Hungary, Croatia · 8 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

30 July 2017

Okay so I don't really have much else to say here. I was really disappointed by Budapest. Yeah we had some good times and it started off amazing but the entire place is filled with poverty worse than I've seen anywhere. The homeless people are demanding and scary, there are more of them than others, and as a result I had my purse stolen with my card and ID and all my money inside. This was just an hour after Scott left, I'd spend that time on the phone with mum having a lil pick me up chat because I felt pretty lost and bloody exhausted.. then on my way back to where I was staying after deciding to let it all go and try and be calm this happens.. so yeah, this blog is shit compared to previous but that's because my time here was pretty shit too.. got really run down, had less fun all round, and got robbed of all my money :( such a shame

26 July 2017

Went to the Budapest spa pools thing with Scott n his fam, first proper chats with them and it was a wine, sun and rain filled day :) naughty scotty came out and swam a length of the pool with no swim cap on because he does what he wants n we dared him SHITEBAG IF YOU DONT is how you do this in Scottish in case you wanted to know
Double trouble
Fairly self explanatory (Scotland really does go hard or go home wow)

25 July 2017

Met one of Scott's friends from Scotland in Budapest?????? As well as bumping into my fav Australian outside where we were staying?? Weird But yeah went for dinner with Kevin n the others he was travelling with n it was lavly
Walk abouts (didn't realise the second said love thy neighbour lol oops)

24 July 2017

First evening in buda - stayed in a cute lil apartment n went to a lil restaurant to watch Scott's brother swim on tv there (Finally found a Bloody Mary even if Scott spilt it all over the place playing with the ice decoration

23 July 2017

Okay so everything started off in buda perfectly (as you can see) I skipped Bratislava n went straight here instead since I've already been there before and this lil muppet wanted me to n of course I did too Met me off the train wth a huge grin and some beautiful flowers Literally couldn't have asked for more