Thailand · 23 Days · 24 Moments · September 2017

Tamlin-Jade's tour through Thailand

14 October 2017

Last day in Thailand! It rained so much last night that the roads where completely flooded! I met Binx and Ramero at the Chutuchuk market, they needed to get some stuff for the flat and I wanted to get Tanni pants, Tanya and them an orchid. The market is so massive and we got there at 9:30 so most of the shops were still opening. We went for a foot massage, had some nibble snacks while walking around. I got Dyl and I matching pants for Christmas and found 2 massive Orchids for only 150 Baht!! R60 each! I rushed back home, had a bath, finished packing, made some lunch and then ordered an Uber to get to the airport. Bought Thai tea, coconut ice cream while at the airport!

13 October 2017

Slept in, chilled, packed/ sorted out my bag and then joined Jay taking Otter to the dog yard to run around and play with other dogs. I had a yummy banoffee pie! We then went out for dinner, Tanya, Jay, Calvin and I. It is a “fancy” Thai restaurant so I could try any Thai dishes I hadn’t already. I went to get my favourite mango rice for dessert! The food is so delicious!

12 October 2017

Got back to Bangkok at 8:00 and back to the house at 9:00ish. Had a shower, munch and a chill and then made my way to the shopping centre just to dawdle about and then grabbed some lunch. I met with Binx and Ramero for the evening to go to the river market for dinner. Bangkok is so humid compared to Chiang Mai, just sweaty all the time!! When I got home Otter came to sleep in my room! Such a friendly, loving dog!

11 October 2017

The days have been so chilled and so much fun! I tried slack lining for the first time yesterday and was impressed I managed to balance even a little bit! I had a Thai massage, which was very needed! I painted, did a creative writing workshop this morning - just writing for 10min, anything that comes to mind and then we wrote to 7 pieces of music. It was beautiful to just let go and not overthink what is flowing through my body! A group of us took an Uber back to Chiang mai, I had the 18:00 train back to Bangkok. I was impulsive and bought a croquet dress, hopefully I can make it into a skirt 😃 So grateful for the yoga retreat!

9 October 2017

Woke up at 5am for morning meditation and yoga at 5:30. I found Meditation for 20 minutes unguided very challenging, I constantly wanted to fidget and my legs were going numb. I really need to put more focus on meditation and calming my mind! The asana was so great to move my body again and just flow. Mornings are silent until breakfast, but on Mondays they are silent until after breakfast. Waffles, coconut milk and oats were delicious! We had some chill time after breakie, so I sat reading, chatting to people and I had a reiki session with Ellen. I also started painting, which was so childlike and free. After lunch Robin (squared) and Janine, we went for a walk to a lake. I continued to paint/ draw during the afternoon and loved the afternoon class with Johanna, it was upbeat, dancing and just letting go! Really loving meeting all these like minded, free spirited people!

8 October 2017

Off to the yoga retreat today! Check in only at 14:00, so I went for a walk through the old city and had breakfast, avo on toast with a poached egg and a mango smoothie. I then got an uber to get to Suan Sati, 30min away. So exciting to start doing classes of yoga! I am in the dorm room with fellow yogies, but most are out on their day off. So I just chilled in the “common” area spoke to some of the people working/ volunteering and read my book and did some journaling. So happy to be out of a city, surrounded by trees and meeting new like minded people! All meals are vegan, they are delicious!

7 October 2017

Slept in until 8, after our night out. I wanted to go to Sticky waterfall, but it is an hour away and I would have needed to have hired a scooter. So a group of us from the hostel decided to go to a lake close to Chiang Mai. We all took a red taxi and booked him for the day. We all chilled in a little “house” on the lake, chatted, ordered some food and sat through a rain storm. This evening I went to the night Bazar with Adelaide, Kirsty and Brandon. Such a great relaxing day before starting my yoga retreat tomorrow.
Had a vegan dinner with Liz at “Morning glory”, a small family run business. We got some beers and then started drinking at the Hostel with some of the other people staying there. We all got chatting and made some friends. The owners then took us all out clubbing, one epic night with everyone.
I joined a group of people from the Hostel, we caught a red taxi and went to Dui Suthep, the temple up on the hill, that overlooks Chiang Mai. The ride was extremely widey that motion sickness was nearly a real problem. We made it and then explored the temple. It was unfortunately cloudy so we didn’t get the best view. We sat and chatted for a bit, got some drinks and then caught another taxi down into the main city again. We all got lunch together from a little place near the Hostel, I had basil pork and rice. Was really great just to chat to other travelers and hear everyone else’s story. We all went back to the Hostel and I chilled and waited for a massive rain storm to stop before I could go on an adventure. I walked to the silver temple, only men allowed inside. The roads were very flooded. Epic chilled day because tonight we went out and it was hot, crazy fun and a long night!

