India, Singapore · 12 Days · 20 Moments · July 2017

Tanshie's journi to Singapore

23 July 2017

ADIOS SINGAPORE! we'll meet again!!

21 July 2017

The agenda of the day was to sit home and spend time with family. We played games, danced, gossiped, gobbled up yummy food and relaxed...

20 July 2017

I had practiced so hard to learn cycling thus we thought that we couldn't let it go waste and cycle at least twice.hence, we went again for cycling but in different park- PASIR RIS PARK

19 July 2017

This day was designated for shopping. We went to various shops and bought lots of things; stationary, crockery, clothes, accessories and food

18 July 2017

Ringing the entire water park was a 'lazy river', in which you could just jump in with a float to relax..
Some of the rides were boring, some of them were really exiting while some of them were spine chilling... there was even a kids play area where there were small water slides
That was a day to stay in water. Had an exciting time at wild wild wet, an extremely enthusiastic water park.

17 July 2017

A walk along the river with a picnic basket. Night tour of Singapore on feet.

16 July 2017

PLAYED with the ocean.
Drove down to EAST COAST PARK, rented the cycles, put on our gears and started cycling. I had been preparing for this day since a long time. As we cycled, at one side we could see an ocean on which sunlight reflected shimmering and glimmering, dancing in glee while on the other side was a deep dense forest. The whole experience was amazing; the wind rushing to pat our cheeks and the background music caused by the birds and the chitter chatter of people

15 July 2017

Visited the NATIONAL ORCIRD GARDEN. All the orchids were just gorgeous. There were gigantic orchids and there were tiny orchids. There were yellow and blue orchids and there were red and pink orchids. Any color, any kind, you name it and it will be there.

14 July 2017

Due to the rain and traffic, could not reach marina barrage, a dam, but instead did some some shopping at mustafa, a departmental store
An absolute first in my life. Going out without an adult. My sister and I went to PASIR RIS PUBLIC Library, to read and borrow some books. The library seemed magical, it felt as if we had appeared some sort of fairyland with loads of books.

13 July 2017

Hundreds of shining metallic droplets, going in the air on synchronized motion. Quoting directly from the board, "Glimpses of ideas, abstract and concrete, hover in the air between the clouds and the rippling water surface below"
Afterwards, headed to the airport to eat a scrumptious sundae at SWENSENS, an ice cream parlour. There were eight ice cream scoops around a jar of dry ice which was letting out mist. It made it look as if the ice cream was floating with the clouds.
Soon came to HENDERSON WAVE. It was like a majestic undulating wave. Each crest had a seating area. The bridge was laced with lights that would come alive at night, glowing golden against the dark canvas of the sky!
Trekked down MOUNT FABER, the highest point in Singapore, for a long walk. From up there it seemed like the whole country was laid beneath us.
LANDED in Singapore. YAY!!! The party began right from the airport. Enjoyed super delicious marshmallow waffles at Bakery cuisine

12 July 2017

left for SINGAPORE. I had been planing for this 11 day trip from over a month and I was so excited to finally go.