Germany · 17 Days · 17 Moments · August 2017

Tamlin-Jade's tour through Germany

17 August 2017

Last day in Berlin and Germany. Started off with going to the Grunewald forest just west and out of the city. The forest has a horrible history from World war too and the Cold War! Most of the lest over rubble was complied the left there which is now an artificial hill. It was so wonderful to walked through all the trees and it was lovely and quite! Bought a delicious German baked treat and nibbled that while walking. I was meeting Jo at the Zoologischer station at 4, so I got there early so I could explore some of the area before we met up. Saw the old church that was bombed and the new one they built next to it. Once Jo and I met, we went to an Italian restaurant and shared a pizza. We wanted to go to the aquarium but it was €20 and it was closing in an hour so we left and walked along the expenses shopping street. Then we got a bus to go see the Charlottenburg palace, we walked around the garden and then made our way home. We had some wine &dinner as our last night together.

16 August 2017

Had a slow morning, exercise and stretching, not doing yoga regularly has made me so unfit! I made my way to Hackescher markt, my favourite area and went to a recommended Vietnamese restaurant for lunch, got another custom made earring and looked at the quirky hipster, thrift shops. Then I walked to Museum island, and continued to dawdle to Potsdamer platz. On my way home I stopped at a traditional German restaurant and had crispy Eisbein for dinner! Finally and it was absolutely delicious!

15 August 2017

Took the train to Potsdam and hired a bike at the train station for the day. Followed the map to a church and then to an arch in the center of town, while making my way to Schloss Sanssouci. They don’t allow you to cycle through the gardens so I parked my bike and walked. I ate some lunch (antipasti) under the trees looking at the fountain and palace. I then walked all the steps up the palace, it was a leg burning walk. I then continued to cycles on the bike paths through the gardens, past the university, making my way to the river area. I absolutely love cycling, makes me feel like a kid again and feel so free! I cycled following the map to different highlights through the town, stopped at an old World War Two and Cold War prison - that was very intense! I stopped along the river to have a beer and sausage and then did a rapid cycle back to the train station to get the bike back in time. I look the train back to Berlin.

14 August 2017

Caitlin and I met today for the last time before she leaves tomorrow. We decided to meet at Treptower station to go see the abandoned amusement park and we wanted to go chill at the pool in the river but it was not hot enough. We had some lunch in the park and then decided to do to Hackescher markt to find the alley with street art. We walked towards a tattoo shop for Caitlin to find out how much a piercing is but they were closed so she didn't get one. On our walk we found a shop that makes bubble tea and of course we had to get an original one. I got an ear ring made at a funky custom design shop. We found the street gallery and walked through that. Caitlin then went back to her hostel to back her bags and I walked through more of the side streets and did some window shopping then then went to a cheap Vietnamese restaurant for some dinner

13 August 2017

Got up every two hours but eventually got up at about 11:00, had a shower and lots of water. Jo and Phillip also got ready and then we hopped on the tram, had to walk a bit to get to the "kebab festival". Was an absolute let down, had to pay an entrance fee and then there wasn't much choice to eat and it was expensive. Due to some mild hangovers we ate something there and then made our way to the S train. Grabbed an ice cream on our way to the train - we made our way to a roof top bar. The bar was on the top parking and has a view of the city, we sat and chilled for a bit, enjoyed the sun and then made our way back home to chill and sleep!

12 August 2017

Party Karate time! We took the tram the the party area and walked to the first club to make it before 12:00, we managed to get into the club for €3 each, but when we saw the price of the drinks we walked to the corner shop and got a bottle of wine to share and a packet of chips. We sat on the bench and drank our wine and then got in the line to Soda to get in for free before 01:00, we made it and got 3 free shots each. Soda has multiple dance floors and we ended up doing the Macaraina, going to the dance floor and then the electric floor. We went outside and Philip was there and he wanted to go to the 3rd club. I met some of his friends and we danced and I tried a Berliner shot (tasted like toothpaste). At 4am we left the club and sat outside and the sky was turning lighter, had a hotdog and waited until 5 so we could catch the tram home.
Since Caitlin and I had booked to go see the Reichstag at 13:30, I had a slow morning. Got up and did some exercise and yoga. Jo let me know that there was a really cool street market not too far from the flat, so I took the tram and then walked. Got to taste German Sauerkraut and brokworst (sausage), and bought half a cheesecake for Caitlin and I to share ( was only €3). I then walked to get the U and S train to get to the Hauptbanhof where we were meeting again. We walked to the Reichstag and went up to the roof and learnt about the German government. We ate the cheesecake on the roof and then went to take some pictures without cranes. Caitlin went back to her hostel to get some work done and I went back to the flat to meet Jo. We sat and chatted while we had some wine and ate pizza for dinner before we got ready to go out and party!