5 October 2017

Arrived in Chiang Mai station at 7:15, thankfully because I had to rush to get an uber to take me to the elephant sanctuary office in town. I got there in time and with some time to spare to get a coffee before getting on the bus to go to the elephant sanctuary. The elephant sanctuary is one of the few companies who rescues elephants, rehabilitates them and allows them to roam on the property at their own free will. Once we arrived we got to feed our 2 elephants for the day. There were 12 of us in a group which was fine but we didn’t get time to really get close with the elephants/ get dirty when washing them, something I really wanted to do. We walked around the compound and our guide explained the history of the park, and how they are managing the elephants currently. After lunch, vegan food, we went to “wash” our elephant and then we walked to visit the other elephant families. Got back to Chiang Mai at about 4ish and got dropped off at my Hostel. Dinner was with Hostel friends.

4 October 2017

Off to Chiang Mai today! So extremely excited! I need to be at the train station at 5ish, my train leaves at 6:15. Exercise in the morning now as usual, and then I went for a walk up the road and explored the area closer to home. Booked an oil massage before I was going to travel for 13 hours in a train. Before I had the massage, I got my first Thai tea off the streets! I am in love with Thai tea! The massage was so lovely and relaxing and really helped to loosen up the tight spots. I had a shower in the spa, to get rid of all the oil before I went back to the house to collect all my stuff. Before I left I played with Otter and had a snack of olives, cheese, avo. In the heat trekked on the BTS and metro to the station, got my ticket first. I ended up being early, so I chilled on the floor in the train station and got some lunch/ dinner, basil rice. I had the top bunk, so much for sleeping the lights were on the whole night! Very cool train, but sleep would have been great!

3 October 2017

Not much to do today, exercised, wondered around the huge house. All the way up to the third floor! I then decided to go on an adventure to the shops, because they have aircon and I wanted to get some lunch. Went to my favourite area, got lunch inside the Siam Paragon. Went exploring central world and found a sweet making store. They make all the hard candy themselves and to any design you want. Made my way home after 6 and joined Jay at home. Just made a quick snack dinner because C and Jay had already eaten and it was easy food because Tanya is away on work. Organized my bad and packed for Chiang Mai tomorrow!

2 October 2017

Binx has arrived in Bangkok with Romero to start their lives here for a year. I met them at Pachamburi metro and walked to their little 2 bedroom apartment. So great to see her again, hasn’t been since my birthday and we hardly spend time together anyways that’s awesome we get to spend this time together now. We drove to Ikea to find more home accessories to start filling the apartment. But before shopping we had something to munch in the food court. Once we had finished at IKEA, we drove back to the apartment and started cleaning all the cupboards and packing away all the new stuff. We then chilled for bit and then went for Japanese (ramen) for dinner. Epic “chilled” day but was so great to be doing something and helping out!

1 October 2017

Cooking class today!! So excited! Met at 9am to go to the market, with my group and the most charismatic chef. At the market he explained all the herbs and vegetables used in Thai cooking. We bought coconut to make coconut milk and then we took a tuktuk to the cooking school. It was the owners house renovated for cooking classes and it was too cute and artistic. Started with making coconut milk to use later. Tom Yum first, then phad Thai, papaya salad, massaman curry and mango sticky rice. Was such a delicious and fun morning. For the afternoon I went to the Chutuchuk market, that sells everything. Luckily I didn’t take a lot of money because there is just so much for sale! Had some coconut ice cream while missioning through the market. There was some really beautiful artwork. Once back at the house, I chilled and stretched.

30 September 2017

Saturday - time to explore Bang Krakow with Tanya and Calvin. We had a quick breakie and then drove the car down to the harbour where we caught one of the speed boats across to Bangkok’s green lung island. We hired bicycles and started to cycle towards the “floating” market. First we stopped at the Siamese fighting fish gallery, as we continued we past a Buddha temple and then took a tiny water pathway to get to the market. The pathway was very narrow and Calvin got very scared and had a king meltdown - he does not know how to control his emotions. We made it to the market, I bought so many Thai desserts to try, had a pork Satay and then had some noodles with Tanya. I played slingshot with Calvin and Tanya, he is very competitive. It was a really lovely day and ended with a swim in the pool and a water balloon war.

29 September 2017

Yesterday was a long day, I slept in, did some exercise and had breakie. Chilled for a bit doing research and found a place “up” the road that is “famous” for its Thai chicken dish. So I made the mission in search of food and tried papaya salad for the first time and as delicious as it is, it nearly burnt my tongue out my mouth. I also had their grilled chicken which was so tasty, crispy but moist. I then slowly made my way back home and played and chilled with Otter. Friday nights are movie night and we watched Enders game.

28 September 2017

Another long day of adventure- off to the Erawan National Park, to see the waterfall. I had to get an Uber early to the train station, ( a completely different train station and not close to anything). The train ride is 3 hours, luckily I made friends with two Canadians so talking made the journey go quicker. Once in (), I caught the bus to the National Park. There are 7 pools to the waterfall, the path to the first 4 are easy and then I starts to get super muddy. I swam in the second pool, just to cool off but the fish just want to nibble you, I had them on my feet but their mouths are too big and it was an awful sensation. I then missioned up to the 7th pool but only had a few minutes to swim and explore. I had to catch the 4pm bus back to Kathambari to get the bus back to Bangkok. Once back in Bangkok I had to catch the metro and BTS Home. Only got home at about 9ish. Was a very long day but the waterfalls were very cool and fish were creepy!

