Italy · 2 Days · 5 Moments · August 2017

5 August 2017

Quinoa salad n sex on the beach on the rooftop terrace with blueberries for desert ((:
Not a friggen clue what on earth this is supposed to be but its cool
Walked down to the boboli gardens today n stopped at landmarks on the way :) walking all day has really really killed my foot however and I'm in absolute agony even when I'm sitting still which is reeeeeeally good news !!!!!!!
lil walkabouts

4 August 2017

Touch down in Florence !!! When I arrived it was 39 degrees n I had a 15 min walk to get to me hostel and I actually turned into a real life river !!! I broke nature Staying at plus hostel and it's P E N G Outside pool and rooftop terrace and Australians everywhere lool Really missing all my people though, this is the most perfect place to be with people ya love