Denmark · 11 Days · 12 Moments · August 2017

Tamlin-Jade's tour through Denmark

29 August 2017

Up at 4:45, showered last night so didn't have to rush in the morning. Egle got up at 5:00 to organize some coffee and breakfast for me. Mikas and Soren were up to say bye. Egle and I got to the airport at 7, it's a self bag check in. I went through security and waited to board my plane. Landed in Helsinki at 10:10. Bought a 2 day train ticket and caught the train and then the tram to the hostel. I was lucky enough to be able to get a room and check in early.

28 August 2017

Soren and Egle got back from London last night, we all had breakfast together. Mikas left at 11:30 to go see a friend in town. I sat in the garden and read while Egle showered and we put the washing out. We then took the bus into town to go shopping. Was a relaxed day - Egle spoilt me! Got home to prep dinner, more sausages 😂 Packed bags to leave super early in the morning.

27 August 2017

Got home at 3:30 so we slept until 11:00, had a quick breakfast and then made our way to the aquarium. Mikas hadn't been since they moved it and I have been dying to just walk through an aquarium! The predator enclosure was really big with hammer head sharks and rays. There was an otter feeding at 16:30 so we walked around until we watched that and then made our way home again. On our way back we stopped at the Main station and walked through the "Meat packing district" and found a little burger restaurant/ street food - where we munched some dinner. When we got home I did some packing and we watched some more GOT.

26 August 2017

Had to get up early so we could get on the bus to Malmö at 10:10. We took the bus to Nooreport, found a coffee shop (had some Kenyan coffee) and then took the bus into Malmö. Being another perfect day with the weather, we walked through the Kings garden where we sat and had last nights left overs for breakfast, then we walked to the dog park on the sea where we sat and chilled for a bit. Malmö has the tallest building in Scandinavia - "twisting torso". We walked along the promenade to a pier. Mikas wanted to see a friend of his to get this swimming pants back, we we walked to their house where we had a delicious pasta lunch! The family used to live in Kenya and they have a house in Southbroom so was lovely to chat about SA! Eva dropped us off at the bus station at 16:00 and we got back to Denmark at 17:00 ish. Our plan was to go out tonight so we had a chilled afternoon watching GOT, had some dinner at went out at 23:30. Culture box and Miami club - had so much fun!

25 August 2017

Another beautiful day, sunny clear weather. Today we went to the Viking ship museum in Roskilde. We took the intercity train to Roskilde and then cycled down to the museum which is on the waters edge of the Fjord. We made it in time for the free guided tour at 12:00, the guide was informative and enthusiastic about the ships which made the tour very cool. We then walked through the rest of the museum and went to the shopping yard where they are still making Viking ships the original way. Had lunch in the sun and then we made our way up the the Domkirke but just had a look from the outside. While riding back to the station we stopped to have a pastry 😬👌🏻 and then walked through a church/ cemetery. We got home early because we had dinner with the Neighbours as Egle and Soren were in London. Dinner was another "barbecue", Danish eat so many sausages! But dinner was delicious!

24 August 2017

Today we cycled into the city and here I faced a lot more traffic from both cars and bikes but it is such fun, wish I could cycle everywhere in JHB. We left the bikes at the Central station and started the day by going up the tower in the parliament building (it was free), to get a 360 degree view of Copenhagen. We then walked past Nyhavn to get info about the canal cruise, on our way to the street food market. We could not resist getting something to munch so we shared pulled pork and chips AND a berry chocolate cake and caramel icecream. Needing to walk that off we walked to Christania again, so I could see it without feeling uncomfortable. Forgetting the time, we missed being able to go into the church with the magnificent organ. So we went back to Nyhavn to get on a cruise, we got on one just in time. Very cool to see the city from a different perspective! On our way cycling home, we stopped at a park with a lake, mini sunset.

23 August 2017

Cycling day! Breakfast was like yesterday, we all ate together and then Mikas fixed the one bike so that we could cycle to the Open Air Museum, 8km from the house. The start of cycle was just getting used to being in bike traffic on a bike while climbing a hill but fortunately Copenhagen has an incredible bike systems and they have their own lanes. Once at the museum we walked around and explored all the houses as they were in history in Denmark, northern Germany and southern Sweden. There were Geese that were walking around and Mikas got a huge fright from a chicken, thinking it a goose. It was a lovely day until we were told the museum was closing in 5min so we pretty much had to power walk to get to the entrance. We cycled home early to help with dinner as we had a "barbecue" in the garden because the weather was so lovely!