11 August 2017

Caitlin and I met again at 11am at the main station, this time with a location so we don't lose each other again, but Caitlin already went to the wrong side of the station but we managed to find each other quickly. With no set plan we walked to the Reichstag to see when we could get tickets to go into the building, we got for tomorrow at 13:30. From there we went to the Memorial for murdered Jews, we went into the museum which was very heavy! Time for lunch - so we walked to a station to take us to the Burgermeister, retro styled burger restaurant with delicious burgers and we shared chips. After lunch we walked a bit to see a bit more of the area and then took another train to the west side. We found an open art "gallery" of Berlin bears painted in multiple countries styles. We continued walking to the Victory monument, past the presidents house and then we both made our separate way home.

10 August 2017

Caitlin and I exchanged numbers yesterday so we could meet up today to explore the East side gallery. We decided to meet at Ostbrauhof at 11am, but we didn't decide on where at the station we would meet and luckily she but her data on for a second to come and find me. Once we found each other we walked to the Wall of the gallery. All the art is on the wall and it's awesome! I found some deep meanings in some of the work and some are just fun. Once the walk of the Wall was done we walked across the bridge on a mission to find a park to sit down for lunch. We managed to find a great place in the shade to eat and decide on our next move of the day. We went to find the pool in the river - we found it and decided we will come back tomorrow to tan and swim. On our way out we took booth pics. We then walked to the New market hall that had tons of different food stalls - yummy food everywhere! Last stop was the Holocaust museum again and then the train station where I had a currywust.

9 August 2017

I struggled to sleep because the road is super noisy and the pillows are so soft and uncomfortable. Once I was up, I did some stretching and then made my way on the bus to get to Museum Island for the walking tour. On the tour I met Caitlin - parents South African but she has loved abroad her whole life and we instantly connected. The tour went past check point Charlie, part of the Wall, the Nazi office, the Holocaust museum and ended at Brandenburg gate - it was interesting and great to make a friend. The tour ended at 14:00ish but from not having much sleep and lots of walking I was quite tired. A group of us from the tour went to get some ice cream- salted caramel for the win! Caitlin and I then went to Potsdam Platz supermarket to get supplies for dinner (cheap) at Aldi. I then waited at least 20min to buy a train ticket and made my way back to the flat where I chilled and then made dinner. Spaghetti and some of Philips mince sauce.

8 August 2017

Time to go to Berlin. Got up early to be at the train by 7:00, I only had to change the train once to go directly to the airport. Bag check in took a while but luckily security went smoothly and had enough time to get a butter pretzel. Once I landed in Berlin ( the airport is not the most organized), I took a bus to the central station. I look a while to decide what I wanted to do, so I sat and did some reading and research about Berlin and then put my bag in a locker and went for a walk. I walked over the bridge towards the Brandenburg gate and then through some of the Tiergarden. Jo messaged me to let me know she was leaving work so I made my way back to the train station to meet her. We go on a train to Alexander platz and then a bus because the trams are being fixed. Philip's apartment is on the second floor - no lift, two flights of very steep stairs. Jo and I sat and caught up, when she went home, I went for a walk to the park.

7 August 2017

I was feeling very down after I got the fine yesterday, but I decided to go see the Neuschwanstein castle today (before I regret not going). So I bought a Bayern Ticket and made the 2 hour Journey to Fussen, I made a friend on the train and we stuck together for the day. From the train station we caught the bus to Hohenschwangau - town where the two castles are. We bought tickets to go into the Neuschwanstein castle, so we had 2 hours to walk up to the Hohenschwangau castle, take pictures and then walk to the crystal clear lake. On our way up to the Neuschwanstein castle - we took the wrong turn and ended up hiking up a 70 degree incline. It was a beautiful but very intense walk. Once we finally make it up, we took pictures on the bridge and rushed to make our tour time. The castle was definitely worth the spend - it was absolutely magical (not allowed to take pictures). We then walked back down the really steep slope down into the town & I made my way back to the train station.

