France · 4 Days · 10 Moments · July 2017

14 July 2017

Goodbye Paris, you lil cherub

13 July 2017

After the louvre a went on a lil boat cruise to see some buildings from the behind It was an hour long n started at 8 n went up past Notre Dame etc (got more pics on me proper camera) There was a massive group of Indian people who kept screaming and cheering every time we went under a bridge - which there were 23 of - and I thought they'd get bored but they just didn't After me cruise I went back up to the Eiffel Tower, n I was gonna just go home but there were people everywhere and I caught wind that trump was about to do a drive by, so stayed to see how much abuse he'd get However it just didn't happen, I've no idea what all those people were actually waiting for, I left after almost an hour of nothing This absolute waste of an hour meant I didn't get back to my hostel til 11, n then I packed because I gotta leave at 7am tmo for me train to AMSTERDAM Nice day/evening to wrap up my time in Paris tho LONG DAY sleep now bye xxxx
Went to the louvre today didn't I On my way there I took the metro again, in fact I've taken it to three different places today all with station changes involved which is a big achievement for a Tammy Also before I went into the museum I found a Pret to stop for lunch in, which I ate on my own in front of lots of people (on the way to overcoming my weird mental block about not being able to eat in public alone or in front of people in general) The louvre was huge n I accidentally left trying to find the toilets lol but I got back in n tracked down Mona the vampire n some Caravage paintings for me sister :-) All in all a productive afternoon!

12 July 2017

What even is that hey ho evening pass time complete a daisy for my daisy ♥️
FINALLY found some Tammy friendly food after living off crisps n nuts n wine for a day and a half lol n I have consumed a WHOLE POT of guacamole Walked to a cute lil park to eat n read in peace I got two new roommates today n they're both lovely - one Dutch one Californian. They're both very friendly and we will be spending the evening together when I get back :)) Nice easy day after two stress filled whirlwind days

11 July 2017

I just got drunk wth two French people, a girl and a boy, who were lovely and taught me how to say go fuck yourself in French (I already can't remember) One of them called Pierre (from our GCSE French exam) decided he wants to marry me because I agreed that English people are selfish and expect everyone to speak English for them I am currently now at the Eiffel Tower with two Spanish South American girls and there are so so many people here and it's lovely Also my toenail just fell off
Went for a stroll n sat by the Eiffel Tower alone for 4 hours lol Did a shit sketch n read a book and got approached by 5 million men trying to sell me 5 Eiffel Tower key rings for €1 - a good deal if there were five of me A woman fundraising for deaf and blind children and the handicapped approached me and tried very hard to speak English, she worked for a proper charity and it was all very legit and I was happy to donate a bit.. most people had written down they would give €10 so I followed suit.. gave her the tenner and she said 'it's a minimum of €20, ten for each cause' and I thought that was bloody awful, not many people will donate to charity n to demand a minimum of €20 is not what charity is about, so I told her €10 was all she was getting and she tried to steal my pen to make up for it! Since when is charity filled with greed? Sad
FOUND ME HOSTEL DINT I It's called 'The 3 Ducks' and is really nice! My room comes off the courtyard and is a 6 bed dorm I have three roommates already, two of which are definitely both male from the mess and belongings but I haven't met em yet - out somewhere The bathroom is huge and clean and is just a really nice place! There's a bar too and the courtyard is very sunny and nice soooo unless my new roomies are horrible it looks like Paris will be a dream :))
Just navigated my way from my hotel to my hostel! First station I needed had no tickets so I walked to the République an extra stop up instead 20 mins on line 8 on the metro Had a mishap with the ticket machine, made it speak to me in English but it didn't have any of my destinations on the list ?????? So I went to the ticket office n the women didn't speak English at all lol buuut I just showed her which line I needed n she did my ticket which only cost €1.90?!?!?! Thas like if tube tickets cost £1 ???? PENG

10 July 2017

First night in Paris after a long day travelling Decided to walk 20 mins instead of get a taxi from the station because it was only raining a little bit, but it absolutely wasn't only raining a little bit n I got soaked oops My hotel room was on the top floor n there a 7 of em n my bag is a small human n after the two long days I just had I actually had to stop for breaks like an old person buuuuut my room is very quirky and cute so that's good Found the French version of deliveroo on my phone n managed to find a dairy n gluten free Thai salad thing which was beautiful n I got three cans of different drinks to treat myself (didn't know orangina zero was a thing)