China · 1 Days · 16 Moments · November 2017

One-day business trip to Chongqing

25 November 2017

Arrived at Chengdu east railway station around midnight. This is the last train and everyone including the steward will hurry to home.
It's a pity, we have only one day here,a lot of places await to be explored, but it's time to leave soon after a wonderful night food treat.
Never miss the most famous local food in Chongqing: HOTPOT! especially in the chilly winter evening. Hot,spicy and numb......just like the fire in my mouth but still can't refuse it's delicious flavor.
The gate of Chongqing Normal University.
The conference has begun.
One of my colleague's friend who lives in Chongqing heard about our visit treated us for lunch and insisted on driving us to the next destination which is far from here. I noticed a tall skyscraper-shaped structure was standing in the distance ahead at the far end of the road. I asked curiously about that why does this building look so slim and long, they laughed after hearing my question and said that actually they were two huge towers used to support the weight of the future cable stayed bridge. No wonder it's called "Bridge City"!
partial details.
Some fantastic ink paintings.
Some closeups of the pictures. The materials used in these pictures on shown in the gallery are made up of ink pen,mark pen and drawing paper. Besides, some artists conducted a trial by directly dyeing mark pen on paper without any ink lines and got certain amazing special effects.I admire their spirits of exploration and innovation.
Here we are,this is one of the destination where we are supposed to be. We will attend the opening ceremony of an exhibition of young painters' union in the morning,and then we will head to a conference venue in Chongqing Normal University in the afternoon. Finally, we will go back to Chengdu in the evening. What a tight schedule. But I have no choice,because it's has been arranged in advance by our director : (
City views out of the window from light rail train. The city is called "Foggy City" and "Bridge City" among the people because of its common foggy weather and its unique geographic position where the two rivers meet there, so bridges become an very important way to connect both sides.
It's convenient to get around the city by light rail. The sprawling urban fast speed transit system is the best way to explore the city corner without thinking over the traffic jam. And besides,due to Chongqing is a mountain city where the buildings and roads exist at different altitude, it's kind of like in HongKong,driving a car is a big challenge even for local people who have poor sense of direction. So the best way to roam around the city is using the public transportation.
After leaving the railway station, we are going to our conference venue by using Chongqing's light rail system. The nearest light rail stop is at the opposite side of the train station,so we followed the flowing crowd, walking across the zebra lines in haste before the traffic light turns red. The entrance of the stop is at the end of the crosswalk.
The color of taxi in Chongqing is brilliant yellow. I like this kind of color that activates your enthusiasm immediately after you stepped out of the exit of the railway station,can't wait to explore the amazing city.
Chongqing is about 300km away from Chengdu,the best way to get there is taking the high speed rail which will take me merely two hours without any traffic congestions and more importantly,it always has a super high punctuality rate.