22 August 2017

We started the day with breakfast with Soren and Egle, and then Mikas and I made our way to the train station. While waiting the heavens opened and rained for about 5minutes but then it was a perfect day. The train was a 45min ride up to Helsingør, we went to see the Kronborg castle. The land is the closest point to Sweden. It was such a perfect day, we had a free tour of the underground of the castle. We walked up to the tower, went through the castle rooms and watched some skits being performed from Hamlet. Egle made us sandwiches for lunch. We walked along the sea barracks and sat and had lunch and a beer. We then made our way to meet a family friend who took us to see the Maritime museum which was very cool! They made a "Christmas" dinner so I would experience a Danish dinner and it was absolutely delicious! Juicy pork with crackling, salad and potatoes! Drank lots of wine and tasted brandy and we made it home at 12:30. Was an incredible/ beautiful day!

21 August 2017

I had breakfast with Soren (ham and bread) and then we walked to the Hellerup train station where I caught the train to the Main station to find out about the travel card. From there I walked to the Botanical gardens where I sat in the garden for a while and then walked through the greenhouse. I loved the one room where I played with the fish as they sucked my fingers. Afterwards I walked past the Rosenborg castle, watched the national guards practicing their routines and then I walked through the Kings garden. Because I did not manage to get a decent photo of the Little mermaid yesterday, I walked back - not being much more successful. Went past Nyhavn again and then to the parliamentarian building but the tower was closed (Monday), so I started to make my way back to the house for dinner. When I got there I was pleasantly surprised to see Mikas had already arrived. We caught up and waited for Egle to arrive so we could have dinner.

20 August 2017

The dorm was so bright and people had started to wake up that I was up at 7/8am (not feeling so great). I had a shower and packed my bags and went down to have the hostel breakfast. I left my bags in the hostel and then took a bus into town to walk around until 16:00 when Soren was going to fetch me. It was drizzling while I was walking around - I was making my way towards Christiana Freetown. To step out the rain I went into a small church and it happened to have a "service" on in English, so I sat in and listened to the beautiful organ music. I was warned about the drug Street in Christiania but I did not realize how intense it really was - I was not comfortable so I walked out of the area and went to the street food market in the harbour. I walked to the little mermaid again to try get a better picture but there were too many people. I made my way back to the hostel to meet Soren. We walked and then took a bus to his mothers home.

19 August 2017

I booked a free walking tour at 10am ~ where we walked through the city with a native Dane and learnt all the tips of the city as well as the Danish history. After the tour I sat in a Public space park and ate some lunch and then made my way to go see the "Little Mermaid" statue, but unfortunately a family was standing directly next to the statue so a good picture was not possible. Today was the Pride March at 13:00 - so after the Mermaid I made my way towards the path of the march. I continued to watch the march for 2 hours. There was a concert that I watched for a while. I made my way back to the hostel to rest, book a ticket to the pub crawl and freshen up. The pub crawl started at 8:30 at the city center. At first I thought I was the youngest amongst the group. It luckily when we got to the first bar I met two American girls and two Australian guys that I spent the night talking to and chilling with. Got home at 3:00 in the morning.

18 August 2017

Denmark today - the most North I have been so far in the world. My flight was at 9:20, so I left the house early to take the train and then the bus to get to the airport. I had checked in online so was only to bag drop off. Sadly because of the attack in Barcelona yesterday, the security was extra tight at the airport. I made it through security after two bag checks, bought my last Pretzel for breakfast and had a pear. Once I arrived in Copenhagen, I got the train ticket into town and then took the 2A bus to the hostel. I got there early so I have to wait 2 hours before check in, but I just stayed I the common area doing research on what to do. Once I checked into my room, I made my bed and then started on a walk into town, with no direction but just walked. For dinner I went and got chickpeas, tuna, cucumber, tomato and mozzarella ~ cheapest option. I ate half and the other half is for lunch tomorrow. Weather is definitely cooler than Germany!