Italy · 3 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

9 August 2017

Bubbye Roma 💖💖
Rome you were just what I needed ! Yes you were faaaaar too hot and full of mindless blind slow idiot tourists taking selfies absolutely everywhere! BUT you were also the most fun I've had since wee scotty left Haven't really gone into much detail about any of my night time activity and that's really what made Rome so nice so here goes! Night one: went up to the rooftop terrace for a drink after a long day of being hot and dehydrated, made friends with mike the bar guy, he designed a new cocktail for me called the Tammy which I must've had about ten million of over he three days! Got hungry so went to find food, and on my way back to my room the part owner of the hostel who was 25 (plus a group of randoms) decided I was coming for drink with them! And I was drunk so didn't say no did I! Met this teeny Australian pixie girl who was also solo and very drunk, and we spent the night together and I couldn't even tell you her name! But it was a good encounter to say the least
Night two: went back to the terrace after another long day, n a whole flood of people from the partner hostel turned up because there was supposed to be a Luna eclipse ?? If there was we didn't see it! But I got chatting to an oz boy in the queue trying to lose bob who tracked me down again! And we spent the night on the floor of the terrace drinking the Tammy cocktail and chatting bullshit about how fucked up the world is! And he said it was very refreshing to come across a girl like me, lil floor creature wearing a baggy dress with no effort into hair or makeup, just there for the good times! And he also said I was wise beyond my years which is my favourite compliment by far! Took him and his friends to the crazy bar I went to the night before buuut we nailed pretty soon to get food haha y am I such a hungry drunk Ps WHY AM I LIKE THIS EW mike made me laugh
Night three: guess where I went !! Back up to see mike of course! Sat by myself and there weren't many people because there was an event going on at the other bar downstairs.. just me n mike and a couple others and some lovely kygo remixes and beautiful cocktails! I was veeeeery tired by this point so I was just sitting with a drink and all of a sudden there's an Australian person sitting in front of me! And then his friend too! So we went through our travel stories as you do, I got mike to pour them the very dangerous cocktail which is 70% vodka but tastes like sweeties (the reason I was so tired this night lol) because they didn't believe me that something so strong could taste so little of alcohol! I did my card tricks for em n taught them some new card games then we went to the bar downstairs where the event was, they left when the group did but I went to bed because of early train I'm lying I went to get food lol
So yeah! Got no names or details of any of these crazy people I encountered but I don't mind really because it was just pure drunken happiness and I'm happy to leave it there as a beautiful memory before I find out these people are all really horrible sober or something! Thank you Rome you were dreamy ♥️

8 August 2017

So today I got up at 9am even though I didn't get to sleep til 3am lol But I decided to be productive and go into the colosseum properly! But I was very confused.. I thought they were the big arenas where they did gladiator fighting? But that is not what this is in the slightest????? So what on earth was this for? Who knows ! Cool tho N am now at the bar again drinking limoncello which I forgot I absolutely despise and am really not enjoying oops 🙃

7 August 2017

Weirdest day ever yesterday! Walked for far too long on my foot to get to the colosseum and didn't bother going inside yet because by the time I got there I literally couldn't walk and was in an awful mood! So navigated the underground n got back to hostel n went back up to the terrace bar because mike the bar guy is lovely and is identical to glen from the walking dead so you can imagine my admiration! And friggen bob tracked me down of course But I was very lucky because in the queue for a drink I got chatting to this guy from oz n told him the bob situation and showed him the screech pictures I have of him all over me and he was like don't worry me n my friend will adopt you.. so i spent the night with them instead and t was one of the nicest nights ever! Mike made us a special cocktail that was literally all vodka but somehow just tasted like coconuts so that was messy! But me n this oz guy we're talking about all sorts of crazy shit and he restored my faith in humans jus a bit

6 August 2017

So a got here at 10am but didn't get any photos during the day because a didn't really see anything spectacular.. I checked in but couldn't get to my room til 3 so decided to go find a park and just chill in the sun for a few hours, which proved a lot harder than expected.. I went on google maps n looked for green, first one was closed, second filled with huge groups of homeless people quite obviously in gangs so I avoided.. third was a housing estate even though it was green on the map and fourth finally had a bench and some quiet.. so I sat down.. but by this point I'd been walking for an hour and had got through all the water I took with me because I'd only planned to walk about 100 metres.. 52 minute walk home in 37 degrees with a broke foot and about ten million blisters.. plus all the areas I was in were real rough with lots of homeless again, saw a homeless girl with three dogs, walked closer, litter of tiny puppies also, broke my heart :( so no photos apart from alcohol calms