United States of America · 6 Days · 5 Moments · June 2017

Tammy's adventure in Florida, United States

2 July 2017

We didnt go to the beach yesterday, and Noah was highly disappointed. So, today we went to Fort Myers beach so Noah could play in the water. The water was so warm it almost was too hot. I would guess it was about 85 degrees. Also, there were shells everywhere. Noah collected a few to bring home. At first, Blake was In a bad mood and wouldnt get in. After about 1/2 an hour he finally got in and swam for a bit. Then, we took a walk down the street and met these people from Austria who opened a restaurant across the street from the beach. They were super nice and had the sweetest dog there that Noah made friends with. Next, we went to play monster golf at an indoor golf course. It was zombie themed, dark, and lit with black lights. It was a pretty cool place and a fun course. Then we started driving towards Atlanta. We tried to get a hotel on the way, but ended up driving until 4 am before finding one with a vacancy. I couldn't even tell you what city in Georgia it was in. Crazy!

29 June 2017

We went to the keys today, and ended up going to the Seaquarium. This was a small place, but pretty cool. They had animal shows, feedings, and interactions. You could also look at animals similar to a zoo. While we were eating lunch we decided to do the dolphin encounter. Dad & Blake went first and they also were able to swim with a dolphin. So cool! Noah wasn't old enough to swim with them, but we were able to kiss them, pet them, shake their fin, etc. The kids were also able to feed some sea otters and watch a killer whale/dolphin show. After the Seaquarium we drove for a little while towards Lehigh Acres. We pulled over at a rest stop at one point, and saw some wild alligators! One stopped in front of us and looked like he was sizing up Noah. I got freaked out and took Noah back to the car. My dad starting throwing Scooby-Doo snacks at it. Then apple slices and a rotten nectarine. He was getting a kick out of feeding it.

28 June 2017

Frank had to fly home today. 😕 The boys desperately wanted to go Mini golf with him before he left, so Frank found a really cool one called Pirate's Cove. It was the coolest golf course I had ever seten. There were waterfalls, piorate ships, etc. I wish we didnt have to rush through it and could enjoy it more. After taking Frank to the airport, we drove down to Miami to watch the Marlins game. This was our first indoor stadium...and thank goodness! The weather has been hot, humid, and sticky. It was nice to be in a temperature controlled stadium. This was also the stadium that had the least amount of fans attending. We sat about 10 rows back from the Marlins dugout. They were playing the Mets and lost like 7-0 if I remember correctly.

27 June 2017

Today was Disney World's Magic Kingdom! It was smaller than Disneyland, but had some different stuff. This was NOT the happiest place on earth! In my opinion it was the worst day of the trip. From the time we left the hotel to our first ride took 4 hrs. Once we got there, we had to take a ferry to MK. Then it took us forever to buy our tickets, 30 minutes to get fast passes to 3 rides, and another 2 hours to stand in the first line to get on the Jungle Cruise ride. After that, we went to the Tiki Room, ate lunch, rode Small World, and the Little Mermaid. When we came out of that one, it was pouring rain. It rained off and on from this point on. We were all wet & sticky, even with ponchos. Then, 2 of the rides we had fast passes for were closed down along with another ride we wanted to go on since it was a ride we don't have in CA. Pirates of the Caribbean & the other one never did open. The best part of the day was the fireworks & show on the castle. Best fireworks show ever!

26 June 2017

Universal Studios is what we did today. We went to 2 of the 3 parks. After standing in 1 line that wasn't even that long, Frank decided to get the fast passes. It really is the way to go, but so expensive! We wouldn't have been able to go to both parks if we didn't have them. We started with the Harry Potter section, then Jurassic Park, King Kong, and a few others. Dad loved the Incredible Hulk ride because it took off right away. The 2nd park we went to was better. Our favorite part was the Harry Potter land. We walked into what we thought was the buildings the ride was in, but it opened up into a little village with shops, food, rides,etc. There was a dragon on top of the building the ride was in. That ride simulated the movie so closely (bank) that Blake was asking if they filmed the movie there. My favorite ride was the giant red roller coaster. It was big, fast, and amazing! I even got to listen to Kenny Chesney while on the ride!