Hong Kong S.A.R., Indonesia · 19 Days · 20 Moments · September 2017

Tamlin-Jade's voyage in Indonesia

20 September 2017

Last day and in Bali together:( Our hotel didn’t serve us breakfast, so after packing and putting our bags into storage we got the bus to the “hotel” beach. We got some breaki at a cute restaurant close to the beach. We tanned and chilled on the loungers, had a swim in the flattest water ever! So warm as well! I messed up the bus times and so we had to get a taxi back to the hotel but luckily he wasn’t expensive. The hotel let us shower and get changed for the airport in the spa rooms, very convenient. Got an Uber to the airport, got something to munch and then I went through security early because Dyl’s flight was much later than mine :( Walking through the airport I was so surprised how big it was and how many shops they had. Was such a special time to be together! The time apart has made us closer and brought more love into the relationship. To be able to explore and share so many moments and memories together is a dream!

19 September 2017

Leaving Nusa Penida today to go back to the main island of Bali. We slept in a bit, also let Dyl sleep as we was up during the night. Spent some time laying at the pool and then got the hotel taxi back to the harbour, had to organize a local boat to take us to Lembongan to catch the fast boat to Serangan. We got to Lembongan early, left our bags at the “reception”, rented a scooter and went to the beach for a few hours. We had a swim, shared spring rolls and then made our way back to the yellow bridge harbour. Luckily I noticed an Ekajaya man loading Chinese tourist onto a local boat others we would never have made the boat back to Bali. Once back in Bali, we had to wait and argue with Taxi drivers to get to our hotel. We eventually just asked a random local to take us. We got to the hotel late, so we had a shower and then missioned to find some dinner. Sewed and fixed Dyl’s bag.

18 September 2017

17 September 2017

Snorkelling day! The life under the water at Nusa Penida is absolutely incredible! It’s so alive and diverse! We started off trying to find Manta rays but there were so many boats and people crowding the area that we only managed to see one Manta ray and it moved off. We then moved to different snorkeling points - I am blown away by how alive the coral is, everywhere else is so damaged compared! Dyl and my tummy’s were not feeling so good, so at times being in the water was a challenge! Snorkeling ended with an included lunch. We then went back to our hotel to chill and chilled the rest of the day and enjoyed sunset at Crystal bay. We Did some of our own snorkeling with our masks on in crystal bay - my absolute favourite!

16 September 2017

First night in Nusa Penida, it was a bit noisy with our friendly gecko noise and unfortunately Dyl’s tummy was not very happy. Breakfast at the hotel is a selection from 6 dishes, served with a yummy fresh pineapple juice. We started off our adventures going to the harbour to find a Snorkelling company that is a good price and with the possibility of going to Manta point. No one wants to go to Manta point but we found a good company, so we settled tomorrows plan. We then set off to Klingking beach, “T-Rex”. Half the road there was good and the last 10km were terrible, sand/potholed roads - but we survived. We decided to walk down the EXTREMELY STEEP walk down to he beach and attempted to swim in the merging massive waves. The climb up was a prayer with each step! Hot and flustered at the top we started the next bit of a very long difficult route to Angels Billabong/ Broken Bay. What a day! We made it back to Crystal bay in time for sunset and a beer! We survived, scrapes & tummy!

15 September 2017

Time to leave Gili T and start the next adventure on Nusa Penida. This time we hired a horse and cart to help with our bags to the harbour. The boat ride to Nusa Lembongan was a LONG one and we didn’t sit on the roof this time and we should have! We then got a smaller boat the get to Nusa Penida and a car from the hotel fetched us from the harbour. It’s so much quieter than any of the other islands. We got to the hotel at around 3, hungry we organized a scooter and found lunch close to the hotel! We then chilled a bit in our room. For sunset we drove down to Crystal Bay and had a beer. It’s just so pristine, magical and beautiful!

14 September 2017

Last day on Gili Trawangan! Absolute chill day! Woke up late and had breakie. We then walked to swimable beach and went swimming with our masks, the current was quite strong but was great to be in the water. We tanned and had lunch, chilled in the room for a bit and then chilled on beach pillows during sunset. We had burgers for dinner at the night market and our regular pancakes for desert with some Italian wine! Epic chilled day!

13 September 2017

Slept in a little this morning, had breakie (pineapple pancakes with caramel sauce are the best), we then walked to the meeting point for our snorkeling trip. The trip took us to 4 sites around Gili meno and air, we stopped on Gili air for some lunch and then had one more spot to go snorkeling. Was great to see different areas, but you can see where the coral has been destroyed, which is just so sad! Even now the boats do a lot of harm! The trip back was quite intense and at one point it felt like the boat was going to flip, the wind was very hectic! Once back we had a shower and chill before we made missions to dinner, which was at the top of the island, and I decided we take the longer route 🙈 but we had a magnificent sunset which was totally worth the walk! Dinner was a self made braai on the beach, it was so much fun and really delicious! So cool to do something different!