27 September 2017

Yesterday was a long day, so I took a slow morning also doing some exercise. Started by heading to Victory monument on the BTS, I researched a good place to eat in the area and found a very local boat noodle place that was on the canal. Each bowl is 15 Bhat but a small amount of deliciousness that you can easily order tons more but I just had two, beef boat noodle bowls. So full of flavour and not too spicy! From there I trekked, for a chilled day I really walked far, to the Marble temple, I had a sit inside for a bit next to the fan! People can “go out” Buddha and release fish into the water, this one man didn’t take the elastic off the bag so all the water drained out and the fish were still in the bag 🙈 From there on my way to a metro Or BTS, I stopped at the Jim Thompson house. The man reintroduced silk production to Thailand and his house is just too beautiful. Just before I got on the BTS I walked through Siam center.

26 September 2017

Went to explore the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Started off by taking the BTS, MBT to Hua Lomphong which is where I caught the train. For 20 Bhat and sitting in 3rd class the journey took about an hour. I had the most friendly little Thai lady sitting opposite me who put her feet up on my chair to save it for me when I got up to talk to the conductor. Once there, I crossed the bridge and then hired a bicycle for the day. I cycled to first main site, the one with the fallen Buddha head that has now been picked up by the fig roots. The pants I was wearing though were not conducive to cycling and they ripped 🙈. Very luckily right outside the ruin people were selling clothes and I managed to buy a pair of pants to save the day. With new pants I cycled to all the major ruins on the map - it’s incredible how most of the big temples are still standing and the way they were built is amazing! One sad part was there were elephants being ridden and a baby standing near its mother.

25 September 2017

More city exploring - first stop Chinatown again, walking down the Main Street. Unfortunately there are so many restaurants selling shark fin soup & birds nest. Went to the Flower market, where they sell all the flowers and fruit packages for offerings at the temples. I then took the river taxi to Wat Arun (Dawn temple), the mosaic on the building is incredible, so colourful! Took the ferry across the river and walked to the Giant swing, which is actually missing the swing part and is only the “stand” of a swing. On my way back to the train, I had some lunch at a Chinese street food restaurant in Chinatown and then walked through the very packed street markets.

24 September 2017

Calvin has rugby practice/game on Sunday mornings, which I did not join in. I took the sky train and went to explore one of the shopping centres. My word, firstly there are so many shopping centres in Bangkok, very close together and with the same stores! I entered at the food section, there are many little stores selling their specific foods and then there is a gourmet food shop (this one is big). I went up to H&M and Zara, I love the variety of clothes they sell in different countries. I then made my way home as we were having a brunch with friends of Jays’ from work. Before they arrived I took Otter on a walk/run, but it was midday and I think the floor was too hot for his paws, so it was a quick expedition. The rest of the day was eating, chilling and chatting.

23 September 2017

Saturday today so no school/ work. I went with Tanya and C when they went grocery shopping, she dropped me off at The Commons market. It is a 4 story building with boutique stores and a variety of food stalls and then places to chill. It was pouring with rain, so I looked at the different floors, spoke to Dyl and then grabbed something to eat. When Tanya and C came to fetch me, I got a mix between a Thai and Portuguese dessert to take home. Chilled at home and did some research for the rest of the day and we watched a movie.

22 September 2017

Time to get out the house & go explore Bangkok! Wow it’s so humid, sweaty after 10min! I wanted to get some touristy things out the way, so jumped on the BTS & then took the Metro to Hua Lampong station. The sky train & metro are so efficient it’s amazing, also a source of aircon! Walked towards Chinatown, on my walk I stopped at the Golden Buddha - a 3m tall statue made entirely out of gold. From there I walked to the river, where I caught the river taxi to the Grand palace. Since King Rama 9th death last year, thousands of Thai people have been at the palace to show their respects. They have to dress head to toe in black, & they wait nearly the whole day in the heat to “pray” to the king. Three look like ants around the palace. The palace architecture & detail in the design is so beautiful. All the mosaic & roof tiles. From the palace, I had my first Phad Thai & then went to see Wat Pho, laying gold Buddha. Made my way home to have dinner with C and Tanya.

21 September 2017

Day one in Thailand and I am chilling. Woke up and took my time to get dressed - did some yoga before going downstairs for breakfast. Tanya was sick so she was sleeping upstairs, so I made myself comforting the lounge and started reading Pinterest blah about Bangkok. I also started to formulate a plan of action for the next few days/ weeks in Thailand. At about 14:00, Tanya came down and we chatted and made some lunch. I continued to be a vegetable for the rest of the day.