Asia, Europe · 15 Days · 52 Moments · June 2017

Tan's adventure in Europe

15 July 2017

I think my pencil case with artist pens got stolen last night in the metro, when we were being pushed around by some big drunk men. :( Going home now. What a way to end the trip
Squeezing in one last visit to the site of the Keramikos

14 July 2017

Although I didn't take any photos of dinner, we had some really good food at Wabi Sabi near Omonoia. Their specialty is their Vietnamese dishes, and the food is really fresh. The lady was also very friendly and kind. Worth a second visit
And for the last ruin of today, the Ancient Agora. I can imagine it was a lot grander when it still stood.
At the Roman Agora. Romans used this as a marketplace.
Hadrian's Library

13 July 2017

At Aegina and without signing up for the tour and no transport, we decided to go to the archaeological site (closed due to heat!) and museum. So many pots. Also a blue red 3d model of the archaeological site because it was closed. Hopped into the sea outside the museum for a bit to chill out (not that clean) and bought pistachio ice cream (€3,50) and a lot of nuts for souvenirs.
Poros...! Lots of climbing but thankfully less than at Lokrum. Our short dock here means that we can't explore much. Went up to the clock tower, came back down.
Our first stop... Hydra! By some luck managed to pass by the almond sweet shop and tried their specialty. Didn't have time to go to the beach though.

12 July 2017

Ended the day with a visit to the change of guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Goodness their parade march is strenuous.... Legs are raised straight more than 90° forward and arms swing at a "unnatural" timing to the legs. Crossed the road after that to MacDonald's to try the local fare. Has more spices than a normal wrap.
Went to Hadrian's library and Roman Agora and both were closed because of the extreme weather :( Probably a lot of the ruins are closed today, so we're floundering around
Started the day at Syntagma and headed towards Majestic Tours Agency to book some one day cruise tickets. Then headed down towards Ermou Street hoping to drop by the flea market before continuing our museum visiting. Stopped for lunch at Mana's Kouzina before continuing.

11 July 2017

This store serves OK food at around €6-8
Visited the Olympieon (Zeus temple). Very sunbrunt. Entry fee is a bit steep, lucky we got the Acropolis card.
Dropped by the Acropolis museum but realised that it's not covered by the Acropolis card (€5). Hung around inside for the aircon and also realised that the north slope of the Acropolis had some interesting caves that we missed out on. ( too hot!!!)
At fish cafe for lunch. Pretty affordable.
Parthenon shots. Very hot. D:
Theatre of Dionysus
What do they say about the Acropolis?

10 July 2017

Arrived in Athens! The transport is confusing !
So we leave for Athens... Our 3 day Dubrovnik card (250 KN) served us well. We used 5/6 of the bus rides and visited the walls and 3 museums, as well as used the discounts for 2 restaurants within the old city. Managed to break past even by a bit. Otherwise if we weren't staying outside the city the card wouldn't be worth it

9 July 2017

Random animals of Dubrovnik
Dubrovnik old town is so-so on the ground floor, but amazing from the top of the city walls. Started walking from the entrance at the Maritime museum and got off at the Pile gate exit. Although we didn't complete the whole perimeter, we were pooped from all the climbing and being baked by the sun. Finished off with some cheap ice cream near the gate and changed plans to eat dinner within the town instead of going to Ploçe for cheaper fare.
View from the fort on Lokrum
Going to lokrum now! At approx 85 per pax after the Dubrovnik card discount.

8 July 2017

Also went for the red umbrella Game of thrones tour. Even though I am not a fan, it was nice hearing from insider info of how it was filmed and viewing the various nice scenaries.
Red umbrella tours for old city. 90 kuna per person
We made it to Dubrovnik ...! Thank you Volotea for not going on strike

7 July 2017

Collection of random things to do when you have nothing but time to kill.
Gondola ride!
Went to the San simeone piccolo and visited the crypt. Cooling

6 July 2017

Watching opera with period costumes Good acoustics in this theatre
I screwed up. Was supposed to go to Dubrovnik tonight but I mistook the Google calendar date and thought it was tomorrow. So now we have one whole extra day in Venice tomorrow(Friday) and will be taking the Saturday flight to Dubrovnik. On a separate note, Italy has again showed us the power of strikes (for the aqua bus) and I hope the same doesn't happen to our flight on Saturday.

5 July 2017

Printing press shop ???
on the way to Venice Bienale at Arsenale
Went to the rialto fish market this morning. Much fish

4 July 2017

Enoteca al volto for the dinner and cichetti
Murano! Got to see the glass blowing after turning left from the vaporetto (per a well placed guide's instructions). The demo was €3 per person but tbh I was expecting more. Very small production line and close knit working relationship between apprentices and masters.
Doge palace
Somewhat mid range lunch

3 July 2017

Cichetti somewhere ...!
Venice's most beautiful bookshop
At Marina's house !

2 July 2017

Ended up at the pizzeria opposite the Mestre train station
At Verona!
Going to Verona because there's nothing to do in Mestre on a Sunday.

1 July 2017

Arrived at Mestre station after a half hour bus ride from airport. Walked a bit and got lost, ending up in Mr Liu's apartment. Clarified that we had already paid for Bella's apartment and went on our way. Small and friendly Chinese community in this area.
My baggage got damaged !!!
Stopped over in Doha before continuing to Venice Marco Polo airport.
Flight from changi to Doha