12 September 2017

Up early for breaki, today is diving day! So much excitement to see a whole new world under the surface of the water up close! We went out to turtle point but as he current was going in a different direction as thought we didn’t get to go to shark cove. It was magical! We saw 4 turtles, one giving himself a good shell rub. We saw a tiny nudibranch (sea slug), cutest ever! It was really such a special time! After the dive we went for a walk to find lunch and ended up walking around the whole island! It’s not as short a walk as thought. We booked a beach “braai” for dinner the next day, I had a coconut to drink and ended up scrapping out the soft meat for a young goat. We took pictures on the famous swings and enjoyed a gorgeous sunset! The are very casual about selling you mushrooms to get spaced out on the beach. It was such a special and memorable day! Absolutely loved it! We had dinner at the night market, you select what you want to eat and they grill it for you.

11 September 2017

Off to Gili Trawangan!! Up early to have an early breakie, first people down, to get an Uber at 7ish to Padangbai. We waited a while at the harbour (meant to leave at 9:30) for our boat to leave. The view of Bali is just wonderous! We sat on the deck for the whole trip, got a view and fresh air. The Gili islands are tiny! The water is crystal blue! We struggled with the bags to our hotel, Scallywags but we got a smoothie and a beer to make up for it and our room is amazing! We changed Into non-sweaty clothes and went for a walk to find some lunch. We then chilled on the beach and had a little snooze. We had also decided to do a discover diving course, so we did the pool session (I was worried about my asthma, but it was kickass awesome!) We had a shower to warm up and go find some dinner, as delicious as the grill looked at scallywags it was too expensive, but we managed to find a delicious fish to eat at a cute upstairs restaurant! Time in paradise!

10 September 2017

Off to see more waterfalls today. We started off early as it was a 2 hour journey to get to Banyumala waterfall. We got there just after 10 and then hiked down to the waterfall. The journey climbing up into the mountains, through the clouds was beautiful! The road down to the waterfall parking was quite stressful as it wasn’t much of a road! But it was magnificent and it wasn’t busy yet! We swam and walked around the waterfall, but when we got to the top to leave we realized we lost the key for the scooter in the water! Dyl ran down the long walk to have a search but in vain while I waited at the top and asked a mechanic to help us open the seat and start the scooter. Luckily he was able to help us and we could then start and stop the scooter. We stopped for some lunch with a view and then made our way back to Ubud, stopping at sights for pictures on the way. Once back we chilled at the pool, had afternoon tea. Dinner was at a restaurant next to Biah Biah, and Dyl had a brownie!

9 September 2017

Up at 2am to be collected at 2:30 - we are off to climb Mt Batur. About a 2 hour drive north of Ubud, we stopped and had a coffee and banana pancake and then we continued to the mountain. We were met by two guides and started walking by torch light. There were so many people climbing that a guide is not even necessary! Because so many people the climb was a bit slow and we nearly missed sunrise, but after a quick run passed people we made it to the top! It was a bit cold at the top but we got some hot tea and had our packed breakfast and watched sunrise which was just spectacular! After being at the top for about an hour, we made our way down, a much easier walk than the one up, the sand was super soft. Once back the hotel, we made it in time for breakfast! Had a shower and snooze, then chilled at the pool for the rest of the day. Went to a ridge for some pics and then had dinner at Monkey Forest.

8 September 2017

I woke up early to go to the 7am yoga class at The Yoga barn, it was a much better class than last night! It was really great to move to get some energy flowing. When I got back to the hotel, Dyl and I had breakie and then got on the scooter to start adventures. We started at Tegenungan waterfall, we had to swim because we were just too hot and sticky, then we went to a coffee plantation were we tried Coffee made from poo. From there we went to the “elephant temple”, Gia Gajah, both a Buddhist and Hindu temple. It was getting late so we decided only to visit Pura Tirta Empul, where we got in the water and did a water cleansing in the spring water. Last stop was the Tegalaland Rice Terrace, which were beautiful and green, with the palm trees. Was such a wonderful day exploring together through all the trees and rice fields. We had dinner at Biah Biah, cheapest beer we have found so far and I chose a tapas style dinner and it was super yummy!