6 August 2017

The plan for today was to go to Neuschwanstein castle, but as we driving (in Olivia's car) it starts to shudder on acceleration, we pull over and the emergency lights come on indicating the car has to go in for an electrical check. We turned around to go back home, rather be safe than sorry. I had to come up with a new plan as what to do for the rest of the day. I decided to go visit the Nymphenburg palace, at the palace I visited the original carriages and sleighs that are now housed in the old stables. I had a walk through the gardens, (in winter you can ice skate on the lake because it's shallow enough that the whole lake freezes). On my way back, I didn't buy a new train ticket - I got a fine! 100% my fault - I feel so embarrassed and disappointed in myself! There is a lot of self love that I am trying to work on - it's really not that easy. To change my mind to turn easy hateful words into loving words that I don't always believe.

5 August 2017

Saturday, Olivia is off work so we went to the Lake. Woke up at 8, had some breakfast with Leilah and Liv and then got ready to go to the Starnberger Lake (45min from the house). It was a lovely hot clear day so I could see the Alps while sitting at the lake. The water was crystal clear and slightly chilly but very refreshing! We were at a place called Tutzing, there is a restaurant, change rooms and a "private area" to sit on the grass. There are small pebbles instead of sand, which was quite uncomfortable when standing on them for a long time. The Tutzing people tied two large logs in place, so people can try climb onto them. I swam out and sat on the log and had fun trying to stay on while other people tried to get up. On our way home we stopped at a field where you can pick flowers and then just leave the money there. It works on a complete trust system- it's amazing! Was a perfect day of relaxing, tanning, swimming &a picking flowers! 🌼

3 August 2017

Happy birthday Pap🌟 Started the day out going back to the Residenz and looking at the Treasury ( beautiful gothic styled crowns and there were Rhino horn sculptures) and the Cuvillies theater. From there I walked through the high gardens and then towards the English garden. Right off the Main Street, I found the famous surfing spot in the canal, the wave is caused by a ditch that was built in the canal. Continued to walk through the garden where I was confronted by way too many very naked old men for my liking - all very eager to walk around or lie with their legs open! I walked swiftly from the area to find the larger Chinese Pagoda where I found some delicious food. It is wonderful how everyone is relaxing in the garden along the river - it's so clean that everyone is swimming and floating along. For lunch I had a slice of roast pork with crackling, potatoes and a Radler (beer and lemonade). BMW (only the show room) and Olympia park ended my day off.

2 August 2017

Day on exploring Munich: Started the day with the free walking tour, nearly missed it because the trains decided to stop working and I had to run from the main station nearly 1,5km to the meeting point ~ got there all hot and sweaty! The tour was informative about the cities history and origins as well as how the city was affected once the Nazi's started to gain power. There was one street that had a plaque on that had to be Nazi saluted every time you walked past, otherwise you were arrested. We walked passed the famous Hofbräuhaus - beer drinking all day, as well as a beer garden/ market. After the tour ended at St Peter's church I went back to the market to get some lunch - ended up having a schnitzel and potato salad and 0,5l of beer - was delicious and the beer was a lot! The end the day I bought a ticket to the Residenz - home to the last ruling family of Bavaria. I did the main house today and will do the rest tomorrow.

1 August 2017

I made it to Munich!! Stayed the night in the hotel close to the station, just because I arrived at 01:00. Once I woke up I made my way to meet Olivia to get the keys to her apartment. It was a such a hot day, just when I was hoping Germany would be colder than Italy! Took the S7 to the Solln station and then walked to her house, which is in such beautiful suburban area surrounded by trees. I had a shower, made some lunch and then stretched while doing research as to what there is to do in Munich. Liv recommended I take a stroll down to the channel near the house, which I did at 4pm, needed to be home at 5pm to let Liv into the house, so I had to run back😂. We had a braai for dinner which was wonderful- finally had some meat today! Was a lovely relaxed day!