Spain · 4 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017


15 August 2017

Today I went to the sagrada familia built by gaudi and OH MY GOD I was absolutely blown away!!! It was so crazy, reminded me of a weird book I had to read for GCSE English about a town that was a machine moving through a desert and was all really industrial, crossed with some craaaazy Disney film and some weird abstract art thrown on top! Shite description unless you're me and understand what I'm saying ahhaha but WOW never seen anything like this building before!!!!! Just can't believe it was built so long ago, feels like it was made by some crazy modern art architecture guy yesterday

13 August 2017

Nice buildings from wondering round looking for Starbucks hehe shoot me I've had about 10 chai tea lattes since I got here AM I A HIPSTER o god I hope not
K so first night in Barca I went to get money out so I could buy alcohol because the hostel I was staying in didn't have a bar which was shite but you could bring your own alcohol in.. I was tired so was just gonna get a cider and chill but the bloody cash point ate my card!!!!! And after the buda blip and so much hassle to actually get this card in the first place mixed with the tiredness I was having an absolute melt down!! The machine kept changing between 'one moment please' and 'out of service' so I was convinced it was going to spit my card out, but the hostel people insisted it wouldn't because this happens a lot (thanks for the warning) But yeah, even tho this looks like a message from the start of a Liam neeson film, this guy right here restored my faith in humanity Barely spoke English but found my card and searched Facebook to find me and get it back to me, forever grateful!!!

12 August 2017

First day in Barca I went to park Guell which is nice n high up n you can see the whole of Barca! It was very hot and a big climb up but so worth it! These pics don't do it justice in the slightest it was incredible seeing it all from above!
Barcelona hostel! All very nice n cool n clean! Old building with crazy high ceilings and weird stained glass windows everywhere and most importantly a roof with sun loungers on :)))