7 September 2017

Leaving Seminyak today to go to Ubud. Only needed to check out at 12:00 and check in was only at 14:00 at the new hotel. We walked down to the Seminyak beach and have a swim and then we walked back to the room to have a shower and try find another Uber to take us to Ubud. It was about an hours drive but we got into the Hotel at a good time that we could check in. We were hungry and in need of lunch so we ate at The Onion next to the Greenfield hotel, I had a vegan bowl. We then chilled at the pool and were there in time for free “tea”. We then got ready to go to a yin yoga class - it was very slow and Dyl fell asleep. I was very close to falling asleep! We had dinner at a recommended duck restaurant- ended up being quite expensive! We were silly not to look at the menu first - but it was delicious. We also organized a scooter for tomorrow and booked the Mt Batur hike. We also moved rooms, the first room had too many windows, second room was much better! Rice fields 😍

6 September 2017

After yesterday’s craziness and traffic on the scooter, today was a chill day to the max! We got an Uber to Canggu beach, rented loungers and vegged our all day. Tanned, had a snooze, had a swim, walked along the beach a bit. We had a local affordable lunch, did some more chilling and then in time for sunset, we walked along the beach and stopped at a restaurant/ bar that had happy hour and we watched the sunset. Had some difficulty getting an uber to take us back to Arana suites but eventually managed to get one. We dressed into dry clothes and then went to the same seafood place, this time we also got prawns. For dessert we got deep fried banana for R1 each!

5 September 2017

We hired a scooter to go and explore South Kuta! We woke up early to be ready by 10:00 to start our journey to Jimbaran, but we went to the wrong beach and decided we should rather do first Uluwatu temple and then make our way back up. We zooted down to Uluwatu which was breathtaking, but sneaky naughty monkeys steal everything and one stole Dylan’s glasses off his face and luckily one of the temple guards through the monkey an egg or he would have broken his glasses. We then drove to Pantai Uluwatu beach, hidden in a cove. We had lunch with a view of people surfing and then went down to the beach to try and swim - epic fail! The tide was low and walking on the reef was painful and destructive so we decided to find another beach. We ended up at Padang Padang beach - with a million stairs down to the beach. We chilled, had a beer, walked along the beach and wallowed in the water. We had sundowners at the Rock cafe. Dinner was the tastiest street seafood! Was Devine and well priced.

4 September 2017

First day exploring together! Woke up and had an awesome buffet breaki with a view of the ocean! After breaki we went to put tons of sunblock on and then we walked to the surfing shop for our surfing lesson together! Dyl is a natural, he was up and surfing from the first wave! I am still standing up too quickly but it was great fun to do it together! Surfing builds up an appetite but we went back to the hotel to put dry clothes on first and then we made the missions to my cheap restaurant and had lunch there. While walking back we went to look at the stalls and Dyl considered getting a new suitcase because his had a broken wheel. At 6 we went to sit at the beach and enjoy sundowners (bintang lemon). For dinner we had traditional “suckling pig” at a very local restaurant! It was delicious but super spicy I felt as if I was breathing fire. It was an extremely cheap meal! Had to get a milo to cool my mouth down though!

3 September 2017

Had a super chilled morning, the balls of my feet are super sore with a blister on each foot, so didn’t want to walk around too much. Had some breakfast and packed my bags and then chilled at the pool and read the book “when breath becomes air”, that Mikas gave me. I waited until 12 o’clock when I needed to check out and then walked 600m to “The Grand Inna Hotel”, with my extremely heavy bag and my backpack on the front. I was super sweaty! I checked in but the rooms where only available from 3 so I left my luggage in storage. I then just walked up and down the beach and had a swim. Got to the hotel at 3 and went to the room, had a shower and settled in. I had dinner at the hotel street food restaurant. Got a taxi to go fetch Dyl at the airport!! Once we got to the hotel we went for a walk along Legian street to get a beer! So grateful he is here with me and we get to share this time together!

2 September 2017

I woke up at 6:30 to hopefully see sunrise but that didn’t happen, what did happen was I was the first on in the street and had a beautiful quite walk down to the beach. When I was back at the hotel, I had breakfast and then got a taxi to the airport to see if Cathay Pacific had my little “T” bag with my iPod and credit card and they did, but I had already cancelled my card. Went back to the city and went for a walk to look at the shop and bought some surfing stuff. I then found an affordable surf school and had some surfing lessons for 2 hours - stood up a few times, I just need to learn to feel the wave and stand up slowly. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped for a mango smoothie, which was delicious and so needed! I chilled for a bit, walked to the beach for sunset and then walked nearly 2km but found the cheapest restaurant for food, and it was great food!

1 September 2017

Landed in Hong Kong with 2 hours to walk around, got an energy shot and digestive juice to help with all the bread intake and sitting. The flight to Bali was quick, but the best part was Ice cream for dessert! When the plane landed in Bali, about another 3 planes landed at the same time! It was an absolute disaster!! Getting through immigration took about 2 hours! Once through, I had to find a taxi and then haggle with him to take me to Kuta. He ended up taking myself & another guy so he could get his price but an absolute ripoff. Made it to my hotel and settled all my stuff. Then I went for a walk down to the beach, past all the clubs and sidewalk stalls (they haggle you and nag you to buy something). Walked along the beach road to find a “street food” place for dinner and I had my first Bintang. Went back to the airport to look for my little bag I lost on the plane and had to run around to the Seraton to cancel my card. Will explore the city/ beach more.