Finland · 2 Days · 3 Moments · August 2017

Tamlin-Jade's tour through Finland

31 August 2017

Last day in Europe :(! I packed my bags and left them in the storage room in the Hostel. Walked down to the harbour and got a plate of salted sardines and walked in the rain along the harbour and the coast. Walked along and through one park and tried to stay out of the rain, I of course left my umbrella in my big bag. On my way back to the Hostel, I got a typical seafood on rye bread Finnish meal, I had crab, hmmm yummy!! I collected my bags and made my way to the airport early before my transport card expired. Say in the airport for a while but could luckily check in my bad early. The airport is the strangest, arrivals and departures all mix together in one terminal. So blessed with my time in Europe but super happy to no longer be using the Euro!

30 August 2017

Did some yoga and then went to have a traditional Finnish sauna. Started the day with the Free walking tour and learning some Finnish history as well as their education system. Our guide also gave us some tips about traditional Finnish treats and their chocolate is the best ever! The tour ended at 12, so I made my way to the harbour market and got a plate of grilled Salmon and sardines (salted and fried), I could easily have eaten 10 plates. At that harbour I caught the boat to Suomenlinna Island, previously used as a fort in the wars against Russia. People still live on the island but it is mostly a tourist attraction now. Walked around there until 4 to get the boat back. I then walked up and down the Main Street looking in to the different shops and started to look for dinner, which ended up being a disaster because other than fast food or super expensive there was not much option until I decided to have some Italian pasta at the same food chain that Jo and I ate at in Berlin.

29 August 2017

Had an early flight out of Copenhagen, Egle went to the airport with me, my new clothes made my bag heavier, so I had to put it in my backpack. Arrived in Finland at 10, bought a 2 day train ticket and took the train to the central train station, from there I caught the tram 4, to the Hostel. They allowed me to check in early, had a two bed bedroom, a kitchen was on my floor and a free morning sauna. I settled into the room and did some research as to what to do and see in Helsinki. I proceeded to walk towards the harbour, up to the Russian Orthodox Church, and the Helsinki cathedral. I walked along the harbour towards a traditional Finnish restaurant that serves a Finnish buffet. I tried Reindeer, anchovies with mince and delicious Salmon. I had a berry wine that was absolutely divine! It got hard here earlier than Denmark and it’s much colder! Made my walk back to the Hostel, I had a roommate but I showered and caught up some zzz’s.