and child friendly beach. Less waves. Boardwalk on the beach you ask???? The sand is sooooo hot you have to walk on the boards. We had snacks at the restaurant on the sand.

15 June 2017

Pool and beach day!!!! Start off with juicing our bag of local oranges as the juice making machine at the grocery is kaput. Awesome adult and wading pool at the condo. Met up with Sohmer's at the beach near us Meia Praia in the afternoon. Wow Long Beach. White sand. But waves a bit big for Rio. Sohmer's parents offer to watch boys in the evening for a non kid tapas night at a restaurant in Lagos!!!! Lagos Town is pretty with evening market, pretty marina and kids stuff downtown.

14 June 2017

Day trip to castle and Portimao. Museum had a cool submarine thing but next time I would do the pirate trip sail. Beach afternoon in Portimao at one of the nicest beaches according to lonely planet. Big big stretch of white sand. 40 degrees and cooking. Popsicle addiction for the kids still on! They played with a Portuguese boy for an hour and we were surprised at the warmth of the ocean.

13 June 2017

Travel day with our "Scenic" car to Lagos. Drove out to the coast by Sines and along Atlantic the slow and scenic way. Lots of stork nests in funny places along the drive entertained the kids. Best stop was beach time and swim in Oceixe. Big waves and beautiful!

12 June 2017

Sintra day day trip! Wow! What a town. Lush and hilly and full of castles. One of the best castles I've ever seen was Pena Palace. Quinta de Regeulier was so much for the kids who ran wild in the mazes, tunnels and cool wells. Rio ate ice cream on the bus much to everyone's entertainment and the 1 hour train was fun (while I snoozed).

11 June 2017

The Aquarium was amazing!!!! Highly recommended. And the area around it super modern waterfront and near a huge mall. 😉
Sight seeing around Belem area in Lisbon... huge Monastery and cool monument to the age of discovery on the waterfront. The boys loved the subways and trains! I didn't love the "late" night peeing in the subway in water bottles cause the kids couldn't hold it. 😬

10 June 2017

Comox to Lisbon. 13 flying hours. 4-5 of which we slept. The boys thought it was a treat to watch as much iPad as they wanted. Figgy bars and gummi bears to keep the wheels greased. I was happy to watch dirty dancing!! 😜 Rio was excited for days before hand about taxis so he was stoked about the taxi to the airbnb condo. Luckily we switched our car rental days as our condo was in Alfama district on a back alley that only had stairs!! Brand new inside but beautiful old colorful area on the outside. A shared outside table and Edison lights outside with a random santa in the papaya tree! Jet lagged we spent 4 hours around downtown doing a trolley ride and walking around the waterfront. Rio konked out mid trolley. Poor dude. Only a popsicle would rouse him... and this started our daily popsicle tradition.