Netherlands · 3 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017


16 July 2017

Bye Amsterdam! See ya soon x

15 July 2017

No friends so Saturdays are for weird drawings
First unnecessary thing I've bought since I left England BE IMPRESSED but also I wouldn't call it unnecessary because LOOK AT IT 👅
Didn't get to do the Ann Frank museum buuuut it's okay because I'm in the process of planning a Christmas trip w my Hannah so we can see it then :)) But it ain't all bad because I've had the best day! Did some more exploring n went to the Banksy museum!!! Absolutely moved and in love w everything he does and everything he says, somebody hook him up w Corbyn and we will be SET (MUM massive attack in the quote at the end are the people who made 'paradise circus' what a match with Banksy ey cor)

14 July 2017

Went on a canal boat as a nice lil way to see the city when you're sleepy Most the houses on the waterfront date back to the 1800s if not before (earliest 1665 I think?) and hey used to build their houses with huge doors and tiny upper windows to make it look like they were taller than they were - all the houses made in the gold rush in this style are too big to be used as private houses now because they were all so wealthy back then! Also there is a lil cafe that has this thing that cleans the water and in summer everyone swims in the canal which is mad because that is unheard of in England like you don't even wanna be going in the sea lol
Wondering round shops this afternoon for a lil explore, lots of people everywhere and street performers and a nice vibe :) Buildings are beautiful
WEIRD the system at the hostel had my name on the computer but this name on the print out, which wouldn't be that weird if it wasn't MY COUSINS NAME but not actually my cousin, who also lives in London whaaattttttttt 6 bed dorm again and I have absolutely no idea which beds are free n there's no one here for an alternative opinion so I'm currently sitting on the floor waitin for a mate lol Peng hostel tho, like a hotel but with more beds
Stressful train station too many different types of train Loooovely staff tho Cool ticket n blooming double decker train ??? Train bus Tired