Slovenia, Italy · 2 Days · 8 Moments · August 2017

4 August 2017

Bye Venice luv u

3 August 2017

Caught the butt bus back to hostel which was just across the river however the boat line meant I had to go all the way back through Venice BRILLIANT LOGICAL LOVE IT buuuut it wasn't all bad because got some more lavly views :)) Sat at the bar for a drink when I was home as you do, it was karaoke night and fairly tragic and hilarious so no complaints, but three drinks deep some guy comes and leans on my table, n I was just expecting some guy wanting to start a convo, all cool, look up, guess who it is BOB (kill me) What room are you in 200 Oh really, me too BRILLIANT I see an unwanted trend appearing pls send help get me away from the pube beard
More walkies! Found a lil bar thing and got a Bellini which I forgot about but was pleasantly reminded :)) I went inside to order than sat down because they were busy, then this guy came over and was like sorry my manager says you can't sit here because it's only table service.. n I was like I literally just bought this from you ?? But he was like na you have to order, so I was just like OKAY IF YOU INSIST and a got a drinks menu and ordered a Bloody Mary lol Made him a napkin flower and left a tip because he was very stressed wth a horrible manager, then I walked away and watched him pick it up and smile and it made my day :)
Walkabouts !! Booked onto a walking tour that was 2 hours long but bailed because my foot injury is bloody awful and there's no way I could've kept up for two hours! So I just hobbled round by myself instead :) but I dod get pretty aggy a few times because the streets here are very narrow and filled with mindless idiot tourists walking at a snails pace not looking where they were going
Crazy lunch spot!!! I sat outside at a table n was just gonna get a salad n eat then go but the guy took me inside to this !!!! I like Italy lol
Caught the weird water bus across to the other side to main town n explored :))

2 August 2017

HELLO VENICE!! Train arrived at 8pm and I had to navigate a water bus to the other side of town for my hostel which was very overwhelming because I was blooming exhausted! But after a lil panic I sorted it and got on my strange water bus and his was my view which put everything into a lot of perspective :) 35 minute ride to get to my hostel which was very nice! All clean and new and with a proper bar and a proper food kitchen! Just a shame my room was a 16 bed dorm with about a metre between each bunk which was very overwhelming after the 10 hours of travelling in crazy places being very stressed in 35+ degree heat (: Tammy just found the bar and everything was fixed lool
Most stressful day EVER making my way to Venice from Slovenia!!! I had to change trains twice, once in a strange Slovenian alpine town with literally no humans and two platforms, second train I got on was the most surreal experience ever! It was two carriages and probably about 60 years old, going through the alps above rivers and through mountains! Made me sit back and think what the actual fuck am I doing!! On a teeny old train going through the alps with about five other people on board all local country folk! Mental! Then it dropped me off in a town in which the slov Italy boarder runs through and I had to try get across town to the other station again with no humans around! My book said there would be a bus that would take me there but I had no idea and there was no bus stop! But luckily this bus did randomly turn up with a crazy long haired Slovenian guy driving! It said it takes ten minutes between each station, which it would do if he hadn't gone on a massive detour (: hot bus